The Best Laid Plans …

I had plans to make this post about a cooking pamphlet book that Kathy bought. I have to say that the week did not cooperate and that plan has been pushed back a week. It should be a fun post:

It features the all-time compost bucket of a concoction right on the cover! I have looked it over and this is just the tip of the iceberg lettuce regarding regrettable food. We have done posts on some pamphlets in the past, but never a reprise of their history.

Kathy also had two good ideas for posts that we can do from the safety of our own homes—vintage sewing kits and plastic jewelry. We probably could each do our own post because we have collected so much of this stuff over the years. As far as sewing kits go, nearly all estate sales of a certain vintage have a room full of sewing supplies. We love that old sewing stuff and there isn’t much competition for it, so we scoop it up.

If you have any ideas for posts that you would like to read, please let us know. I’m sure we can come up with samples by digging through the piles of stuff in our houses, or if necessary we can do some research online. We both like learning about vintage collectibles that we aren’t familiar with, excluding Beanie Babies and Precious Moments of course! 😉

Goodness, it’s hard to remember exactly when we found some of these things, but they all came from thrift stores. Here is example 1001 of why you should be selective when making blankets from scraps:

My caption for this is: Functionally blind crafter uses all their skills and scraps to make a thrift store find. It could have been interesting, if a little busy, if there had been a unifying theme, color, or anything really. As it turned out, the blanket is headache-inducing and so loud that you may never get to sleep under it!

This will never go away or disintegrate:

This is a relic of the Seventies when gold and avocado green ruled the decorating scene and if your couch wasn’t covered in patterned velour all of your judgey neighbors might start wondering if you were really wife of the year material. The amount of shaming and coercion that went on in society to keep us all on the same page seems insane now. The advertising of the day played on that with “Ring around the collar” or the Enjoli perfume commercial featuring Superwoman. If you want to be shocked about how racist, misogynistic, or just stupid ads could be, take a look at this collection from Business Insider. Man, I’ve just wandered way far away from the point of how it was necessary to promote groupthink in order for gold and green velour to be the height of elegance! (Kathy Here: This fabric was so bad, I had to purchase it, it lasted in my Etsy shop about 3 weeks, so someone out there had to have it again!)

OMG what is happening?! Here is another Seventies picture:

I think that I unconsciously put all of these pictures together without recognizing the decade they illustrate! Just look at those colors, avocado green, gold, burnt orange—it’s a color smorgasbord of the 1970s. Boy, she’s sure happy with her pillow, but it’s unclear exactly what the design is. Thank goodness they put an inset picture of the lion so we can all nod our heads knowingly and wonder what angle they snapped the picture from. I kind of laugh at the idea of an 8 year old doing needlepoint, better keep the picture nearby so you can recognize the design.

Well, let’s leave the 1970s and go back a few years:

We loved that there were two of them—no waiting! Neither of us need a hair dryer, but if I did, these would be worth a shot at $4.99. I can remember the one we had when I was a kid. I loved how they folded up into that case. Ours was pink, but otherwise just about the same; Sears made pretty good small appliances in the 1960s and these have lasted for 50 + years.

We always check out the linens section:

Man what an endcap of stringy wonder! First, all the doilies aren’t too bad, and a couple are even very nice! Kathy was entranced by the tassels up in the upper left. She has to fight with herself whenever she sees them. There are only so many places you can use them in a room, unless you are decorating a Victorian parlor. Of course we played with them a bit. They are so fun to touch!

Miss Priss?

Why the heck would you want to hang this on the wall? I love poodles and polka dots, but Miss Priss leaves me cold! She’s kind of sloppy looking as opposed to prissy. Man, those are some vacant-looking eyes—she must seen some things.

We weren’t too enamored with this three-foot leather vase:

I’ve seen too many B horror films, but leathery things sewn this way give me the creeps. This could be Dr. Frankenstein’s vase that he made with leftover parts. Or maybe Silence of the Lambs would be a more up to date comp. Hard. Pass.

Well, that’s it for this week. Hope you are all following the science and staying well. Spring is right around the corner. I expect my snowdrop flowers to be popping up any day now!

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