Say Boo and Scary On

We had our first taste of winter (kind of like the Hobbits have first breakfast) last week.  It snowed more than expected and we had sub-20° temperatures.  Now it’s back to fall; today was sunny and in the low 60s.  It was glorious day for raking and cleaning up which feels so satisfactory when you’re all done.  It’s almost reading season and I’m ready.

However, before cracking a book, I need to do the first Halloween post.  I’ve got mostly Halloween costumes and crafts while Kathy will be doing decor and leftovers.

A couple of months ago, we went into Joann’s, as we do, and were confronted with this wall o’ patterns:

There were lots of superhero costumes, video game characters, and princesses.  There are even some cool steampunky looking outfits.  Sort of like Kathy’s Psychodalek costume for the IFDC, which was a bear to make.  Along the same lines, if you asked someone to make the Dr. Strange costume (center, near bottom row), they had better love you a lot!  It looks pretty complicated:

That looks like a nightmare to make; especially the Benedict Cumberbatch version with all the belts and jewelry he wears in addition to the cloak.

Back to the original picture.  I especially appreciated a line of costumes on the right near the top, which appear to be female superheroes, but pin-up versions of them.

All of the previous patterns are better than this pattern set:

No, just no, unless you want to start saving now for the years of therapy your poor little tyke will need.  The history of clowns is unclear.  One school of thought maintains that evil clowns are a counter-culture reaction to sweet Bozo and Ronald McDonald.  Stephen King’s Pennywise, Heath Ledger’s Joker, Krusty the Clown from The Simpsons, and Homey D. Clown from In Living Color are some examples of scary or bad clowns that changed people’s perceptions.  Another school of thought says that clowns have always had two sides.  For every sweet clown, there’s a Punch, the British puppet that hits his partner, Judy, with a stick.  The Telegraph has a more scholarly look at clowns in this article.  I find the fact that there are such wide reactions to clowns, or fools, fascinating.

We saw this at a garage sale this summer:

It’s so ghoulish that we didn’t even remove it from the box to check it out.  I think it would be perfect hanging in a haunted house looking down at something that would scare your pants off.

We’re not quite sure what the point of a mini hat is:

I understand that people dress up like the police for Halloween, or fun, quite often.  How would a mini chapeau be useful for an adult costume?  I guess that if you’re dressing a kid, a tiny hat would be okay, but most kids seem able to wear bigger hats pretty well, and this one is too small for anyone over three feet tall.  We mostly took a picture of it for our editor, who has a thing for “Tiny Hats”.  He even made a tag for the tiny hats that he finds in our posts.

We have a couple of craft finds:

We really liked the Frankenstein flower pot.  It’s all over Pinterest, but this is a pretty nice version.  Maybe they could have painted some hair, but that’s really a tiny quibble.  It would be cute full of candy or nuts.  Usually, Halloween crafts make us run for the hills.  The pumpkin is pretty fun, too.  I hope there is room for a tea light inside.

This is a more usual Halloween craft project:

I think it kind of looks like the actor, Wallace Shawn, from Young Sheldon, My Dinner with Andre, and The Princess Bride.  That’s a very strange expression for a jack o’lantern to have, and let’s not even look at the eyebrows!  Why would you want to make this unless you had a kilo of pumpkin orange yarn and didn’t have the nerve to use it for a vest.

After inflicting clowns and bad crafts on you, let’s end on something fun:

I was at Target and couldn’t leave without looking at the Halloween goodies.  Both the cat and the dogs were amusing.  I was tempted by the corgi, but it was $35 and then I would have to store it.  The dachshund was fun too, but they didn’t have one open, so the corgi won!

Stay tuned next week for the second of our Halloween posts.  We are on the lookout for Halloween goodies all year round because it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

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