Quick update our our fire situation. We had 14 inches of snow in Ft. Collins this weekend and even more fell on the two main wildfires. We are not out of the woods yet, but progress has been made. I have never been so thankful to shovel snow in my life! Because of the huge snowfall, a lot of folks had their Halloween decorations affected, but at least I was able to get a pic of this local display before the weather hit:

It was causing a bit of a traffic jam when it first went up. I give them full props for imagination, and I would love to know what they used for a base for these racy pumpkin folks, as they were holding up to our 40 to 50 mile an hour winds with aplomb.

We have another full slate of Halloween winners and losers this week, so hold on to your brooms and here we go.

This time of year, we can all use a helping hand or two:

Sort of like Thing’s distant cousins. If they could cook and dust, I would be all over them. I am pretty sure Deb saw these on her own, or I might have had to have one. Elegant creepy is the best way to go. If you don’t want fingers on candles, how about your wine glasses:

Again, I kind of like these. I have seen the before, but for some reason have not felt the need to dedicate some of my precious Halloween storage to them. Mostly because I have not been having my Bunco group around for the last couple of years, so alas, I leave them be. And while skulls are all very well and good, that masked one just loses it in translation. For one thing, whoever passed on to leave that skull was one funny-looking fellow, as I don’t think those wide bulging eyes would have been at all normal.

While we are doing fancy creepy, this amused us no end:

One of those super subtle Halloween decorations for those who are just too too! It’s like the scion of the noble family said they couldn’t have any decorations, so they just poked them politely in the ribs and hung this. If the Vanderbilts had to decorate, this is just what they would use, but it would have genuine diamonds and gold leaf. For us peons, it’s just gold paint. Sigh.

On the other hand, this is just in your face:

It’s pretty funny, and would be loads of fun for a Halloween party. Just think what you could hide behind the shower curtain, and how many folks would fall for it and pull it back. I have seen cute displays with a skeleton in a bubble bath, but this calls for full on zombie, or ax murderer. And hey, it’s useful. After you murder your mother-in-law (just an aside, I have a delightful mother-in-law, who is never in my black books, but many are not so lucky!), or whomever was on your hit list, no one would even notice a bit more blood on the mat. Shower it all away!

Next up, a couple of witches. This one didn’t have anything going for her:

Except that she was big and purple. Purple is good, but after that, meh. Not fun enough to be cute, and not scary enough to be spooky. It does seem that she sheds little white ghosts though. Just look on the floor. Now if she would wander around the party and do that, she might at least be useful.

On the other hand, this lady was all that and a bag of chips:

She was working her fabulousness from the tip of her witchy hat, past her cool cat cape, to her spiderweb skirt, and finally her black felt high heel shoes. Plus, let us not forget those knobby knees encased in orange striped stockings. I don’t think this was an artist piece, but it was nicely made. She was pretty large as well, so didn’t make the cut for either of us. We hope she found a home with some nice coven somewhere.

The thrift store always has manikins with costumes up, and sometimes they are pretty fun. This first set is rather well done:

Classy and not too crazy. If you really did it, the spider on the shoulder would be a nice touch, and hey, every vampiress needs some shades. Gotta keep out of the sun somehow. While we liked the blowup in the next set, the costumes were not as big a winners:

Mr. Vampire traded in his cape and hat for a unicorn head, for no earthly reason that we could see. The other one is for someone too lazy to find a full costume. Just pop on a giant head, and you are ready to go right? The tiara across the eyes is not a lot of help for the whole look either. On the bright side though, if she had a hot date for coffee later, she would be ready to go, just throw the head in the corner and go. Oh look, someone already did:

Or maybe they meant it to be a lampshade? We certainly hope not, as this is an epic fail if ever we saw one. The lamp is not anything to write home about, but it really didn’t deserve this.

Last up, a little warning:

I love vintage Halloween decorations, and here we have some VERY new reproductions of Beistle decorations. They were kind of pricey, so I didn’t buy any, but I did spend some time looking at them. There are the cats, and the tissue dancer pieces. I have some of each of these in the original, and the biggest difference I saw was the weight of the cardboard. These are much lighter. I am hoping there are some new dates on them, but I do not know for sure. Anyway, buyer BEWARE. Vintage Halloween is a pricey collecting category, so it’s good to know these exist. I am fine with repros as long as they are marked as such, and I do not know for sure with these, so take care.

Please stay safe this Halloween and follow the guidelines from the CDC for Halloween fun. Wear your mask, and if you haven’t voted yet, get it done!

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4 Responses to Hallo-Winners?

  1. Stephanie Gazell says:

    OMGoodness, that photo is hilarious! My hubby is going to get a big kick out of that! Thanks for the big smiles and chuckles this snowy morning. Yes, it’s snowing here in MA. Ugh! Anyway, Happy Halloween to you ladies! I meant to tell you that I was trolling some silver stuff on ebay this week and saw some pieces that look like cranberry servers to me (no, they’ll never really go away) and they had them listed as tomato servers! I thought you’d enjoy that. Maybe there are two types…maybe they just call them whatever they want! But now I’m obsessed with them and am researching a bit. The big laugh is that now that I have a cranberry server (thank you!) I make my own cranberry sauce, which tends to be better served with a spoon. So maybe tomato slices are in my server’s future! :>) Love to you both!

    • kathy & deb says:

      So glad you liked that picture!! I love looking at what clever people come up with for decorations and this was a doozy! I love that the cranberry servers can double as tomato servers, too! We would never have known what a cranberry server was either without coming across that ad in the 1940s BH&G. Now we can use those servers winter and summer. Have a happy Halloween and keep warm!! Hugs, Deb and Kathy PS Let us know if you find out any more fun cranberry server fun facts.

  2. Sandra Magle says:

    Fun Post…and great warning on those ‘vintage paper decor’, I was at their site, and they are so complete looking and still pricey, perhaps they will be marked. Again, fun trip and the first photo was a HOOT! , Sandi

    • kathy & deb says:

      Hey Sandi, we had seen some reproductions before, but hadn’t seen them all packaged up by Beistle and looking like the originals. I can see people being fooled by them. Glad you enjoyed the first picture, it was pretty creative! Happy Halloween!!

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