You’re Nobunny Till Somebunny Loves You

[Sorry about the publishing blip; I swear that I didn’t touch the publish button.  I blame WordPress for this one because it was only the first sentence.  I hope this isn’t an omen about the rest of the day.]

Now, onto our regularly scheduled post.

OMG, we have bunches of bunnies for you this week.  Of course it’s the Easter post, but it seems more bunny-rific than usual.  With this many rabbits, it can’t be all bad, can it?

Well, maybe not all bad, but there’s enough sadness in this post to make up for any accidentally good things.  Take Daddy Longlegs here:

He was okay, not great, until they got to the legs.  What in the heck is going on with those stems?  I would be surprised if those things didn’t just snap the first time he tries to hop!  No way is the Easter Bunny going to bounce and deliver a bunch of eggs using those gams.  Maybe he can harness up some chicks and ride on his appointed rounds.

The little bunny on the basket is pretty cute.  What can we say about his friend?

He looks like the kind of bunny that would sit under a big juniper bush and eat all of the Easter candy he was supposed to deliver, and then take a long, long nap!  He looks sweet and cuddly, but think about how he got all roly-poly.  It wasn’t eating carrots and grass, was it?

We seem to pick on plastic canvas stuff quite often:

Well, it’s not the worst thing in the post, and I kind of like the lettering; it’s obvious that they worked hard on it.  The bunny is pretty sweet and cute in his basket with the eggs.  I think it’s the basket itself that I’m not wild about.  That periwinkle color, unrelieved by any detail, is hard on my eyes.  A plain pastel basket, with a few details stitched in, would have moved this right over to the good column, a rare happening in this blog.

I want to like this rabbit, I do:

I think the rabbit itself is just fine, it’s the clothes that I’m having trouble with.  It’s just a little too harlequinesque for me.  When we’re looking at harlequins, I know that clowns are just around the corner!  I like my bunnies wearing bib overalls, a cute sundress, things along that line.  Keep away from clown territory!

We saw this bunny at the Las Vegas Savers last summer:

He is the epitome of Vegas glitz with the reflective silver skin and splashy clothing.  He’s a good two feet tall, too, so he’s not going to disappear on a shelf full of Easter eggs and baskets, either.  If you drag this home, you had better be in love with him!  I would rather have the fuzzy bunny basket next to silver bunny—useful, not over the top, and easy to store!

This was in the Easter decor, but we’re not sure it belongs there:

However, I can imagine this is the Easter Bunny, the night before Easter, trying to figure out how many eggs he needs.  Better break out the boiling water and the PAAS kits, son!

Let’s take a bunny break and take a peep at a chick:

We laughed at this, the weirdest Peep ever seen.  The way she’s looking at us is pretty funny, but those legs put it right over the top!  After moving to the side, we noticed that someone had put a Peep toy on top of another thing that had houndstooth-patterned stockings and high heels.  It’s a great effect, and we appreciate a master at work.

We both loved these, but again, what were they doing in the Easter aisle?

Also, if you think a cute box of chicks is going to cut it in my Easter basket, you’ve got another think coming, as my dear M-I-L used to say.

We have another craft failure to document:

We think it’s an Easter wreath given the egg at the bottom.  How burlap, a feather boa, and butterflies tie into the theme is puzzling, to put it mildly.  This looks like something a person who was hosting Easter dinner, who had five whole minutes to decorate, would make.  I think a blooming Easter lily would have served them better, and they could plant it outside afterwards.  Time to rip that boa off, give it to the nearest little girl, and start over.

One last nonbunny to look at, and it’s a cutie:

This duck-rabbit hybrid, is ever so much cuter than the silver bunnies on the shelf.  Fluffy, confident, and adorable is all it takes to carry off bunny ears.  I kind of like the cottontail sign behind the ducks, too.

I kind of like the worried mouse, squirrel, woodchuck, on the left:

He knows he’s not a rabbit and is concerned that no one is going to buy it.  Good self-awareness there, and it buys you a lot of forgiveness.  That snow globe shake-them-up on the right, however, is just wrong!  That giant of a mother doesn’t look like a bunny; I think she might be a horse.  She is pretty scary looking and I don’t blame the baby bears for not turning around behind them to see the monster behind you.  It certainly isn’t Traditional despite what the box says.

It wouldn’t be one of our Easter posts without an angry rabbit:

This one really has a mad on; that is a thousand-mile glare!  I’m not sure why the chocolate bunny next to him has been rendered in Mexican pottery.  Surely he should be brown, or really any color other than gray.  Maybe that’s what the white rabbit is mad about.

Finally, since it’s a holiday, we’ll end on something cute:

Someone’s little pottery project came out pretty sweet.  I would be happy to use this as  spoon-rest, or even propped up against my Easter tree, if I had one. (Kathy here: I did bring it home, as I have a super soft spot for bunnies, and it sits on my counter and makes me smile!)

That’s it for this holiday.  We wish you all a wonderful Easter.  Hope you can celebrate it with those who mean the most to you.


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4 Responses to You’re Nobunny Till Somebunny Loves You

  1. Stephanie Gazell says:

    Loved the fluffy duck-rabbits and the grey bunny! Have a lovely holiday, ladies!

  2. The little plate is a Hadley—I believe she is dead and her pieces are quite collectible!

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