Fire On The Mountain

Ack, it’s my turn to play with the new format for WordPress. Gotta say, not a fan. I hate it when I am perfectly comfortable with something and then some dratted programmer with too much time on their hands thinks they ought to “improve” something, thereby making my life miserable for the sake of having something to do. For God’s sake, go clean the house or something, or better yet, come clean my house, so I can have some time to play with dolls or go yard saling.

Our local fire, the Cameron Peak Fire, has now become the largest in Colorado history, Oh, happy day. I went to the grocery store yesterday, only to be greeted by this sky:

While pretty, in a scary kind of way, it became no fun later in the day when ash rained down and the air was too thick to breathe. I was supposed to be painting siding, but there was no way that was going to happen. The fire is moving closer to towns along the front range, but for us there is a big honking reservoir between us and the fire, so we are in no danger. Send a kind thought for all those brave souls fighting this! And about a foot of snow would not be a bad thing at this point.

OK, on to happier things, well, at least more amusing:

Thought I should start with something cute. We thought this was fun in a goofy sort of way. We both strongly approve of the recent owl craze, for the most part anyway. Owls are pretty cool birds, and cute ones all the more so. Neither of us brought this home, not for lack of charm, just lack of room.

No way we were getting near these ladies:

On our worst crabby days we do not look this scary. That would be me giving Deb the stink eye, if it were us; and we never ever do that, as we are busy having too much fun. If you don’t believe us, ask all the folks at the thrift stores who see us coming!

This doll was also about as crazy as they come:

It’s like a Martian came to land on Earth in the sixties. Stopped in at Woodstock to get some threads, and then took those mesmerizing blue eyes of his out to hypnotize innocent children into doing his bidding! I don’t know about you, but I am worried about all our futures. Also, I want to point out the fake eyelashes in the background. Yes, Deb did buy those. Check out her Etsy store if you want those for your very own. The doll we left to terrorize others.

These were almost as bad as the doll:

These were sort of 3D shadow boxes with weird little figures in them. The pix don’t do the oddness justice. Can’t imagine why someone would pay $10 each for them, but I don’t believe they were there the next week. All the faces were sort of creepy. Kind of like little baby Stepford Wives. Sometimes I wish we could take you all shopping with us, so you could see just how bad some of this stuff is. On that note, if any of our loyal readers are ever in CO, let us know. We will use any excuse to shop.

We really liked this purse:

It was perfectly round, and just a bit smaller than your average basketball. Carrying it would have been an exercise in patience as it bounced against your thigh, but hey you would be ready for any pickup basketball games that came your way. We had quite a conversation about this with another shopper, who obviously was shopping for resale. He was looking it over carefully, and none of us could believe it didn’t have a name on it. It might have been a purchase for any of us, if the large glass gem in the clasp had not been broken, but sadly it was, so there it stayed

This was about the biggest footstool I have ever seen:

It was a solid three to four feet square. I know there was a fad a while ago, could still be happening for all I know, of using things like this for coffee tables. While I like to put my feet up, and use my table on a regular basis, I would rather have something solid to put my coffee cup on, than to have something cushy for my feet. By the time you put a tray on this to rest your cup on, there is just too much clutter. Plus, any house that has a self-respecting cat in it, is just asking for that fringe to get clawed to pieces. All in all, seemed pretty useless, but I suppose that is why it was there.

Speaking of cats. I found this pin today at the thrift store, and it tickled my funny bone enough to make me pay more than I usually would for a newish pin. This is the front:

You tell the cat, hey, look at me, I want to take your picture, and what do they do? Turn their back and ignore you. They are after all, CAT. But take a look at the BACK of the pin:

Yeah, that’s where the cat’s face is. I love that only the wearer will know this. I have purchased jewelry by J.J. for years, and it is just because of this sort of whimsy. It is still a newish company, but I think in later years they will become very collectible because they make people laugh. They do it for me most every time.

The ’70s called. They want their dishtowel:

While I give it full marks for being able to wake you up in the morning. I think a cup of coffee would be a much kinder awakening. Even if someone tossed it in your face! The crafter gets full marks for matching the towel and yarn perfectly, but I am not sure it was worth the effort. The recipient of this gift must have felt the same way as we did, as there it is in its pristine glory, even after 40 plus years. How deep was the drawer that hid this away that long?

Looks like we will have enough pix to do two Halloween posts, so get ready for those. Please take care of yourself and others. Wear a mask! And do your civic duty and get out and vote! We all need to make our voices heard.

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2 Responses to Fire On The Mountain

  1. Stephanie Gazell says:

    Fun stuff! Love the cat pin and I hope you’ll wear it with an Autumn sweater. Looking forward to your Halloween post! Have a good weekend, ladies!

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