Christmas Leftovers

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.  It’s time to sit back and relax and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.  Dinnertime is usually pretty easy for a couple of days with all the leftovers.  Well, that’s kind of what this post is—leftovers from the main courses of the last three weeks.  We have such a glut of bad Christmas finds throughout the year that we might as well use these pictures now.

I’m spending Christmas with my family and we had some fun decorating sweater cookies and having an ugly Christmas sweater cookie contest.  We all participated and have sworn an oath not to reveal who was responsible for which cookie.  The kids thought it was a lot of fun:

The entry on the right featured all ugly cookies.  I circled the sweater cookies, but, really, they’re all pretty bad.  I take it back, the Michigan cookie with a snowman isn’t bad, just lumpy.  The entry on the left features a stand made from a broken cookie and toothpicks, so we can appreciate the badness from more angles.  We made the sweater cookies by cutting out a sweater shape using card stock (Christine McConnell would be so proud).  We scoured the stores looking for a sweater cookie cutter, but they were sold out.

I couldn’t resist this vintage ornament:

Thank god it was only 50¢ so I don’t have to feel bad about spending money on Angry Santa!  If you want your kids to understand how naughty behavior makes Santa feel, you need to show them this mad face.  People were looking at me like I was crazy, but Kathy said she understood.  Probably just trying to make me feel normal.

Oh yeah, I recognize these decorations:

1970s gold velvet with some yellow thread/yarn hair and gold braid.  I’m so glad that they have cute faces so they aren’t a total fail.  I guess they could have been worse—avocado green velvet!

What the heck was Target thinking?


If we had found these in a thrift store, I might have accused some innocent knitter of making these.  I’m thinking that they will be remaindered since it doesn’t look like any of them sold.  I like mermaids (bottom right corner of left picture) but there seems to be a real possibility of a Janet Jackson Superbowl moment with those tube tops.

We adore tatting, usually:

I think the tree was pretty cool all by itself.  It could have been one of those little pillows, or make it a bit smaller and starch it to make an ornament.  What doesn’t work are those randomly placed red and white ovals, the ruffle, and the wooden hoop.  I think it started out okay, but then the tatter realized how many red and white embellishments would be needed and things got wonky and random.

We saw this at a garage sale:

It seems like a pretty lame kit.  If I read the label correctly, there is only one big white pompom in the package.  Flurrie is going to be a snowman head, kind of like what they did in Futurama with the heads of presidents and celebrities.  At least he won’t need a jar full of liquid or fish food flakes.

Oh goodness, why don’t we call this, “Christmas in a jar”?

That little tree looks like they swiped it out of a fish tank.  It’s not a color I usually associate with evergreens.  I’m not sure why they just didn’t take the lid off this jar, empty it into the nearest trash receptacle, and then you would have a nice jar and the world would be a better place.

What a lovely little box of homemade ornaments:

Too bad we don’t have an official sarcasm font; life would be much easier.  There are several yarn thingies that should just be unraveled and knitted into Rudolf nose protectors.  Don’t laugh, our school bus driver did that for us in grade school, and they were very handy come January in Michigan.  The Styrofoam egg cage ornament probably has a dove inside it.  B.H. and I looked at the picture for quite a while before we decided that it couldn’t have been an angel since you would never put an angel in a cage.  Nothing says quality photography like not being able to tell if something is a dove or an angel.

We were so happy to find this holiday purse:

It’s a Christmas “Faces in Places” purse, something we have never encountered before.  The only bad thing is that it’s a fairly stressed face, which actually seems quite normal at this time of the year.

Well, that’s it for this holiday season.  We wish you all a Happy New Year full of great shopping, much laughter, and good health.

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4 Responses to Christmas Leftovers

  1. OSS says:

    Nothing like ending the year on a high note! Or is that a low note (the red angry alien Santa)? Or, maybe some folks are just HIGH? bahahahahaaaaaa Love you ladies! Happy New Year! – Dawn

  2. sandi magle says:

    Ha, ha, you crack me up!

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