Let’s Do The Time Warp

I gotta say, I am not a big fan of January, but as far as the month in general, it has not been too bad.  We had a lovely day last week when it rained all day, which is really crazy weather for Colorado this time of year.  Usually that would be a big old snowstorm and require loads of shoveling.  Any moisture that I don’t have to remove from my driveway is a VERY good thing.  Deb was still feeling under the weather last week from a cold she acquired while traveling, so we kind of cut our shopping short.  We skipped lunch, and headed for home, so it wasn’t as satisfactory as it could be, but anything to get out of the house.  Because we were out a limited time, I decided to go back in my archives and visit an estate sale that I went to with my husband last fall.

We walked up to the yard and saw this:

That is one fabulous Emperor’s bed.  It was shiny red and black lacquer, and actually was in pretty good shape.  I don’t know where you are going to find the black and red satin bedding to go with it, but I think it would be an absolute MUST if you owned this.  You will probably have to paint your bedroom red as well, but isn’t that a small sacrifice to feel so royal?

We stepped back in time to the living room:

I don’t know what Philistine put up that black floating shelf, but they should be shot.  I mean really, when you got it, flaunt it.  Go all out, embrace the ’60s.  Find yourself one of those couches that is about 14 feet long and really jazz up the room.  Maybe some of that extra-long shag carpet too.  There were too many things in the room to get a good pic of the fireplace, but it matched that California style ’60s look.  It was a very popular look in our town and a lot of homes were built with the local sandstone for fireplaces and stone cladding on the outside of the home.  Deb’s house is similar, but she missed the outrageous walls.

Oh course, you’ve got to know what color the bath would be:

Yep, pink it is.  I think the other baths in the home had been redone, but they kept this one.  I am not even too upset by the gray walls, but it sure needs some fabulous accessories to really get this going, but luckily, pink bathroom stuff is still not a rare breed.  Hope whoever purchased the house kept this, but probably not.  Sigh.

Of course, if you have the house, you need the furniture:

I have to admit that I think this is a terrible thing to do to a cedar chest.  Actually, I don’t think that there is even any reason to line it in cedar, as no self-respecting moth is going to have anything to do with stuff stored in something that ugly.  You would have to leave the chest open just to be able to live with it, and that sort of defeats the purpose.  There wasn’t a whole lot of furniture that fit the time period, so I think someone younger was trying to put their stamp on the house.  It was a curious mix of old and new.

Did spot these in the garage, though:

A whole orphanage of little waifs!  I have to admit to never getting the appeal of these.  I did have some “pity kitties” in my bedroom growing up, and I spent a lot of time feeling sorry for those poor felines living in the alley, but the little girl ones really didn’t turn me on.  Still don’t, and these weren’t flying off the walls, either.

This next item was not at the sale, but it sure could have been:

Is that about the cutest hot water bottle you have EVER seen?  OK, he might be a little disconcerting while flat, but I bet that he is much better filled up.  Even his backside was cute:

The rubber on this is so old and frail, that I wouldn’t ever try to use it, and what good is it just sitting around?  Still, if you were little and sick, this would be better than a plain one at making you feel just a tiny bit better.

I am apologizing in advance.  Just found these in my archives, and decided to use them, just to get them out of the way.  Sorry:

Unfortunately, they would fit in the house too, but I would like to think the original owners had more taste.  I have been trying to decide if the one in front has a clubfoot, or is he about to bean you with a soccer ball?  Either way, they are the stuff of nightmares!

Here’s hoping that Deb is feeling better, it doesn’t snow any time soon, and we will be getting back into our old routine.  More pix, more stories, and probably more clowns coming your way, but we will try to keep the last one to a minimum!

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