The Equality State Sale

Being the smart-ass that I am, I decided to go with Wyoming’s nickname for this post, but I had to look it up.  Imagine my surprise that it was a pretty nice one.  Wyoming was the first state to grant women the right to vote, serve on juries, and hold public office—in 1869, no less.  Women made a big difference in everyday life in the rugged history of the state, so it was only fitting that they have a say in its running.  All that is to say that we went to an estate sale in Cheyenne, WY a couple of weeks ago.  Cheyenne is closer to where we live in CO than our own state capital of Denver, so this is not as crazy as it sounds.  The sale looked good, and Deb was up for it, so off we went.

We were able to see some things on the estate sale company’s ad, but there was ever so much more.  So much so, that we will be doing two posts just on this sale!  We got there in plenty of time to talk to a few folks beforehand.  The majority of the people waiting for the sale were much younger than the average estate sale attendee in CO.  Wonder why?  Anyway, not too many people, considering the scope of the sale, and we didn’t see a soul who had come up from CO.  Yippee, more for us.

When we stepped into the house, it looked like time had stopped at the ’70s.  Deb has a couple more house pix for next week, but let’s take a look at the sun-room:

That fountain was a sight to behold, and I don’t think I have ever seen so many plastic flowers in one place in my recent life!

Notice the pile of them off to the left of the amazing plant stand.  There were many more than that, too.  What doesn’t show in the photos is the 1970s style fireplace that was on the back wall of this room.  You could cozy up in front of the fire, and get your pseudo Roman fountain kick at the same time.  The rolled-up rug in the second photo was priced at $1300, and that sort of set the tone of the whole sale, leaving many of those WY cow-folks to take a quick look around and exit the sale.  But, being the crazy women we are, we kept digging for the deals.

They weren’t here:

I collect Dragon Ware, but I wasn’t tempted by the $135 price tag.  No one else was either, but I liked it.

Nor were the bargains here:

I love beaded bags, and these were some doozies, but at $300 to $400 or more, we sighed and left them be.  We headed into one of the bedrooms and found some reasonably priced ones:

We each snagged a couple from here.  I picked up a late Victorian one just because I don’t own a bag from the 1880s and for $3.00 how can you go wrong?  So there was a chance for us and we plowed on.

A little drooling followed:

I have wanted one of these since I was seven!  A 1959 Triumph TR3.  I can prove I have wanted one that long; here is a pic of my toys:

I’ve had the red one since I was a kid, and always said I was going to have a car just like that when I grew up.  I think I meant the toy one.  Actually, I do own one of these, it is just in like a million pieces and has been for 30 years.  I like the whole one better.  At 35 grand, it was not coming home with me, but I did make slobber marks all over it.

The main thrust of the whole sale was an AMAZING vintage clothes collection.  There were pieces like this all over the house:

Late Victorian dresses, coats, gloves and shoes, flapper dresses in multiples, groovy ’60s stuff scattered about; check out these boots:

If I could have gotten them on my fat feet, I might have purchased them, just to say I owned them!  Imagine the looks on people’s faces when I showed up at the grocery store in them!

We have never seen so many ties in one place:

Each of those hangers had hundreds on them, and the boxes below had even more!  I was overwhelmed just looking at them, and sort of passed them by.  There were lots still there on the second day, so I think it got others the same way.

This was by far one of our favorite pieces:

A late 1920’s ladies sports uniform.  Isn’t it just adorable?  I can’t imagine too many of these surviving, so it was fun to see.  Guess she was benched most of the time!

We did each come home with a pile of stuff.  Here is my day one gleanings:

The Yard of Kittens is in abysmal shape, but for the $12.00 they had on it, I am going to give a go at cleaning it.  Hats were only $6.00 each, so I bought two.  The fabulous ’40s one on the left and the black Victorian one with the long ribbon ties in the middle.  (I wore the ’40s one around the house for most of the sale, as I didn’t want to carry it; I looked marvelous!) The black teddy is from the 1920’s and has never been worn.  There is some lace, and beaded trim, an incredible blue ostrich feather, and a cool double layer sewing basket, some fabric, and the purses we could afford.  The Victorian one is in the front with the long tassel.  I think there might have been a couple more things, but I lost track of what I purchased on each day, as I was a nut and went back:

The second day included a flapper dress I could afford (the blue and yellow one on the left), more bags, an amazing baby dress, a Victorian man’s vest, a Victorian lady’s jacket with cut steel buttons and beading, a pink petticoat that is stunning, some late ’40s underwear (top left on the petticoat, it is a dress shield holder, how funny is that?) and more things that I have already dispersed around the house.  Deb would have been back the second day too, but she was leaving for Texas!

All in all, we had a great time.  Some of the excess is already listed in my Etsy shop, so if this is your kind of thing, please visit and watch in the next few weeks as more items get put up.  I have to sell some things, just to make up for what I kept!  Stay tuned next week, for Deb’s post on the sale and her hoard of purchases.

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2 Responses to The Equality State Sale

  1. romitazz says:

    Oh Wow!!! What a fantastic sale – wish I could find something like that here in Calgary!! What a walk through the centuries – and you got some really beautiful things 🙂 Can’t wait to see what Deb got and more pics from this great sale. This is one of those sales where I’d wish I had lots of cash and oodles of room to display.

    • kathy & deb says:

      It was like walking through a mini clothing museum! We have NEVER went to a sale like this one, and that’s about 70 years combined of estate saling. So, I feel pretty comfortable saying it was a once-in-a-lifetime sale. I’m sure yours is out there somewhere. And you’re right about a ton of cash; things weren’t exactly cheap, but they were rare enough that it was worth the price, to a point. So glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for letting us know! Hugs.

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