Déjà Jug

We’ve had a few rainy, cold days this week getting us ready for what is coming in a few weeks, probably.  I’m closing my eyes and ignoring all that because today is a lovely sunny day, and that’s the way it’s going to be until it isn’t.  No use thinking of winter yet; autumn is still firmly in control.

I had some visitors this week:

It’s hard to tell, but the mule deer watching the street is the mama, and the two looking at me are this year’s fawns.  There have been two sets of moms and fawns running around the neighborhood this summer; the other set has triplets!  No wonder both of those does are on the small side.  I think they are probably yearlings, and have already had multiple babies.  That might stunt your growth.  I’m pretty sure I hurt the fawns’ feelings because I rapped on the window when they were eating my Japanese maple.  I’m prepared to look the other way while they nibble petunias, tomato bushes, green beans, and apples, but the maple is off limits!

Congratulations to the hanky drawing winners.   Gwen Dollin and Patty, your hankies are going out today!  Steph and Nilsa, I will get to yours soon.  If you’re wanting a cranberry server, we’re having another giveaway closer to Thanksgiving.

We frequently get a sense of déjà vu while shopping; we’ll say to each other, “Haven’t we seen one of these before?

No such luck with ol’ corn likker of the Ozarks!  We just saw one last year and I wanted to see what we said about it before, because I’m sure it bears repeating, or maybe I’m just lazy.  Do you suppose that the person who bought it before, came back to their senses and gave it back?  Or, perish the thought, there are two of them!

We were so excited to go to an estate sale with real antiques.  The preview pictures were beautiful.  However, the reality wasn’t so beautiful.  The owners didn’t want more than 25 people in their house at one time.  That made for a looooong wait because you could only go in when someone left.

Also, the prices were insane!  The things were really nice, but you’re never getting Christie’s auction prices at an estate sale in Colorado.

I did take a couple of pictures:

They had a lot of Asian art, and cloisonne, but I have to say that I picked up one of the little boxes on another table, and it had a sticker on the bottom that said China.  We’re a little skeptical about estate sale identification of things.  I wouldn’t feel comfortable paying a ton of money unless I absolutely knew what I was doing.  They had a lot of beautiful old rugs, too, but we aren’t experts on them either, and aren’t going to pay top prices.

We did like this kid’s piano:

Albert Shoenhut started a toy piano company in 1872 and the company made pianos into the 1930s.  They also made other toys, but the pianos came first.  This one is a lovely example.  Could you imagine being a kid and having this to play on?  It needs some help now, but it’s still pretty.

After leaving that estate sale, we were going to some garage sales and passed another family-run estate sale.  Their prices were awesome:


Grandma collected salt and pepper shakers—all kinds as you can see, and this wasn’t all of them!  They were three sets for $5, so we both bought three pairs.  This is how you make things go away, especially when you have a LOT of them!  We were at another living estate sale done by the family, and they were selling about ten vintage salt and pepper sets for $100 and you didn’t have the option to mix and match.  They were laid out in those cardboard flats.  I’m sure they didn’t sell any, because no one collects them like the way they did twenty years ago.  Plus, you’re being undersold by others who will sell you nine pairs of vintage shakers for $15.  Now, I think that people more likely collect cat salt and peppers, or Elvis salt and peppers instead of general kinds of vintage shakers.

We are moving onto thrift store finds now.  This might be one of the most horrifying games ever:

I was a nurse for a long time, and don’t mind gross things, usually.  However, Dr. Pimple Popper makes me cringe; I just can’t watch it.  So why would anyone want a Pimple Pete game for the kids, presented by Dr. Pimple Popper—welp!  When I first looked at it, I thought it was someone with a gross runny nose, but I wish.  This is just so nasty I can’t even talk about it any more.  Bad, bad toy designers!!

We had never seen a copper version of this before:

For those who can’t tell, it’s one of those penguin ice buckets that are usually chrome.  The copper version seems so Seventies, but it’s still fun.  They were made by West Bend, and it looks like people used them to serve food, also.  The copper ones are fairly rare, so we should have probably bought this.  Oh well, can’t win them all!

Oh Ronco, you have some explaining to do:

Rarely does “as seen on TV” mean that a product is high quality.  I don’t remember the speed-tufting craze, but if it involved owls, it’s probably a Seventies thing.  I have to say, that it kind of looks fun along the lines of those latch rug projects.  You just need to start with a better design.

While we’re talking Seventies, we might as well look at this:

I’m not sure exactly sure when this throw was made, but that harvest gold is notorious as are granny squares.  But I haven’t seen anything quite so hideous in a long time.  That mint green isn’t doing the piece any favors.  Do you think the maker was just color-blind?  It seems incredible that anyone would do this on purpose.  Of course I’ve been wrong before—see Pimple Pete!

We didn’t set this up, but we enjoyed the scene anyway:

For all the world, it looks like a shady lady is proposing something naughty to a giraffe, and he’s embarrassed.  So embarrassed he is nearly breaking his neck to look away.  People seem to have fun rearranging shelves and we’re always amused when we notice.

Thanks for reading.  Hope you can get out, take a walk, and kick some leaves this weekend.

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2 Responses to Déjà Jug

  1. Stephanie Gazell says:

    My lovely hankie arrived! Many thanks, gals – I love it! :>)

    • kathy & deb says:

      So glad you liked it and thanks for letting us know! Hope you can find a use for it; we’ll be checking out your pictures! 😉

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