Borrowed Time

Mother Nature decided to give a tiny taste of winter this week.  Just a bit of snow to show she still knows how.  Made us run to the gardens, pick those last tomatoes, and cover the squash in hopes of a couple more weeks.  And it scared most garage sales away!  Last weekend there were slim pickings for sales, so we know we are on borrowed time.  Soon there will be nothing but estate sales and thrift stores to give us our thrills.  Luckily, we are easily amused.  Give us some fun stuff to look at and make sure we get our lunch afterwards, and we are in hog heaven.  Gosh, we are easy!

Of course,  this doesn’t mean we will be even less snarky about things, and who could blame us when you see this:

Oh, my word, that is about the most hideous thing I have seen in ages.  We love dolls, honest, we do, but the fashion for crappy porcelain dolls marketed as “collector” dolls has got to stop.  Nobody really likes them; we can tell by the gazillions of them on the thrift store shelves, so STOP already.  Take all that money you would spend on 20 of these pieces of crap and buy ONE really nice doll.  Don’t care if it’s an antique one, or a fashion doll or what, but don’t fall for the “collector” label and whatever you do, don’t buy this body-less floating head blonde she-devil.

After that, we needed a pick-me-up:

This about did it.  The only way it could be better was if had been filled with the aforementioned cocktails.  There is even one blonde and one brunette. We think they snuck around and took our photos just to use on that glass!  If you believe that, we have a really nice bridge for sale.

After the cool glass, we saw this:

Like we really need any help or fakery to cause this kind of mess?  The two of us should probably never be let loose anywhere, as we can drop, bump, trip, fall, or mangle at the drop of a hat.  Add that to forgetting stuff and we are pretty darn hopeless.  Sometimes I think it takes both of us to make one semi-normal human being.  Good thing our hubbies love us just the same.

Occasionally, the thrift store should just loosen a pin in the shelf and let it all come crashing down:

There really wasn’t much of anything worth saving, but the one with the arrow pointing to it is particularly heinous.  E.T. phone home?  Any self-respecting plant that had the misfortune to be plopped in there would wither and die just out of self-defense.  The thing makes me depressed just looking at it again!  Not that the mob-capped planter hanging out beside it is much better.  Yes, an earthquake would be the kindest solution.  Too bad that we don’t have many of those in Colorado.

Deb kind of likes Staffordshire dogs.  This is so NOT one:

He looks pretty surprised that we would even question his authenticity.  “Moi?  A Fake?  No, it can’t be.”  He might be kind of cute in a super kitschy way, if it weren’t for that big brown blob on his back masquerading as a tail.  All I can say, is thank goodness there wasn’t a pair of them!

Now we have a few leftover garage sale finds.  We did like this sculpture:

I don’t know if it is popular in other parts of the country, but we see a lot of chainsaw art around here.  Mostly, it is bears and raccoons, so this big old hawk was a nice change of pace.  I say if your tree dies, make lemonade … or a hawk.  It sure made a nice focal point in a pretty garden.

On the other hand, not sure you want this as a focal point anywhere:

We were thinking “wow, that is quite the light fixture” then we noticed that we might have been missing the whole effect, as the bottom piece was over to the side:

Put ’em together, and you have quite the bling-encrusted chandelier.  I’m thinking it might be right at home in your average brothel, or basement gaming room with hints of Vegas nightlife as a theme.  What do you think they replaced it with?  The mind boggles.

Guess I should end up with one more cute thing, as we all need a lift for our spirits these days:

How darling are the decals on this old high chair?  You really can’t help but smile when you see these.  To be honest, this is a whole lot nicer than the new ones, so I hope some young mother took it home and it made her smile every time that rotten little kid threw his Cheerios on the floor.  Something has to make it better!

Halloween is coming, so get ready for some scary posts!  Oh wait, we do that every week, don’t we?

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4 Responses to Borrowed Time

  1. Sandi Magle says:

    Fun stuff, love the hawk, and my own high chair was the one you showed complete with decal. Circa 1948. The same decal series was on a dresser and a crib. My mom kept everything for YEARS.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Well, we were wondering the era of those decals–they used them for quite a long time. We agree that it would be hard to throw out, so sympathy to your Mom! Thanks for telling us about the high chair.

  2. Stephanie Gazell says:

    That hawk is awesome! He’s standing a bit like Teddy Roosevelt, somehow. “Bully!” Yes, I’m showing my age. *sigh* Also love the gals-shopping glass and hope you bought it!

    • kathy & deb says:

      We thought Mr. Hawk was pretty cool. Those legs don’t look to bird-like to me, but that’s a small quibble. We didn’t buy that glass, but we should of; it was too funny. We will have to look for two of them.

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