Time For The Winter Blahs

It’s that time of the year, at least for me.  The holidays are over, and I am faced with the insane task of taking down the overwhelming amount of Christmas decorations that I seem to feel the need to put up.  On top of that, it’s time to do inventory again at my mother’s bead store.  A week and a half of numbers flitting through your head is a sure recipe for boredom.  It’s been really cold; saw a minus six on our thermometer yesterday morning.  Deb is still visiting her sisters, which may be a blessing as she said she has a cold, and I really would rather not share that with her!  So, to combat the winter blues that have set in around here and perhaps at your house too, we have some crazy stuff to share.

Found a couple more leftovers in the pile.  This one is rather like that unidentified green stuff you find lodged in a Tupperware bowl at the back of the fridge.  Best thing to do is throw it out as fast as possible:

Seriously, who ever thought this was a good idea?  A Christmas goose soup tureen is about as useless as it gets.  I can’t think of a single recipe for a traditional Christmas soup, and this is going to look pretty silly filled with stuffing or green bean casserole. Add that to the enormous burden of trying to figure out how to store it the rest of the year, and it adds up to the huge question of who kept this thing that long, as it is probably from the ’80s.  I am guessing there is some crazy woman out there with more cupboard space than she knows what to do with, and this found its way to the back of a shelf and was never seen again till she moved.  Luckily, she came to her senses and donated it right after she found it.

We also spotted this disappointing late holiday item:

I was so bummed that it wasn’t big enough for Barbie to actually ride in.  They spoiled all the fun.  Now it’s just a big ole dust catcher.  As a person who has waaay too many houses, cars, horses, furniture etc. for my dolls, this was an easy miss, but you can bet I would have brought it home if it were the right size!  Whew, missed it.  We are also not real fond of the pseudo R.C. Gorman print in the background.  If you are going to buy Southwest art, please buy good stuff.  Leave the cheap prints alone.

This kind of cracked us up:

Unfortunately, we may also be speed bumps ourselves, but we would like to think of ourselves as worldly sophisticated bag ladies with thrift store tendencies.  Our husbands might agree.

If only she did windows:

It was hard not to get a chuckle of this little lady.  If I am remembering rightly about the sale we saw this at, she might have been the best thing in a whole house of mediocrity.  Gotta say, I love the peacock feathers in her duster.  If you hafta clean, why not be fabulous?  They might also have been trying to hide the hideousness of that chair she was sitting in, too.  Blech!

Here is another something that needs to hit the dumpster ASAP:

Count yourself lucky that the overly ruffled pink shades that probably graced this pair are missing.  We thought it odd that each lamp had a couple on it.  Often, the fella is on one and the gal on the other.  Not that a divorce would make them any more palatable, but it was odd.  Don’t you feel sorry for the man who was made to wake up to these each morning?  Bet there was a divorce in his life, too.  Hopefully just from the lamps, but you never know.

Here is a head-scratcher:

Yes, it’s a stick with a glove on the end.  No we don’t know why.  Here is a closeup in case that helps:

It was out and about here in the fall, so maybe something for Halloween, but why would your scarecrow need a hand with a stick that long?  And no, there weren’t signs of something attached to the other end.  Maybe it’s a paddle for a very lazy Grandma.  You know, disciplining with love from the easy chair.

We were also confused by this:

It’s kind of a creepy picture.  We do know it’s a bank, look:

But seriously folks, would you allow someone that shady-looking to take care of your hard-earned cash?  I bet he pockets those pennies and heads right for the race track.  He is just trying to fool you into thinking he might spend it on ingredients for a yummy pizza.  For God’s sake, just find a nice pink pig and let the porker take care of your shoe-shopping fund, or in our case, doll fund.

This is so culturally insensitive, but it still made us laugh:

It’s for covering a bottle; take a peek under the hat:

I would like to think the only reason that so many Mexican-style things show a guy sleeping under a sombrero, is that the climate is so comfortable and restful it makes everyone want a siesta.  Hey, who doesn’t love a nice little afternoon nap?  Yep, we are going to go with that one.

After all that questionable content, we are going with something cute:

How adorable is this?  Here is a quick snap of the inside:

If I remember right, this tin toy fridge was made by Wolverine who did so many wonderful tin toys in the ’40s,’50s, and ‘6os.  I had a toy stove by them that was a treasured plaything, but this would have been sheer pink perfection for any budding little gourmet.  I actually rather wanted it, but could think of no earthly excuse for buying it, plus I believe it was a little pricey, but oh so cute.  It would have probably sent me on a hunt for a matching pink stove!

We will end with a little something relaxing and zen:

They just scream mid-century, and really are not too badly done, so we are going to give them a moderate pass, and hope someone with a whole lot of ’50s kitsch took them home and placed them in a position of honor.  Deb resisted, and you should see her house. [Said the pot to the kettle!!]

Deb should be home and we will finally get back in the groove of shopping next week.  Whew, made it through another holiday season, and now there is nothing to look forward to but the long slog through winter, but garage sale season is coming, so we can tough it out!

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2 Responses to Time For The Winter Blahs

  1. Steph Gazell says:

    Happy New Year, ladies! :>)

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