If I Could Talk to the Animals

I need to be smarter about my procrastination!  I waited until the last minute to write my post, and then the internet is down—duh!  Thankfully, it’s up and I’m making hay while the sun shines to get ’er done, to mix my metaphors.

First off, let me brag on Kathy; she won’t do it herself.  She has taught herself to needle felt and made me a miniature of my dog, Koko:

She knitted the pink hat, too.  She has tons of talent and uses it for good.  The felt dog is very like the original, Kokopelli:

So glad my dollies get to have a snuggler for their very own.

Just as I was typing the “get to business” paragraph, Koko started barking like a fool.  Got up to look out the window, and this is what got his dander up:


The nerve of that doe, to push my bird feeder while looking right at me!  This is why I didn’t fill it last night before the snow.  Three licks with those big tongues, and a quart of bird food is gone.  It is hard to resist those big eyes, though.  To top it off, the poor birds didn’t get much seed since my ginormous squirrel, Peter, pretty much emptied the whole thing.  Time to hang another feeder up in the trees.  And, for those who don’t know, I live about 250 feet from a four-lane main arterial road, and a quarter-mile from even a larger road.  The mule deer seem to navigate around those obstacles.

Okay, on to Second Hand Roses business!

There were a couple of extreme examples of vintage lamps that we saw in the last couple of weeks.  First up, this strange, but amazing pair:


The first things I saw, from the main aisle, were the silk shades.  It’s hard to minimize how fantastic they are.  We have never seen anything quite like them; they are probably custom-made for the lamps.  Then, the lamps themselves.  It’s hard to know where to begin!  At first I thought the figures near the top of the base with green bottom halves were some sort of angel mermaids, but now I don’t know:

Although, this isn’t the best angle, to be sure.  Now, I think they are just angels with their feet together.  I kind of feel that these might be from Italy, although Portugal or Spain are also a possibility.  The group of women on the body of the lamp, motionless, staring up, and some of them topless, is a puzzle.  I don’t think it’s a religious scene, but I’m not an expert.  Even though the decoration is strange, they are high quality with the brass stands that are also decorated.  For someone with a funky sense of decorating, $40 would buy you a lot of lamp(s)!  I was at ARC on Tuesday, and predictably, these lamps were gone.

This floor lamp was more to our taste:


It appears to have some age to it.  Those are rattan poles, I think, bound with brass-colored wire in three places.  It would have had another piece to support the shade.  I looked around on the internet, and couldn’t find anything quite like this.  A lot of similar type lamps had wicker or woven shades, which could be right.  The nice thing about this lamp is that you can fix it up, and put whatever kind of shade you like on it.

I saw this sign, and am completely confused:

Why are we siding with the bears?  I like bears, from a safe distance, but actually siccing them on someone seems wrong.  As far as sporting events, this seems a little too fancy and cutesy to take to football game.  Those aren’t Chicago Bears colors, although I think the Baylor Bears have some green.  Maybe, it’s a sign for The Bad News Bears?

Oh, this takes us back:

I was never a huge fan of Topaze perfume by Avon, but I think comparing it to skunk spray is a bit harsh.  What the heck, 1970s, smelling better than a skunk is a pretty low bar!  I wonder if the original owner wasn’t too fond of it either, since it’s still in its box?

Sorry cat people, but all the cats in this post are not that great.  First piece of evidence for the prosecution:

What is going on here?  I’m not sure why a cat would even dress so dowdily in the “good old days”.  Cats strike me more as clingily-dressed, come hither types, rather than the Victorian dowager duchess type.  It also makes me wonder who on earth would want to give this space in their house?  There are lots of super cute cat representations out there; my advice is to not settle for something like this!

We were looking at the dog plaque on the left:

It’s wooden, and carved pretty nicely.  We were wondering where it came from, when one of us casually glanced to the side and noticed that black and white monstrosity next to it.  We decided it was a cat, because, well, what else could it be?  I’m not sure that is a mirror at the top, but even if it were, well, that hardly makes up for the rest of it!

We have a couple of craft oddities to finish up with.  What would you make out of this?

That’s a tough color for anything but Chewbacca or Bigfoot and there isn’t anywhere enough fur for them.  It could be made into a goat or a dog, but the scale is all wrong for a small version, and again, there isn’t enough for something larger.  I guess I don’t have enough creativity to use this, but then again, neither did the original owner, or anyone who has passed this by in the thrift store.

These two things made us laugh:

The Star Wars crochet kit was a hoot.  It’s in a plastic bag, so we can’t tell you what was inside, although, in retrospect, we could have looked at the back cover.  This might be a fun kit for your little Jedi.  The dip and drape took us back to when people made figures from cheese cloth and watery plaster, or watered-down Elmer’s.  Dip ’N Drape looks a little neater, but I’m not sure if the end product is any better.  Plus, you’re left with those figures when you’re all finished, and that’s not a lot of incentive to even start.

Thanks for stopping by and giving us some of your time.  We are always looking for guest bloggers, ideas, or pictures from the peanut gallery.  Contact us if you’re interested.

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