Kathy and Deb Can’t Stop Finding Weird Stuff!

You know it’s a good post when there are pictures of bad Seventies linens, crafts, and seashells.  It’s like we’re singing a top ten Second Hand Roses hit.  The good news is that this stuff is at the thrift stores, so even the owners know it isn’t good now.  Was it ever?  That question is still up for debate.

We saw this bust, and something was off:

It took a glance or two for us to notice that someone applied false eyelashes to this otherwise boring young lady.  You know it’s good art when the piece can bat its eyelashes at you!  This is one of those times where you wish people wrote the story of the item on its base.  We’re guessing avant-garde art project, or kids messing with their mom.  I guess it could have been decorating one of those clothing stores that repel women of a certain age; they don’t get us, and we don’t get them!

This is a meme that had been played out well over twenty years ago:

 Even the see-no-evil … trope featuring elephants isn’t all that interesting any more.  Plus, we all know this kind of head in the sand approach to life doesn’t work any more.  Ignoring evil doesn’t make it go away!  You will just go viral standing there with your hands over your eyes.

We advertised craft projects, and we will deliver:

I’m not sure what this was used for.  It was pretty big, more than two feet tall, with ugly gold fringe and a rod at the top with a rope hanging from it.  I don’t see how this could roll up, or really why you would want to do that, so what’s the rope for?  I would hang this over a window that looked out at my nudist neighbor’s bathroom window—that would improve the view.  It might work as a photography backdrop for fashion dolls, if you removed that butt-ugly trim at the bottom.

My question to the maker would be, “Why do you hate cats?”:

It’s gone the route of minimal effort=minimal outcome, and I can embrace that.  Why did they go against their first impulse and try to “fix” it with bead and sequin eyes, and white stitching around the edges?  This was never useful (pretty sure it would melt if introduced to the mildest of heats) and it isn’t decorative either, despite the optimistic hanger at the top.  You could probably slide it into a shoe to keep your foot warm.

This flower craft amused us:


If you were trying to decorate for a wedding on a budget, you could do worse than making plastic spoon flowers.  They even used a Cheerios box as the backing.  My only quibble would be spray-painting it a better color.  I might be tempted to use it for a candle holder instead of curled ribbon.  That pink was kind of a lazy fail.

I think we have seen that owl clock somewhere:

Do you suppose that there could be two such shell owls in our town?  I would hate to think that so much bad taste exists in an otherwise admirable place.  The duck is pretty funny, too.  I think that they should form a support group (a shelf-help group?) and collect other bad animal decor to live near them.  If it got too bad, we probably wouldn’t even look that way out of self-preservation and they could live happily together raising each others’ battered self-esteem.  Seems like a plan; I’ll let them know the next time I’m at ARC.

Gosh, I hate to do this to you:

This abomination is a twin bedspread and pillow sham set.  If I knew who brought this in after using it on an innocent and trusting child, I would call CPS.  Those people are inhuman and I’m pretty sure that kid was always complaining about the monsters ON the bed.

We were wondering why anyone would keep this drab piece of pottery:


Turns out it was a decanter; the hat comes off.  And not just any old decanter; it was full of Ballantine’s whisky at one point.  The whisky must have been awesome, because they kept this sitting around the house for fifty years.  I have a feeling it might sit at the thrift store for fifty more if they want $24.99 for it.

After all of that, we owe you guys something good:

How about an old oak rocker with beautiful wood and lines.  I’m not sure that the upholstery fabric goes with the style of the rocker, but it doesn’t look too hard to recover.  An even bigger shock was that the price wasn’t insane, and this could be a wonderful and comfortable addition to someone’s nursery or living room.

We wanted to write a post about a cool sewing estate sale we went to a couple of weeks ago.  I just couldn’t get going on it, so Kathy will have to write it next week.  We even took pictures of what we dragged home, so be on the lookout for that post.

Enjoy the fall, y’all; winter is coming!

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