The Early Birds Catch the Worm?

Unless you’re a robin, I’m not sure why on earth you would want a worm!  Yes, you’re right, we’re a day early, but hopefully not a laugh short.  Things just worked out this way so we’re rolling with it.  We hope that all of our US readers are having an excellent, no-drama Thanksgiving with those they love.  Actually, we hope that all of our readers are having a lovely Thursday whether they’re in a self-induced tryptophan stupor, or not.

We have another giveaway going for this post.  Leave a comment on the blog only and you could win one of these fabulous hankies:

We’ll draw names on Sunday afternoon around 4pm MST, and will announce the winners in a short post afterwards.  Check back and see if you got lucky!

We have some amazingly awful things to show you this week before we start up the annual Christmas horror show.  We should have at least three weeks worth of Christmas-related twaddle that we have photographed during the year.  Buckle up!

Besides the word “Noel” on Miss Bluecoat’s book, what about this pair says Christmas?


Was there anything decorative going on in the 1970s that wasn’t misguided?  That’s a trick question because of course the answer is, “NO!!”  Not only do these marginal Christmas decorations not sport Christmas colors, which is a low bar, they aren’t very attractive or even fun.  I’m thinking the girls have been into the spiked eggnog before heading out to entertain the neighbors with their Noel carols.  The expression on their faces could be in the dictionary for pie-eyed.  I guess we see only the two of them because the rest of the group are lying in a snowbank somewhere too snockered to walk or sing.

We’ve got a couple more ’70s goodies to share:

Does it get much worse than this?  That day-old avocado color probably doesn’t show a lick of dirt, but that’s all you can say for it.  Trust that decade to mess up the color green!  Anyone lounging in this chair is making the world a better place by covering it up.  Let’s hear it for those ’70s neon crochet throws that Grandma used to put on her furniture.  Much better looking than this.  I hope someone buys this chair, frees it of that fabric, which then can be burned.  The chair could be comfortable AND attractive with some new upholstery.

I love boxes, especially those old cedar ones that smell good.  This jewelry box attracted me right off the bat:

It’s unusual with the box at the top with drawers underneath and then the stand.  We looked at it and I think that it was made this way and isn’t a union of pieces.  It was kind of cool until we opened ’er up:

What’s happening?  Going from a “hey, this is kinda cool” to “awww, make it stop” is disorienting!  Why, why would anyone put avocado shag in a jewelry box?  All of my sparklies would abandon ship!  To top it off, it’s a music box, too.  That loose fabric area in the top hides the mechanism.  I was at the thrift shop recently and it’s still there—surprise!

I’m just being a big ol’ meanie today:

If any of you have an idea what’s going on with these two, we would love to hear it.  We’re in the 1980s, now, which isn’t the worst decorative decade because of the ’70s, but it’s a close call.  Those shades of pink and blue were everywhere, accompanying the cute country fad.  Back to the cows—I think they were candlesticks.  It boggles the mind that someone thought they were acceptable enough to put out where visitors could see them!  I’m not sure what that is on top of their heads, or why those heart-shaped pockets are right over their naughty bits?  Even though they have cow heads, those surely are women’s bodies, aren’t they?  They belong in the back of a deep cupboard, never to be seen, until someone sensible drops the milkmaids off at a thrift store.

We were particularly amused by the fish picture in the center top shelf:

This could be another ’80s decorative, we use that term loosely, item.  It has pink and blue, and the picture looks to be copying native art forms.  What we found funny was the fish’s expression of surprise.  I don’t know if it’s shocked to be in a picture this bad, surprised that it has an equilateral triangle tattoo, or just stunned to exist at all.  But that pop-eyed mouth-open look is all too familiar; we must look at each other with this expression at least once every Friday!

What the what!?

As Kathy says, “This has one of everything except taste.”  There is a lot to unpack here.  It starts out looking like a winter flower arrangement with the evergreens, the white snow-like touches, and the glittery icicles (or frozen snot, take your pick).  But, the cherub holder at the bottom isn’t a seasonal match; maybe they’re shooting for Valentine’s Day?  The flowers themselves are a mixture of spring and summer, so that’s weird, too.  Maybe it was for a winter wedding and all bets are off for that scenario.  Brides want what brides want; don’t try to make sense of it!

We like the lamp:

So … let’s talk about the shade.  We frequently complain about how people torture shells by using them in hideous ways.  This augmented shade might move right to the top of the list for shell-related crimes.  You know, unadorned that’s a perfectly okay shade.  It might be just a little too big for the lamp, but that’s being fricking nitpicky!  Those shells take it from okay to oh no!  The best solution here is to take that mess off the charming lamp, and slap it on the ugly thing behind and to the right.  If you see that combo in someone’s cart, you might want to steer them to the chair, jewelry box, or really anything in this post.  I think concentrating the bad stuff in one toxic zone is the safest thing for the rest of us!

Old album covers are some of the most diverting things out there:

Johnny’s gang looks pretty sketchy if you ask me!  Turns out that Johnny had kind of an interesting life, and quite a bit of success first with the Harmonica Rascals (I’m NOT making this up) and later with his Harmonica Gang.  Besides playing the harmonica, he also did pantomime; I just can’t imagine those two together.  Looking at this picture, why is Johnny wearing cowboy duds?  Three of the guys look sailorish, and one looks like he’s in the circus.  Looking at videos, that seems to be part of the act.  If you’re curious, here’s a link to one of The Gang’s performances on YouTube.

Don’t forget the hanky giveaway!  Enter by leaving a comment here on the blog.

Hope you all corral a bunch of great buys this weekend.  We tend to not participate in Black Friday, at least not together, but we believe in supporting our local economy and shopping!

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4 Responses to The Early Birds Catch the Worm?

  1. Chrysalis says:

    Thanks for this blog!

  2. Hi ladies….great finds to look at.
    That jewelry box was mostly likely a Senior Project in a High School woods class—lovingly made with quite some workmanship for basic skills and handmade. My hubby taught woods for a few years…and we were always amazed at some of the projects they would come up with—however that inside was probably done at home …! YIKES. Carolers were hideous, I’ve seen those molds done in snow pastels and they were quite nice!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks for giving us a read! Yes, we can’t imagine that anyone talented enough to make that box could ruin it with the lining! You’re entered in the drawing for the hankies. Good luck!

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