Derecho and More!

I thought I would start off the week’s post with another fancy word.  Mostly because we had one!  I just stomped around the house grouching last Saturday because we had an awful storm that tore my shade sail, knocked over all my plants and generally made a mess.  Well come to find out it was a derecho.  The definition is as follows:



  1. a line of intense, widespread, and fast-moving windstorms and sometimes thunderstorms that moves across a great distance and is characterized by damaging winds.

Who knew?  Apparently, it stretched all the way from Southern Colorado clear up to the Dakotas.  We got a lashing of rain and a ton of wind, but so did everyone else!  Glad it wasn’t bad enough to end up needing to call the insurance company, but I saw plenty of downed trees around town, and I bet they are super busy right now.

Mostly that was leading up to this:

I thought I should put a pretty picture of a flower in my post too, since Deb did one last week, but the aforementioned derecho sure did in a bunch of my peonies.  I had a stunning pinky orange one that I didn’t go out and take a photo of in time, so you are stuck with my lovely yellow Itoh Peony.  What you don’t see is my hand underneath it trying to keep it still, as the wind is blowing yet again today!

OK, on with the post.  I was able to go to an estate sale last week, by going super late, so the house was mostly empty.  Means I didn’t purchase a whole lot, but hey, I got some photos, so not a huge loss!

It’s pretty sad when you go into sales and see walls like this:

Used to be these kind of “smalls” were snatched up fast as lightning to fill up dealer’s spaces; now, you can hardly give the stuff away.  Figurines, plates, cups and saucers, etc., are just not in fashion anymore.  I fear much of it will end up getting thrown away, and I have no idea if it will ever be in style.  If it ever comes back, my home will be a treasure trove!

I was mightily tempted by this plate:

The designs are just so adorable.  I am a sucker for bunnies and kittens, but I really didn’t need another plate in my cupboard, and that is where it would rest.  A picture should keep me happy.

I also regret that we don’t make things pretty like we used to.  Take this waffle iron:

I don’t know why it is a waffle iron that is decorated the most often, but how lovely is this?  Honestly, do you need a pretty waffle iron?  Surely those fresh crispy waffles are reward enough, but I think this would just be the icing on the cake, or waffle if you will.  I was tempted by this as well, but the price tag kept me from adding this to my pile of appliances in the kitchen. Plus, I am not paying that much when I don’t even know if it works.  Sometimes estate sales just make me grumpy.

Speaking of things I was not willing to plunk down the cash for, how about this dress?

Isn’t it awesome?  Sorry, about the pic being blurry; I frequently have a hard time with my phone inside a house,  but you should be able to see it well enough.  Huge flower print and fantastic feather sleeves.  Endora would have worn it well!  I really wanted it, but it wouldn’t have fit me, and at $75.oo, even half price day wouldn’t have helped.  The entire closet was packed with some pretty amazing ’60s clothes.  I didn’t stay in there long, as there was someone else looking at other things, and I didn’t want to be in that close of quarters.  But, I did also get another photo; check out the suit:

Polyester galore and a yellow that would knock your eyes out on even the cloudiest day.  There would be no napping in the office if you walked in wearing this!  I didn’t look at the price tag on this one, but everything was over $50, so unless it would have fit and I wanted to wear it, there was not much here for me, except to make me giggle and goggle.

There were quite a few dolls and toys around the place, but nothing too exciting.  They had two Barbies with the dreaded green ear, and were not amused by me pointing out that there was not much chance of fixing it, and the $150 price tags were insane.  I pointed it out anyway, as I am just that much of a curmudgeon.

I did think the high chair that these two were sitting in was sort of pretty:

The dolls themselves were just OK, and again, not a huge collectible thing.

I would have liked to see how this baby worked:

It didn’t have a cabinet, so not a treadle, but it really didn’t look electric either.  When Singer made electrics, they looked like their standard treadle machine with a motor.  This was stuffed down in a corner, and hard to get a look at, so I have no idea.  Anyone who knows, drop us a line, as I am curious.  No book, no accessories and pretty grubby, so again, not worth the price.  Hey, listen my chorus of grumbles.  Stop me if you have heard it before!

I dug this photo up off my phone, as I didn’t want to forget her, as I had before, though I don’t know how.  Spotted at a yard sale last summer:

Who knew Medusa sat for her portrait on black velvet?  What I find absolutely mind boggling was that someone had the nerve to sign it. Wouldn’t you pretend you had no idea how that paint got on that canvas if this was your work?  It was pretty dusty, so I bet it had been relegated to the back of a closet for some time.  Perhaps hubby won it in a silent auction and there was no way the wife was going to stay silent about it?

Lest you think I just go around grousing about prices, I do occasionally purchase something, even if it is a bit more.  I spotted this basket purse at a sale a couple of weeks ago:

They wanted $5.00 for it, which is not unreasonable , but I really didn’t need a purse.  I picked it up, put it down, walked away, walked back, picked it up again.  The lining and inside just put it over the top for me:

Loved that they took the time to sign a purse that they only decoupaged!  Not that they didn’t do a bang-up job. Heck, it made me buy it!  I will put it away for now, as it sort of says fall to me, and maybe this autumn will need a pick-me-up and this will be just the ticket.

As you can see by our scrambling for posts, we are not going out a whole lot, and our picture supply is rapidly dwindling down to nothing.  So, if you have a funny picture, we would love to see it, and of course, make fun of it!  Email us!

For EVERYONE who takes the time to read our posts and share a tiny bit of our lives, we wish you health, happiness, and equality.  That’s all we have to say about the things going on right now.

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2 Responses to Derecho and More!

  1. Sandra Magle says:

    I think in 1000 years an archaeologist will be looking at the remains of 60’s polyester clothing and wondering WTF, lol. Too much fun, I’m going to try and get to GoodWill today…ha!

    • kathy & deb says:

      The polyester wearing cockroaches roaming the earth will be my WTF moment in the future! ‘-) I’m glad I won’t have to be there it see it. Kathy and I went to a thrift yesterday, first thing in the morning, with masks, and no one was there! Used hand sanitizer as soon as I got in the car. Stay safe!

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