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This year sure is weird. Here we go, headed into the holidays with nary a gathering in sight, at least in my family. I am having a hard time deciding if it is worth a turkey for three! Maybe just a nice big chicken. I know we are all missing family and friends. Deb and I are still being super careful and just going to ARC early on Thursday morning when the store is practically empty. We get a tiny fix, get to see each other, and shop a bit for our Etsy stores. We wear our masks, stay away from others, and only are there for 45 minutes or so. I have discovered the joy of local online estate auctions, and that has been a boon. Here are a couple of sites that might have some in your area:

Both of these have had a few fun local things. You bid on the stuff, and then can go pick it up in person. The companies here are super good. They gather your stuff and hand it to you, while wearing masks. Some of them even have timed pickups. If nothing else, it’s fun to browse.

Luckily, since we still shop, blog fodder continues to appear. Let’s start with this. That way you can spend the rest of the time wondering what it is:

Honestly, we can not decide if this is a three legged anteater, a bear, or something else entirely. Looking at it from the front didn’t help at all either:

At least from the side it looks a whole lot happier, although I have no idea why it should be happy. If I looked like this, I would spend a whole lot of time slinking off into a dark corner and hoping no one saw me. Hmm. Hardly noticed the nice little piece of Iris pattern depression glass behind it. Too bad those aren’t worth anything. Still pretty.

This sounds like us:

I think this would be even better as a doormat. Of course, I am really not that picky about wine. Bring me something pink and make it snappy! White will do if you’re out of pink, just keep that red stuff for yourself. And hey, if it has a screw-on top, well that just makes it easier to get into.

I think this would be vastly improved with some wine, preferably a whole lot of it:

What a lot of sickly sweet angels. I bet they can’t even carry a tune in a bucket, and yet they made a debut on this clock. Notice even the clock couldn’t stand it anymore. See that spring sticking out? It was hoping someone would chuck the whole thing off the stage into a very deep orchestra pit … or a cesspit, who’s being picky?

I know that a few years ago, animal prints were in vogue:

Well, this footstool has it in snakey spades. Was it really necessary to even upholster the legs? I will give kudos to the little Chinese lady who probably did it, as it was a nice neat job. Sometimes you wonder about furniture these days. They go a long way to disguise that there is any wood at all in it, so I just assume everything is made of cardboard and go from there. I get kind of cranky about our remodel-constantly throw-away society. If they made better furniture, you could spend some money, get something you love, and live with it for a long time. If it isn’t good enough to withstand my life, and live to pass on to my kids, it rarely makes it into my home! This would not slither past the front door, or the back one for that matter.

I love cats, I really do:

OK, not these cats. Ugh. I have seen lots of cute versions of these, where the female cat is cuddling up to the male who is rolling his eyes. Here is a pic of cute set. This fails on so many levels. A waste of clay, glaze and kiln time. I’ve threatened to use things as target practice way too many times, so let’s just take a hammer to these and be done with it.

This necklace has just about everything:

We didn’t say it was good, or even attractive, just everything. I don’t know how you even wear something like this, but I will lay odds that your neck would be a peculiar shade of green anytime you had it on for any length of time. Let’s hear it for the nice little 1928 basket pin beside it. Save the other to use as a lethal weapon.

I am a native Colorado girl, well almost, Army brat born in Italy, but I don’t remember that, as we were here by the time I was three months old. Deb has been here quite a while (38 years and counting) and we are proud of our state, but there is no way we are donning this:

While weed may be legal here, we don’t think we can ever get that high. I do have a suspicion the crafter that created this might have been having a bit too much of the “wacky tobacky” though. All we can say is that it would probably keep your ears warm, and it might keep folks from getting too near you.

Alright, we really do need to end with something good, so how about this adorable little muff:

What little girl wouldn’t have been thrilled to find this under the Christmas tree? Perfect for going to church or maybe a trip to the skating rink. A charming little memento of a simpler childhood time. Would that we could all be that young and happy again.

Don’t forget to post a comment here, on Doll Divas or In the Pink to be entered into the drawing for this lovely Whiting & Davis bag to celebrate the end of the purse book. The deadline is 11/20/20. Hardly any entries so far, so hurry and enter:

Well, I hope you came through the election in one piece. I was so glad to see how many people took the chance to make their views heard. I had a social studies teacher in Junior High, who always said, “Voting ensures your right to bitch!” If you don’t vote, then clam up! Whether your candidate won or lost, be proud that you put your two cents in. Thanks for standing up and being counted! Please continue to wear your mask, social distance, and wash your hands. Yes, I know it sucks, but it’s important!

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2 Responses to This and That

  1. Debbie Hunt says:

    Thank you for a hilarious read, I would have got those cats for Halloween. Can I get a meouch?
    Take care ladies.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Ha, ha! Love meouch, which describes them perfectly! If they could be painted black, then they would be funny for Halloween!
      Thanks for commenting!

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