Kathy and Deb’s Excellent Adventure, Part 2

As you recall, we took a break from all of our fun shopping to have lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant, Taj Mahal.  Then we headed out to yet another estate sale near where I live, so I knew right were it was.  This one was being done by the family, so was hit or miss on items.  We found a fun toy, and one of the boys (I say this, but he was probably 60) was showing us how it worked, and fell in love with it all over again and took it with him.  We were tickled.  As much as we like something, it is more important that the memory stays with those that loved the owner.  Anyway, I found a couple of odd things:

The pattern was a mail order one, but I love doll patterns of all sorts.  The drop was probably off a necklace from the ’20s, but the end of it is all that’s left.  It’s amber and purple glass and will look pretty in a window.  The box was fairly shot, but it was elegant in its day.  I will probably take the “leather” off and redo the wood.  It’s not worth anything as is, so no loss.  Here is a pic of the inside:

Not sure what it once held, but it was fancy!

Deb snagged a couple of things from the free pile here.  Nothing special, but a new bird feeder that she needed, so her little tweety birds will be grateful.  As we were on such a roll, we decided to head over to our local crafting reuse center, as we hadn’t been there for a couple of weeks, and wow, that was good too.  Deb found all this:

A sugar skull stamp, some fun buttons, a needle book, some tiny clay pots, and an ENTIRE box of carbon paper!  OK, we are going to split the carbon paper, and we now will BOTH own a lifetime supply.  It’s hard to find when you need it, so we will be all set.  Anybody needing some carbon paper now knows who to call.

We have an update on the box of carbon paper.  While dividing the box up, Deb discovered some really nice vellum, typing paper, and this:


What the what?  It’s the real deal as the seal is embossed and the paper is heavy stock.  Now, what can we do with this?  Watch out friends from Wyoming; you might just be getting a letter from the Supreme Court!

I found all this:

A lovely selection of vintage crochet hooks and knitting needles plus a darning egg, a cool book on collecting handbags (that was in the free box!) a local Colorado postcard, and a handful of misc. jewelry stuff that cost me a whole quarter.  There are two dress clips, some old glass cameos, an ivory chrysanthemum, and a couple of old charms there.  Here is a closeup:

We finally called it a day and headed home about 2:30 p.m.  I would end the story here, but hubby and I went out the next day, and did pretty well too, so thought I would tack it on the end and get it all out of my system.

We went back for the half-price day at the first estate sale and I picked up a few more things:

A couple more pieces of fabric, the little German wooden place card holder, and the tiny toy tea set that he charged me all of a dollar for.  I would have picked it up the first day, but it didn’t have a price.  I like the second day price better.

Hit some other random garage sales and found a few things:

The cookie cutter set is by Wilton, and I have never seen some of the shapes.  The huge set of jewelry is Trifari, and I will be making myself crazy for the next few weeks replacing pearls in it, but oh well.  The candle set is cute as can be and comes with its original box.  Santa and Mrs. Claus still even have their little paper banners!

We also went to one last sale, after our Saturday lunch.  It was in a neighborhood we rarely go to as it’s a long way out and they usually don’t have much.  I just told hubby the pix looked good, so off we went.  Yep, it was good:

I have always wanted a German chocolate mold, and here I found two!  A bunny and a chicken can now live with me.  The ice pick is Coca-Cola, and the needle books are full.  Deb will get the local one, and I will sell the other, as I know she has it.  Grabbed a whole bundle of swizzle sticks just to get the one good one, but it was only a quarter, so it’s all good.

Whew, we probably used every last bit of our thrifting, garage sale luck, but what a weekend!  What have you found lately?  Drop us a line, send a pic, and we will share your good luck, too!

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