Estate Sale in the Boonies

As you might have noticed, we will drive quite a ways for a good estate sale.  Actually, we will drive quite a ways, just for the PROMISE of a good estate sale, or if there are more than one in the vicinity, or if we feel the need for a small road trip, or if the whim just takes us!  We went to this sale a few weeks ago, and I can’t remember for sure how we ended up here, but I think it was because there were a couple in the area.  We went to this one, looked at the line at the other one and went on to something more fun.  But, at least this one provided plenty of blog fodder, so sit back and enjoy an estate sale with us!

Other than the garage, which had some pretty ordinary stuff, this is what greeted us as we walked through the door:

I think this might have been the original Angry Bird.  He sure looks pissed about something.  Deb took a pic at more of an angle so you could see how three-dimensional he was:

Not that it makes him any more pleasant, but you should at least have the full effect.  This fellow hung in the dining room, so he could glare at you when you took the second helping of mashed potatoes, or perhaps he would have been more upset about the fried mice!

As we walked around the corner, we realized why the owl in dining room existed:

Whoooooo wants an owl, or two or three?  Actually, I did snag one off of here that fit in another collection I had, and I spent a few minutes looking at them just because my late grandmother had a HUGE collection of owls, and the urge to buy her one has not left my psyche yet.  At a certain point though, just because you collect owls doesn’t mean you need them all; leave that grumpy critter in the wall picture alone.

We decided this was just wrong:

Seriously, what did that sewing machine table EVER do to you to demote it to being a planter?  Watering it is just asking to ruin the finish, and what do you put in it?  A fairy garden for little sewing gnomes?  I have tried to get the gnomes to finish my sewing and it just doesn’t work.  Maybe cactus, so the watering is not an issue and no one will ever touch it, or just rip the planter out and put a nice modern sewing machine in it and enjoy it the way God intended.

We did adore this darling little folding table and chairs:

It was VERY tiny, so we had doubts about it working for anything but a petite little old ladies’ bridge club, but so cute.  We were amazed that the whole thing looked like really nice furniture, but all the pieces were still able to fold up!  Not to mention that the zippy red color gave it a dash of real style.

We also thought this was incredible:

Talk about being born with a silver spoon in your mouth.  If you were lucky enough to sleep in this amazing crib, you probably had two or three spoons in there from the moment you were born.   It needs to be filled with antique dolls and teddy bears now, as who knows how safe it is, but no matter what, it is still something to see, and something you are not likely to see often.  In my family we put the baby in a drawer and called it good.  (The drawer was open—don’t get your panties in a wad.  It makes a pretty good place for a baby in a pinch, and it was my mother’s generation, not mine!)

On the other hand, this just looks like an accident waiting to happen, at least in my house it would be:

You may have to make the photo bigger to get the full effect of the marble birds perching on the lamp.  We regretted that they didn’t have it plugged in, as that was probably a sight to see.  It looks like a really tiny base, and me being the clod I am, as well as having teenagers and a cat in the house means there is no way this would survive.  While thinking on this, I decided that might be a good thing, because really, it’s not that attractive.  It would be no great loss if it did bite the dust, Italian marble or no.

Deb had to snap a pic of this dress:

Raise your hand, if you were a bridesmaid in the ’60s and had wear this style.  Substitute any color you want, or if you were in lots of weddings, do them all!  We were not sure why it was still living with them, but there it was.  It was in perfect shape, too—they always are.  It’s not like you would EVER wear it again!  What is it about brides and that?  Maybe we should all just stand up for our friends in jeans and cool T-shirts.  At least they would be useful!

This gave us hope:

And the sale did not disappoint:

What a bed-full of crazy hats.  Each flowered creation was zanier than the last one.  If we had to choose just one to take home, it would have been an impossible task.  Luckily, we have plenty of hats, and these were priced high enough to make us leave them all there.  We hope they found a good home with some other hat person who will take care of all those artificial roses with love.  Or maybe they went to the ladies’ bridge club and the flowers can stay with the cute folding card table.

We don’t have anything specific coming up for a bit, so I guess you just need to stay tuned for our normal wackiness, and see what we turn up.  Till next time.

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4 Responses to Estate Sale in the Boonies

  1. sandi magle says:

    My goodness those hats are over the top—and had to have been very expensive, in their time!

    • kathy & deb says:

      We think so too! It’s obvious that the lady of the house had a lot of fun with her headgear! It seems a shame to separate them all.

  2. OSS says:

    LOVE crazy hats! I’d have had to have just one. 😀 And that crib…wow. Never seen anything like it. Beautiful! Where did you go for this trip? Love, Dawn

    • kathy & deb says:

      The hats were so fun—that lady had a cool sense of style! The crib was amazing, and they wanted a mint for it, but it might have been worth it. We can’t remember exactly where the sale was, but it was local. People have the most unexpected stuff. Hugs Dawn!

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