Day Old Finds

Or maybe I should say months old finds. I took a few pix this summer at the rare garage sales I stopped at, and it is time to drag them off the phone and take a look. We are going to be scraping the bottom of the barrel soon, so who knows what we will find to talk about, but I am sure something will come up, as we never shut up.

Just in case anyone is wondering about Ramses, I think I’ve lost him:

He was here just a minute ago. This is a rare moment of peace in between the zoomies. Actually we are pretty thankful, as for some reason he is most active at dawn and dusk and pretty much sleeps all night. No getting up at 2 a.m. to see what he has tipped over, so we will take that.

OK, you have had your cute, now on to the not so cute. I give this one kudos for at least being monumental!

This is just about the biggest piece of cinnabar I have ever seen. Just found out cinnabar is toxic, who knew? Actually, I am pretty sure this is not an old piece, so it would be safe as can be, but I do have some Victorian pieces that I guess I should be a bit more careful with. Anyway, back to the horse. The only thing it has going for it is large. The carving, while nice:

Is traditional and not very deep or special. I am positive with the $150 price tag on it, that it was there at the end of the day, too. It would make one heck of a paperweight. But, when you really needed a paper out of the stack, moving Mr. Head would probably be hopeless. So much for productivity.

This was a real head-scratcher and then some:

Wow, all you have to do is stand on your head and the years will magically fall away. All you need is this handy dandy chair. Reminds of the poem by Lewis Carroll. Now I am sure that I have no brain, because if I bought this silly thing, what harm would there be standing on my head for hours on end. I really don’t know why I didn’t snap this up. Deb and I could take turns using it, and we would be teen-agers before you knew what hit you.

I guess these folks really wanted cash, and they didn’t want you to miss where to put it:

Subtle is not in their vocabulary. I guess cash is king these days, but some of my favorite wedding gifts were very specially picked out for Hubby and me. I have no idea what we spent the cash on. I’ve seen worse, but I still think it should say “hand over the money”, instead of cards.

Want to know how to be really mean to a teacher?

Give them this without a suitably large bottle of booze or huge Starbucks gift card. Come on folks, don’t give them something else to do by making them figure out how to say something nice (of course they will) and then calculating the fastest way to get rid of this (take it to the thrift store!) Ask your kid what their teacher likes the most, they will know, and get them some. Coffee, tea, wine, chocolate. Fill them up. Look what they do for us! OK, off my high horse, but take care of our teachers, folks. We need ’em.

On the other hand, I can’t decide if this is good for Grandpa or not:

While we are sure he is the World’s Greatest Grandpa, that is not a very flattering picture. On the other hand, Grandma will bless you if she can train him to put his keys there. It was save hours of time wandering all over the house looking for them. If it were me, I would need one for glasses, keys, phone, and whatever I need next that has somehow drifted into the great beyond. Actually, I just need someone following me around with a basket, so everything could land there. So does my dad, so the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

While this looks perfectly harmless:

It’s just a spaghetti poodle family, but you have to realize Mama is about 10 inches tall! This was the largest one of these I have ever spotted. Deb loves these (see her earlier post about them), but I was not even tempted, as where would you put Cujo and pups? They were awfully pink too, but if you were to put them in your pink bathroom, there would be no room for the toothbrush. I also think those little ones, especially the one on the left, are up to no good. They are giving me the side eye.

I like these old floor lamps, and have redone several of them to look really lovely. This is a Pinterest fail if ever I saw one:

It was painted poorly, not put together right, and somehow along the way lost its charm. I don’t remember why I didn’t buy it, other than not needing another project (the understatement of the year!) and it was probably marked as if they had known what there were doing.

This also failed the Pinterest test:

Honestly, what a waste of an old door and a table. I have a really hard time with “primitives”, especially contrived primitives. I am fine with a piece of furniture that has served its time long and well, and has the battle scars to prove it. I can respect that, but when you have to fake it up to make it look old, and cobble together an unholy marriage like this, you deserve to have someone make fun of it, and I am here to do so. Honestly, I would rather have a nail driven into the wall and an old three footed milking stool. Serves the same purpose and would look twice as cute.

Better end with something fun. I have mentioned that I love Craftsman linens. Those made during the Arts and Crafts period of the teens and twenties like these:

Craftsman linens

So I was tickled pink to find this fun bag in a lot of things I got at an online auction:

I even liked the little play on words. On closer examination, I found some little secrets:

It had a pocket on each side, and sewn into the front was a small needle book (the little felt pieces were for needles) and inside was the original sock darner. It was a fun one, as it even had a little hoop piece to hold the sock in place. If I were the sort of person who actually darned socks, I would find this a way to make the task lighter. As I don’t do it, except in the case of really good wool socks, I will just clean it up and hang it in the laundry room. Maybe those orphan socks will find their way there instead of to the sock heaven, or hell, depending on your view.

Take care, be well, stay tuned for whatever may come.

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2 Responses to Day Old Finds

  1. That horse head would be gorgeous white!

    • kathy & deb says:

      I agree that that red was a bit much! White would be so much better. It was resin, so it could be any color they wanted!

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