Today is Going to be a Great Day!

I’m not sure why, but a good friend gave me this calendar:

She also bought a couple more for herself and another friend.  We are going to share positive thoughts, and that seems like a good idea for 2019.  Today’s message was, “Make Someone’s Day”, which just might put a crimp in my snark!  Hey, that might be the “why”of the gift—just a little too much snark in my daily life?

I did have a wonderful time in Michigan with my sisters, their kids, and my brother.  I hadn’t had a family Christmas for far too long; not since my S-I-L and nephew braved the wicked winter and traveled from TX.  My sister needs to be careful about infections, since her illness several years ago.  Of course, B.H. caught a terrible cold that required a New Year’s Day visit to the local Urgent Care.  When I started to get sick, it was time to get out of Dodge and take our infected carcasses back the way we came.  I will not comment on the horridness of driving 1300 miles when you aren’t feeling great.  Thank you, non-drowsy cold medicines!  Time for another look at the calendar again after writing the last part of that paragraph!

I hope you can see this picture.  Enlarge it as needed:

If I were driving behind someone with that bumper sticker,  I would have to pass and give them a thumbs up.  Hopefully they aren’t standing in my way with their staff and sword!  That was an awesome scene, and finally made me aware of how powerful Gandalf really was.

With my new positive attitude, it looks like this post is mostly nice things that we saw at estate sales.  Amazing how that works when looking at pictures and deciding what to use:

We both loved this little rocker.  The designs on the back are so wonderfully done.  It’s not in half-bad condition for an old wicker chair.  It wasn’t overly large, so maybe even kids used it, or a small woman.  We don’t buy a lot of furniture, and what the heck would we do with a chair that neither of us could sit in?  $230 buys lots of dolls, jewelry, and other goodies.

Oh my, Art Deco design is one of my favorite things:

This Seth Thomas mantel clock was fantastic.  I loved everything about the shapes of those numbers and hands.  The clock case itself was pretty nice with an unusual shape and sort of a billowing curtain effect on the sides.  Again, I have useful clocks, and don’t need a mantel clock!  But, I did have to talk to myself, sternly.

This might be the cutest closet storage box in creation:

There wasn’t anything in it, so who knows what they used it for.  The graphics are what every little girl would love.  In fact, the box does look well-loved, and was in enough disrepair that we thought it probably wasn’t worth the price.  Just like the clock, it was great to see it, snap a picture, and move on.

Just what you need for your girl Friday:

A handy-dandy stenograph machine, with stand, case, pads, and manuals.  I can see Humphrey Bogart (Linus Larrabee) giving dictation to his secretary who would be glad to have such a machine.  I suppose that in Sabrina, we see Linus using a dictograph in his car on the way to his office.  Steno pads never seemed like a good idea, especially for novices trying to decode their smudgy messes.  I couldn’t ever get the hang of stenography, although we were quickly shown the basics in high school typing class.  That was one of the most useful classes I have ever taken, and I use touch typing to this day.

Kathy had quite a fight with herself about these:

They are for cookouts so you can prepare hamburgers, etc. to everyone’s taste.  Just stick the marker in the meat with the desired level of doneness showing.  I don’t think there was a side that said, “moo”, which is what my uncle always said.  They are quite silly, but having the box was nearly irresistible.

This was the table that the meat markers were sitting on:

It was pretty fun, all in itself.  I especially liked the plate at the back.  It had an abstract mid-century modern vibe.  I don’t think that it had some fabulous mark, but there were some great unmarked pieces made back then, too.  We didn’t think that the Fiesta teapot was vintage; I think the yellow was a deeper gold color back in the day.

The final estate sale find was something right in our wheelhouse:

A #1 Barbie with case and clothing for $1000?  Way too good to be true.  We wrestled with ourselves about this, but we finally told them that they were off.  They knew that #1 Barbies have holes in their feet, and this one didn’t, but maybe it was a #2?  We looked her over and decided that she was a #3 because she smelled like crayons.  #1 and #2s have those grey/white eyes that really look hand-painted, and this girl had blue eyes.  We also had to break it to him that $1000 was crazy talk and he should probably lower the price if he wanted to sell her.  This group is new to estate sales, and they have a lot to learn.  We have been disturbed by some of their tags being misleading; but they were eager to hear our reasoning and learn.  I didn’t go back to check if they had changed their tag and price. ( Kathy here, I did, and they had. )

Finally, while walking through a vintage mart, I had a million-dollar idea.  It was close to New Year’s, when everyone is making their resolutions.  I could introduce the ultimate diet safe for people who need to keep cookies, etc. around, but can’t keep out of them:

Take a look at the cookie jar in the bottom right!  I know!  Never, ever, would I try to take something out of this cookie jar.  It gave me the shudders from across the booth.  What in the heck were people thinking, putting their children’s cookies in that evil thing?  I’m sure I’m onto something big here and will be floating in cash!  Let Evil Mr. Chuckles guard your cookies and you will have no desire to snatch a few.

Thanks for coming by and visiting our blog.  If there is a topic that you would like Kathy and me to write about, please share.  You all know that we collect a ton of things, so we could probably scrape up a post on most anything!

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4 Responses to Today is Going to be a Great Day!

  1. Stephanie Gazell says:

    OMG that cookie jar is so incredibly creepy! I’d give up cookies forever if that were the only place I could get them!

    • kathy & deb says:

      I know! I would feel kind of bad if I ruined cookies for everyone trying to lose weight, but it would be successful!

  2. Oh… that mantel clock was fabulous. I think that just might have come home with me.

    • kathy & deb says:

      It was tough. Then B.H. told me that his family had the exact same clock while growing up and it was somewhere in his parent’s house! I could have had that clock if I had just known!

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