Happy Days Are Here Again

What are we happy about, you ask?  We have been visiting the Goodwill backroom bins, and they are FUN again.  They have all sorts of things in them, not just clothes, and they still have the same pricing, 99¢ per item.  They have tightened up on how they count things, though.  It used to be that we could talk them into counting a set of napkins as one item.  That’s not true any longer, and you have to pay for four items if you buy a set of sheets and pillowcases.  It’s still a pretty screaming deal, so we aren’t bitchin’ too much.  I’m also happy that we can take lots of really bad pictures back there.  Sometimes the pickin’s are pretty slim at the thrifts when we’re looking for blog fodder.  The Goodwill bins are just chock-full of terrible things, as well as a few good things.

For instance, here is a terrible bin thingie:

Is it a flower pot? A wastebasket?  A waste of time?  You tell us.  Why anyone thought pieces of stone glued to moss would be decorative is beyond me.  Totally agree with the decision to throw it in the bins.  It might even make it out alive; you wouldn’t believe what folks fill their carts up with!

Here is a bin treasure that I found last week:

This is a 1925 print called Lone Wolf in a vintage frame.  It’s a cool print, and I really liked the frame—that’s what caught my eye initially.  If you’re interested, I have it listed in my Etsy store.  Someone had moved it to the side of a big bin, near the top, which is why the glass was still intact.  We try to do that too, if we come across something vintage and breakable.  Or, we just rescue it and put it in our cart.

Looking through our picture library, I came across this pic from last year:

We didn’t understand what the maker was going for, with this pair of weird resin zebras.  Why not make them black and white instead of zombie gray?  The picture is a little confusing because of whatever is behind the zebras.  It makes it look like the little one’s mane is a bronze color, but it’s not.  Speaking of the little one, it seems off, like one of those miniature horses can look.  The body is about 2/3 of the full-sized zebra, with lots of muscles, but the legs are pretty stubby.  Maybe this little zebra is more like a corgi, not a miniature horse.  Oh gosh, now I’ve slandered corgis, some of the cutest dogs out there.

OMG, this poor clock obviously welcomed every animal it could lay its mitts on :

It’s definitely from the country kitchen age of decoration with the geese, the hearts, and that specific color of blue (sorry kitty!).  As Kathy says, “It has one of everything but taste” and I can’t argue.  I’m not sure that it wouldn’t be better to try and tell time with a sundial than to bring this into your house.

This sign made us laugh:

You would be lucky to keep calm with all that going on!  It reminded me of James Bond or some other impassive British hero.  Everything is going to hell around them, but they keep their cool and soldier on.  This would be a great sign to use in a zombie apocalypse movie.

It was hard to get a good picture of this, with how tall it was:

I think it was about three feet tall, with only one leaf on that giant stalk.  The flower isn’t anything to write home about, either.  The flower looks like it was made from something organic that was pressed into sheets (think corn husk dolls) or some thick paper.  If they had used more than one color in the flower and had decreased the size by 75%, it might not be terrible, but still not terribly useful.  With all the cold weather we’ve had, it would probably be good kindling, which is at least practical.  Plus, I wouldn’t be thinking about “Little Shop of Horrors” right now!

This fits right in with the horror film discussion:

Seriously, WHERE IS THE REST OF THE BABY???  I was all by myself when I saw this.  I stood there transfixed with disgust, wondering what was going on, and why weren’t people as horrified as I was.  It was still there the next week, but gone the third.  Do you think that someone might have bought it for making baby mittens and booties?  That’s what I’m telling myself.

We deserve something good after that:

This divided dish, used for feeding kids, has fun exotic graphics.  You could keep the food warm by adding hot water in the hole at the top, or conversely, keep things cold with iced water.  I can’t read the impression on the back, but Mar 1947 is as clear as day.  We didn’t buy it at $8, but I’m sure someone snagged it on half-off day.

My apologies to all cats and cat fanciers:

Why is this still around from the 1980s?  I made several of those hoop pictures with a ruffle around the outside, but NONE of them were this bad!  Even sequins couldn’t save this piece of crafty twaddle.  I guess it would could be fun for a white elephant gift.  I used to love bringing the most outrageous stuff that people couldn’t wait to trade away.

We are getting antsy for spring and garage sales.  It’s been snowy and cold lately, but good times are just around the corner.

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