Just Desserts, or Not

Whew, last week we had a break from the awesome estate sales, although we still have one more to share with you, but this week, we thought we ought to clear out some of the backlog of photos, so be prepared for random sh*t. First, for those who keep up on our gardening adventures, we really don’t know what to do with ourselves, as Colorado has had one of the nicest, coolest, wettest springs in ages, and we didn’t even have to dance naked in the yard to appease the rain gods.  (Actually, the rain gods would prefer we didn’t do that, as would the neighbors.)  The only downside is that all lawns need mowing every five days or so.  How are we supposed to have time to shop?  But, shop we did, and this week we found a whole lot of things that need to apologize to someone, or something.

First up, what did KLC do to deserve this?

Seriously, did they murder an entire batch of kittens, wear white after Labor Day, or just generally piss off Mother Nature?  I can’t think how bad their karma must be to have this presented to them.  Luckily, they took one look at it and sent it straight to the thrift store, so hopefully they have paid their dues.  We are just glad it didn’t say KLC  plus someone else, because this might break up even the strongest relationship.

How about this for just being mean?

Will Rogers may have never met a man he didn’t like, but we are positive that would not be his reaction to this mug.  I think it is the staring eyes, and ridiculously long eyelashes that send this right into the “NO, NO” category.  We also have some doubts about the positioning of that boot for the handle.  Is it suggesting you kick him in the chops or what?  Bet he wouldn’t like you then.

We also thought that Lladro should apologize for this:

This is usually a very fine porcelain company, but what is up with the creepy monks?  I’ve got to say they were way more disturbing in person.  The one in back looked like he had murder on his mind, and the single one was just going to close his eyes and ignore it.  We were floored when we picked these up and saw the mark:

I am sure someone snapped them up, but I wouldn’t have them anywhere near me.  Good marks or not, some things just should not be, nor should they be purchased for the princely sums that Lladro commands.

Here is something else that should never have been picked up:

First off, it has one of everything but taste applied to it.  Two, it was made of that nasty resin, which automatically puts it in our black books, and third, what the heck is it?  At first we thought it was a mirror, and in that case, no matter how hungover you were in the morning, you would look better than the front, but it turned out not to be the case.  Instead we think it just hung on the wall and looked depressing.  We know were depressed after looking at it.

Maybe these pissy bunnies had the same problem:

They are sort of melting into the cabbage patch, and they don’t look happy about it.  The only good thing is that they, like Will Rogers, have plenty going on in the eyelash department.  They could keep L’Oreal in business for a year.  Looking back on it, I am also not sure what sort of weird red base they are sitting on, either.  What is that cabbage floating in?  Ugh.  No wonder they look mad; they are going down any minute.

OK, too much negativity.  How about a bear?

All in all, it was sort of harmless, but that position on the shelf is how she always stood, and we want to know why a ballerina bear feels the need to flash the ENTIRE world.  What kind of message is that sending to little girls?  Just give her a pole and she would be thoroughly R-rated.

Maybe that is what this leopard saw:

We were blaming the scary strawberry beside it on the shelf, but maybe it was the teddy dancer.  Anyway, we were very troubled about how worried this feline was.  This cat has seen things, and it was not pretty.  Poor Pussy.  On a bright note, the next week the fruit was still there being eternally cheerful, while the cat was gone, hopefully to a nice quiet home.  There, he can peacefully live out the rest of his six or so lives—depending on how traumatic the first three were.

We also placed this purse in the Ah, Heck, No category:

Someone worked really hard to make something this ugly.  We don’t get it.  I suppose you could stuff the puffy parts with Styrofoam and make it a flotation device, or when the subway ride was super long, you could use it as a pillow, or beat people about the head and shoulders when you really didn’t want to do major damage.  No matter the use (and who would want to use it as a purse?) it was still hideous, and needs to be burned, preferably sooner rather than later.

I did save the best for last.  These practically made our whole day:

I don’t know what is better, the gilded macaroni frames or the liberties taken with the Mona Lisa and Tweety Bird.  We might have even drug these home, except we would have had to spend the rest of the time they lived with us explaining WHY we brought them into our lives.  It takes a special kind of strange to live with things like this, and while we both are that odd, our respective spouses (or DHs, which stands for Dear Husband; someone asked a couple of weeks ago.) are not that sort of folks.  We can only hide so many things in our private doll rooms before they spill out into the rest of the house.

We have a report from a pretty amazing country sale coming up in the next few weeks, so stay tuned, and you never know what will pop up in the meantime.

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2 Responses to Just Desserts, or Not

  1. romitazz says:

    You guys always make me laugh out loud! I’d like to know why a thrift store would even put some of this stuff out for sale?? the KLC bottle – who’s going to take that home? Seriously – I think whoever donated it would have done better to strip the bottle and get their 10 cents back at the recycling depot lol … anyway …

    • kathy & deb says:

      I’m always flummoxed by all the broken stuff they try to sell at the same price I would pay for a working thing. I wish Colorado had a deposit on bottles and cans. We can recycle stuff, but no deposit so you get those awful craft projects! We like how you think Rosemarie! Glad you enjoyed the post. 😎

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