Digging Deep

Well, Deb went off and left me … again.  I tell you, that woman never stays home!  She was off to visit good friends in the Pacific Northwest, so hopefully she will come home with some fun stuff to share.  Surely they have different junk up there?  Anyway, as she was going and would have been on the road when it was time to upload pix for this week’s post, I had to go dig into my stash of stuff and see what was there.  Luckily have camera on phone, will take pix.  What did we ever do before the camera phone?  Heck, I even took some pictures on purpose for this post, so let’s see what turned up.

I am going to start with this:

I am honestly thinking this might have been the ugliest lamp in the entire world.  The main body of it was wood covered in what looks like carpenter’s putty and then carved to look like some sort of twisted wood.  The shades really were a marvel of shape and fabric manipulation, but the overall effect was just terrifying.  Add to that a cord that should have been retired 20 years ago, and there was just nothing good about it.  I really would have liked to know the story behind it, but the sale was busy and it was one of the few really odd things there.  Probably the eccentric neighbor brought it over and no one knew from whence it came.

On the other hand, they did know where this came from:

That is one humiliated puppy.  Have you ever seen anything look so downtrodden?  I asked if I could take a picture, and they told me for $1.00 and then offered the dog for $1.00.  (None of this was serious, so don’t go calling the ASPCA.)  I bet he went and pooped in ALL of their shoes the next time he got in the house.

I know we have spoken at length of our abhorrence for jars of brined useless food, so I had to share this:

My mother-in-law brought us this.  Cool jar full of fantastic yummy olives.  It can sit on your counter for a couple of days and they you can eat the olives and enjoy a really decorative jar with teeny tiny handles on it after you are done.  How can this be any better?  For those of you in the pickled useless business, TAKE NOTE!

For some reason this tickled my funny bone:

I made the mistake of subscribing to a couple of magazines, so now I get three offers a day, but these two cracked me up.  For the Family Handyman, they don’t care if you throw it away, but for heaven’s sake, do not bend it!  Papercraft, well, just keep it forever.

I am going to have to just give up and admit that I collect cow creamers, but it would be a painful admission, just because I already collect too many other things.  But, I didn’t even hesitate for one hot minute when I saw this one:

Come on, how could you resist, look at those big cow eyes:

I admit it, I have a problem.  You heard it here first.

It is probably a good thing that Deb is gone, as she has been pretty crabby, ’cause if she was in a really jolly mood, I might have bought her this:

It was also missing a cup and they wanted more than I was willing to pay for a poodle decanter, especially one that she would have had to be feeling really sorry for in order to feel the need to give it a good home.  I have a drunken cat decanter that I am pretty fond of, but as much as I like vintage bar ware, I wasn’t temped.  The only saving grace for this hound was the fact that he has a tiny hat on, which will delight our grammar guru (Deb’s hubby) no end.  He has a fascination with them.

I found a fun cat at a sale this past weekend, and snagged him for the grand total of 50¢.  I was telling my hubby that I was positive the cat was uranium glass, and it amused me.  I thought it might be fun to tell you a bit about the glass.  Uranium glass and Vaseline glass are used as interchangeable terms.  Uranium was widely added to glass to give it the green color, as it was the easiest way to make green glass.  And yes, it will set off a Geiger counter, if you should happen to have one.  The uranium was discontinued as a colorant starting in the ’40s as it was needed more to point bombs at Russia than to color glass.  The easiest way to tell if you have a piece of uranium glass is to put it under a black light and watch it glow.  Take a look, under regular light:

I added the owl for contrast, as look at it under black light:

The owl is still there, you can see the sparkle of his eye.  How cool is that?  Most green depression glass will also glow.  When I was over taking care of Deb’s plants, I noticed she had a friend sitting in the window that would probably glow as much as the cat:

Of course, she would have a dog and I would have a cat!  My little kitty was made in the Czech republic probably during the ’30s, and I bet her dog was the same.

We have one last crazy thing that didn’t make Deb’s post last week.  We spent way too many brain cells trying to figure out what this was:

If it was an ashtray, the ash would fall off the end and onto the table.  It could have been a dresser tray for lipstick, but it seems a bit odd to elevate your lipstick to that height.  Those were our two options.  Readers?  Any ideas?  Even the dog behind it seems a bit perplexed.  It’s a good thing we never add up the amount of minutes we spend on this stuff, as it would come out to be a serious time waster!

Well, there, I got you though a post for this week, and next week, Deb should be back with some fun new stuff, and there will always be more out there.  Of that, we are positive!

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4 Responses to Digging Deep

  1. Stephanie Gazell says:

    That uranium glass is really cool! I can see why you’re attracted to it. That last item is a mystery! Do you think someone glued the “holder” part onto it?

    • kathy & deb says:

      It didn’t look like a married piece; I think it had some really specific purpose that we can only guess at. Some sort of jewelry holder? There could have been another piece that went with it, but I’m sure someone out there knows, we’ll just have to wait for the universe to send them our way. ‘-)

  2. Emily C says:

    I think the last piece is a butter dish. You balance the spreader up top so it doesn’t get slippery. (possibly came with a matching spreader?) That is what i would use it for. Our butter spreaders are always getting butter on the handle.

    • kathy & deb says:

      You know Emily, that makes a lot of sense! I had the feeling that there were pieces missing. I like your idea–simple and elegant.

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