Leaves are Falling and Autumn is Calling

Well, we’re finally to my favorite time of the year—fall!  I didn’t think we were going to get one since it was 90°F just a week ago.  Sometimes in northern Colorado we go right from summer to winter, and then loop back to fall again.  We’re scheduled for a freeze early next week, and that’s fine with me.  The summer flowers are holding on, if you don’t look at them too closely.  There are still a few apples on my tree that I need to pick, but after that, I’m ready to let go.

My dog, Koko, and I walked around The Ponds Natural Area today.  I was hoping to see some nice fall colors, such as they are here.  These are the best that I saw:


There is still a lot of green out there.  Maybe the cold snap that’s coming will convince the leaves that they need to change now, before they just fall off.  The picture on the right made me smile.  You just can’t predict how plants are going to grow.  The cottonwood trees (a type of poplar that is native here) have the usual yellow leaves on the right side of the trail and green on the left.  They’re only about five feet apart, and yet look so different.

The other thing I noticed is that the Canada geese are gathering and getting ready to leave for warmer climes:

There was a pretty big flock floating on the pond below.  It’s kind of odd how some of the geese leave, and others stay for the whole winter.  Probably just as well, since there wouldn’t be enough for them to eat if they all stayed.

We’re still catching up on pictures from the summer.  It might take us a while since it looks like we might have enough pictures for two Halloween posts, or one big one.  We have some doozies.

We were laughing at the Klompen on the left, when we found another pair in the right picture:


These are the real wear-them-in-the-garden klompen that still don’t look all that comfortable to me.  I would love to have a pair for wearing and stomping (or klomping) along to the Swedish Chef song from the Muppets.  For some reason, that’s the song I think of when I think about clogging; sorry, clogging fans!

The real story in these pictures is that outrageous pair of wedges with the open toe.  I haven’t seen anything quite like them.  I can’t read the label inside the shoe, so no idea what they are.  But, if you’re going to wear them, you had better paint those toenails red.

From the color and style, this looks like a baby’s dress:

But, it’s adult-sized and so weird.  Why would you want a crochet top, it wasn’t long enough for a dress, with such short sleeves?  It was pretty darn heavy, so I’m assuming it would also be hot.  It isn’t a bed jacket, and you might strangle yourself sleeping with those pompom ties.  Maybe it was a Halloween costume for someone who wanted to be a baby.  You could wear a big diaper with plastic pants under there and look pretty authentic.

I hope this is a learn-to-knit kit:

Otherwise, why would you want to knit a ninja?  They must have picked ninja solely for the alliteration.  We saw a super first knitting kit where you knit a coat for a dog and of course there’s always the old standby, the scarf.  Makes way more sense than this project.  Of course, the buyer did discover that since it’s at a thrift store in an unopened state.

I suppose this craft project works:


It’s a woven rug rolled up into a tube, with flowers and a loop of string to hang it.  I think that if you put handles on it, and didn’t close it into a tube, it might work for carrying firewood into the house and storing it.  Wouldn’t it be easier just to leave it lying on the porch by the front door?  You could even leave it decorated with flowers if it made you feel better.

This is so inexplicable:

Number one, the southwest thing is over, and even if you adore Georgia O’Keeffe, and we do, she would have pitched this faux cow skull out the door.  Number two, which this is, it’s freaking broken!!  The topmost horn is broken, and they still want $6 for it.  I understand that thrift stores are making money for their charities, except maybe Goodwill and their $712, 000 CEO, but this is ridiculous.  Good luck selling it, unless someone wants it for Halloween.

Wow, just wow:

Rarely does a mom deserve this, except for a Mommie Dearest.  This certainly is a passive-aggressive way to say Happy Mother’s Day.  Mom gets kudos for saving it for 40+ years.

Rarely do I regret NOT buying something:


I had a twinge of remorse for not buying this basket made from cards and pictures crocheted together.  Usually these are made from holiday cards.  I have one my grandma made and use it to store my Christmas cards in over the holidays.  I don’t remember ever seeing one like this.  It had a little something for pet lovers—so cute.  I just don’t have a place to display it.  I hope whoever bought it liked it as much as I did.

Oh, dear God, I hope that this is something a person made, and not a product of a corporation:

I’m calling it a nightmare catcher; I can’t see it being interested in anything else.  And while the bald eagle is a Native American symbol, I’m not sure what the American flag is doing there.  This is so obnoxious that I’m surprised that one of us didn’t knock it off the shelf.  Just like shell “art” and souvenirs, I wish that dream catchers would just go back to being what they were originally.

Hope everyone keeps snug as a bug this weekend.  It isn’t going to be cold everywhere, but autumn is in the air!


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