Did You Ever See Such a Sight in Your Life?

Fall can’t be too far off.  How do I tell?  Is it the cooler nights, shorter days, leaves turning red, or school starting?  No, the sure sign is when mice try to work their sneaky way into the house via the garage.  We live-trapped two yesterday (I don’t think they were blind).  We released them miles away from anyone in a natural area with food, water, and lots of predators.  If they had just stayed outside, they could live happily in my compost pile, or under the big old rabbit bush in the yard, but noooooo, as the late, great John Belushi said.  To top it off, my dog is totally useless against mice; give him a squirrel, a bird, or a rabbit outside and he’s a killing machine.  Mice where they shouldn’t be—not so much.

Garage sales are still going strong, even if we only go for a couple of hours on Friday mornings.  We’ve switched our thrift store shopping to Thursdays, and it seems to be working out.  Really, how can I complain about shopping twice a week with my fellow Rose?

So, this is labeled a “Baby Tower”:

At first I thought it had to be a Halloween game or something; baby tower was pretty far from my first guess.  Don’t crocheted baby towers look more like this?

I have to say that the colorful tower with the small rings looks like a lot more fun, especially for a baby.  Those giant rings on the first tower look like a lot for a tot to handle, not to mention that the buttons for eyes is a big no-no!  Kathy was really bummed that the Palatnik acrylic statue of a moose in front of the so-called baby tower had a broken antler.  At an auction, she had found peacock and elephant figures made in the 1960s by Abraham Palatnik and has been on the hunt for more ever since.  Another reason to keep shopping and save your money for the good stuff!

Okay, what is with the crazy strawberry stuff?

This giant strawberry eraser is eerily reminiscent of this strawberry pillow we saw at the beginning of the summer:

including the crown of flowers on its head, and those weird duck lips.  Trying to read the eraser package lead me to Shopkins, which are collectible figures based on grocery store items.  Far be it for us to laugh at anyone’s collections; you’ve seen what we buy!

Just in case you found the Shopkins a little too sweet, let’s take a close look at something I’ve titled Ball, Horses, and Mayhem:

This was a kind of beat-up green box on a shelf at the local thrift.  Then we took a closer look at it, and could see that there was some tough stuff going on from all the loose body parts flying around.  I don’t really see polo sticks or mallets, and the ball (on the far right side) is way too big to knock around.  More than anything, there seems to be a lot of arrows, but I’m not sure how that accounts for the amputated arms and head.  We’re guessing that it’s Indian from the painting style, but that’s all we know.  If any of you know something about this, be sure to let us know.

Okay, while editing, B.H. just explained what a Parthian shot is.  Briefly, it is a retreat maneuver used by an ancient Iranian people where a military retreat is covered by archers on horseback.  Now you know!

From one crazy thing to another:

That lamp just cracked us up.  To start with it was huge—over three feet tall!  It kind of looks like gold ribbon, Christmas tinsel, and ornaments were vainly applied to the lamp as a decorative Hail Mary (cue timely American football reference).  I don’t see how you could put a shade on it with that metal lantern shape around the light bulb, so count on being blinded whenever you turn it on.  That could end up being a blessing since the whole thing is unattractive, to be kind.  To add insult to injury, while looking at the picture, I noticed a box of Mexican train dominoes on the table, which I would have bought.  Dang!

I think we owe you something fun after the last couple of finds:

The most shocking thing about these candles is that we like them and aren’t going to make fun of them.  This might be a first in our ten plus years of blogging.  We really don’t care much for most of the candles we come upon while thrifting and garage saling.  Who can blame us, as their original owners gave up on them, too.  But these two have some pizzazz, and the fun decorations give off a Mid-century modern vibe.

We were impressed by this tatting:

It was nicely done and not white, beige, or pink!  I think sticking it on a plain piece of linen was a mistake, but the tatter was quite good.  After trying to learn to needle tat for years, I remain deeply impressed by those who can.  Kathy does a bit of tatting now and then and it’s such a lovely craft.

We see such unintentionally funny signs at garage sales:

This sign might get you life in prison in another context, but is fairly harmless at a garage sale.  Of course we looked!  You never know what you might find in a box of … parts.

We have a couple of birds to share.  First up is Golden Eye:

He’s a duck with tons of attitude, but little else.  We found him rolling around in the bins, and it wasn’t at all surprising that he had been banished.  He looks kind of angry, which isn’t surprising given those weird eyes.  How hard would it have been to give him regular peepers?

This owl looks angry too, and again it’s understandable:

That’s just bad crafting all around.  I suppose the weaving is technically okay, but the whole isn’t attractive.  I think it starts with the huge crest, and those weird eyes.  Owls don’t have black and white eyes!  What the heck!!  I’m just going to say that they had made a real beak and it fell off and is rolling around at the bottom of the picture frame.  That black glob just has to be the glue that held the beak on, right?  I think that no one would blame a person for buying this and starting a nice fall fire with it—think of it as a mercy killing.  I wonder if this owl was from the previous post’s estate sale that was owl-riffic?  We didn’t see it there, but those people had some homely owls in their collection and we didn’t look at them too hard.

We love this sentiment:

If everyone did this, the world would truly be a better place.  It’s sad, but our outlook on life right now is so much more this sign:

Good thing we have this blog as an outlet.  Could you imagine if we saved up all of our snark for our family and friends?  We could end up alone with an apartment full of collections and cats.  Thanks to all of you, we live semi-productive lives in the bosom of our loved ones!

We are currently on the hunt for another cranberry server to give away before Thanksgiving.  We did find a baby one that just wasn’t up to snuff.  We also have a few other goodies that we want to pass on to our readers, so stay tuned.


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