Unfinished Business and a Pig in a Poke

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Now onward and upwards, or maybe not.  For some reason an entire herd of pigs showed up last week at ARC.  OK, I just checked, it might be a passel of hogs, or a sounder of swine, or a drift of piglets, gosh I love collective terms, but not the objects attached to them:

Honestly, this was only the tip of the pigberg, if you get my drift.  These are plain hideous.  The dressed pigs are particularly repulsive, and that pig seduction scene is too much for my shocked old eyes.  We are hoping that the collector in question and has come to their senses and cleaned out the shelves.  If someone inherited all this, we know they must have been setting a land speed record getting them to the thrift store.

And of course there was more:

Seriously, a ribbon does nothing to make a pig’s butt cuter.  If that were the case, I might paste one on my behind and hope no one notices how big it really is.  With those flirty lashes and the flower in her hair, I sort of expect her to start dancing around a pole, and flinging the ribbon to the wind, and no one wants to see that.

I thought I passed biology, but maybe not:

Which came first, the pig or the egg?  It’s the eternal question, no?

We know why this porker is pissed:

He has had to live most of his life with the rest of the herd, and is heartily sick of it.  He seems to be curbing his enthusiasm easily and so are we.  Our relief at moving on from the barnyard was short lived, as the lamp section came up a bit too fast for comfort.

People should not be allowed to make their own lampshades:

This one looks like they forgot and left the dust rag hanging over the lamp.  Thank goodness it’s not on top; it could cause a conflagration of epic proportions.  One can only hope.  While we applaud the idea of using old lace in new and creative ways, the key word in that sentence is creative.  Of course the first one in no way compares to the sadness of this next example:

I am sure in the craft magazine they touted this as an amazing way to keep your lamps clean,  Just pull off the shade cover and toss it in the wash, then pop it back on, but in practice it just looks sort of droopy and sad.  Like a poorly pressed prom dress without a petticoat being worm by a sad wallflower.  The ghastliness of the shade does, at least, take away from the depressing sight of the lamp it adorns.

If that was not torture enough, we came upon this grouping:

At least they kept it all together, so we could be horrified all at once.  Really, the clock is worst of the group.  I kind of like twisty wood lamps (you should see my house) but again the shade choice is very suspect.  That poor innocent lamp on the right should find better company to hang out with.  Seems like the rest of the gang is a bad influence.  They will be keeping company with tacky ashtrays, and maybe even pigs, and before you know it their future will be doomed to back alleys by trash cans, or horrors, thrift stores!

After all that, you would think this would be a relief, but no matter how hard I try, I just cannot like this stuff:

Capodimonte it may be, but it is still ugly.  I remember many years ago when one of the home shopping channels was doing their best to convince folks to buy this stuff.  Apparently at least one schmuck fell for it.  I actually love the dainty little English pieces that are similar, but this just looks like a first grader effort without the charm.  Honestly, I’m looking at the photo and they don’t look that bad; but they really are.

We did like this:

We both try not to say this out loud often, as we would both like to stay married to our respective spouses, but I am pretty sure there is not a married woman in the entire world who has not thought this VERY loudly at their husband at one time or another.  A sign might be a bit obvious, but for some men, it might be the only way of getting through to them.

And for a bit of unfinished business:

I shared a pic of this exact same bunch of grapes a couple of weeks ago, just scroll down and you will see it.  Now it seems to have made its way into one of our antique booth type stores.  I didn’t look at the price the first go round to see how much more they have “improved”, but I am sure it is substantial, considering the rest of the prices I saw around there.  It just struck me as funny, that they were following me.  Maybe I should be concerned?

We are due for another round of snow today, so will skip the estate sale that is only letting 20 people in at once.  There is not much of anything out there that I feel the need to stand around in a blizzard for, and if I don’t know what is there, I won’t miss a thing.  Thrift stores, here we come.  See you all next week!

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2 Responses to Unfinished Business and a Pig in a Poke

  1. Pigs, oh my—and big piggies, too. Hope you make your goal—grins, Sandi M

    • kathy & deb says:

      Those pigs were awful for the most part. I have to say that we kind of liked Mr. Grumpy Piggy Bank, but the rest were pretty bad!

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