Our Top Ten Favorite Finds … So Far

In honor of our 500th post, we’re sharing our all-time top ten finds and having a fabulous giveaway, to boot.  To enter the giveaway, post a comment here, on the Doll Divas link, or on the Second Hand Roses Facebook page.  We’ll announce the winner in the September 7th post.

I realized, as I started thinking about what I would share, that most of my top five fit into my major collecting categories, so that seems fitting.  All of them were bargains in one form or another, and all of them are things I see most every day as I move around the house.  First up is my favorite pin of all time:

When I say that, you have to understand that there are literally 100s if not 1000s of pieces of jewelry in this house.  I have two jewelry armoires, and discovered five boxes of jewelry left over from my antique store still stored in the basement.  That’s a whole lot of bling, but this piece consistently brings me joy.  I purchased it for the grand total of 10¢  when I was a junior in high school, and I wear it often.  I have had dealers follow me around antique shows trying to buy it from me.  It’s Victorian, it’s over an inch across,  it’s enamel on sterling, it’s a pansy, what’s not to love?

You know of our dedicated adoration for the pink princess, Barbie, and this pair of number 3 ponytails are a treasured part of my collection:

The blond was purchased at an estate sale for $100 at the height of the Barbie collecting craze, so I was thrilled with my deal.  The brunette was purchased as part of a collection that Deb and I went in on, and we managed to sell what we didn’t need for enough to cover the cost of the collection, so she was essentially free.

I rarely mention these, as I find so few of them, but I collect antique tiles.  I started with the older Victorian ones, but some newer ones creep in. When I say newer, I mean ’50s or ’60s, so not exactly imported from China new.  These are a couple of those “new” ones, but they make me smile a lot!

The cow is a favorite of both my husband and me.  I brought it home thinking that he would view it as silly, but he loved it as much as I do.  The cat, not so much, but I love that ’60s aesthetic look to the cat.  I have never paid more than a few bucks for any of the tiles I have, so I am sure these were a bargain, too.  They hang in my back hall where they are passed by multiple times a day.

This was another early find in hubby’s and my garage saling:

Found this lovely copy of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz with a dust jacket for a quarter at 10:00 a.m.  Who says the early bird gets the worm?  We were about done for the day, and stumbled on it.  It’s a favorite with hubby too, as he is proud of that buy.  They are hard to find in any condition, so this was great.

This last one may not fit exactly into a collecting category.  I was drawn to the wooden boxes filled with type, and had to find out what they were.  Then, because they were only $10.00, I brought it all home:

This is a vintage Kingsley hot press.  It is used to print gilded lettering on things.  They were originally used for gold lettering on pens, wallets, ribbons, napkins, announcements, etc.  I have spent about $130 getting enough stuff to make the thing work, but it performs great, and I see Barbie ribbons, Christmas cards, etc. in my future, plus you gotta admit the machine just looks cool!  The machines retail for over $600 on Evilbay, and you have no idea how much new ones go for, so it was a grand bargain.

Will turn it over to Deb now; read on, and don’t forget to look at the end to see our Grand Giveaway items.

Deb here: it’s so hard to chose only five, and we wanted to show you things that we haven’t shown you before.  I wasn’t totally successful with the new-to-you thing, but it’s been a long time since I’ve bought them, so maybe that counts.

It probably won’t surprise anyone that I love this china statue:


All those roses AND a dog—what’s not to love?  She was there at the later stages of an estate sale.  You could see that her previous owner loved her as not one of those roses  has a chip, let alone broken petal.  There is a beehive mark, but I haven’t been able to identify that it’s a Royal Vienna piece or not.  That beehive is actually an upside down shield, but don’t let that stop you from saying, “beehive mark” as that’s what everyone calls it.  I think her quality is excellent, so no matter who made her, she’s a winner.

I bought this screen at my neighbor’s garage sale.  She had two, and I only bought one, fool that I am:

Some crazy carpenter put all those small pieces of wood together by hand.  They move a little when you’re fooling with them, which is kind of scary.  My mom and I oiled it this spring to bring out the beauty of the walnut.  I have no idea what it costs to make this kind of screen, but it’s more than $10 I paid for it, and this is an actual mid-century modern piece.

This piano picture is a repeat from a number of years ago:

At least I’m giving you three items for the price of one.  I love the frame on that picture; the art itself is okay, especially as my husband plays the piano and his dad played the sax.  I found the sconces at the sides this year at a thrift store for $1.99 each, and I love their shape so much, that I don’t want candles in them to mess up the lines.  I also bought the fireplace screen at the bottom center of the picture at a garage sale for $150, which was a lot for me, but it’s wonderful.

I had been looking for a corner shelf for a while before stumbling across this one at a garage sale for $125:


It’s mahogany, and has interesting shaped supports between the shelves.  I have to say that they are an absolute booger to dust around.  The top three smaller shelves also have a scalloped lips that have a pattern cut into them.  It’s so fun to have a place to display all of my wonderful  finds.  I even pile boxes on the bottom shelf because I have sooo many.  On the third shelf, you can see the bronze fisherman I bought for $5 at a garage sale.  I had him appraised, and he’s from the late 1800s and worth much more than $5!

Finally, I bought this at an auction many, many years ago, for $35:


This other bidder wanted it too, but I was determined.  I had this appraised at a fundraiser for our local museum that was based on Antiques Roadshow.  You bought tickets, and local experts gave you some info about your find.  The appraiser said this was from the mid 19th century, probably before 1860 from the design, colors used, and shape.  I wondered if it were for a buffet as it isn’t very wide.  It’s in really good shape, and I’m very careful about sunlight and wear.  I want to leave it out because what’s the fun of owning something you can’t see every day?  BTW, the appraiser wanted to hire me as a picker for their shop, which was very flattering to a younger collector.

Okay, here are the giveaways, minus the swizzle sticks that Kathy is throwing in:

Most of everything is self-explanatory, but I wanted to tell you about a couple of things.  The Calico Kate’s cookbook is a northern Colorado thing.  She lived in Glen Haven, which is on the way to Estes Park, home of Rocky Mountain National Park.  Poor Glen Haven was just destroyed during the last big flood that damaged so much between here and Estes Park.  We both have several of her pamphlets, and they are cute and kitschy.  We might be proudest of the cranberry server as we’ve been looking for one for several years now to use as a giveaway.  There are initials monogrammed on the handkerchiefs, but they are very ornate and hard to read; plus who looks at the monograms when someone is carrying a fabulous hanky?  All you have to do to win this prize package is to leave a comment here, at the Doll Divas link, or on our FB page.  We’ll draw the winners on September 6th, so comment before then!

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8 Responses to Our Top Ten Favorite Finds … So Far

  1. Emily C says:

    Love all the cool find. I love going to yard sales, too. So many interesting things, even if you don’t find anything that is a MUST BUY!

    • kathy & deb says:

      We like going to garage sales to look, too. We see lots of old cool things that we don’t buy, but do admire. Of course, when you find a bargain, you HAVE to buy it! Thanks for the kind words about our “finds”; we have been collecting for a long time.

  2. Joan Bledsoe says:

    Loved looking at ya’lls finds and Loved hearing the stories about each item. I enjoy hunting for neat objects also. I am a collector of many things. So I go to shows, estate sales etc.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Hey Joan, thanks for letting us know that we aren’t alone as collectors of many things! Many, many things! Glad you enjoyed the post and you’re entered in the drawing.

  3. Stephanie Gazell says:

    That Pansy pin! It speaks to my heart – I love enameled jewelry, and pansies and violets the most. And the hot press – what a wonderful tool! Happy 500, ladies – you make our day, whatever day we read your post! ❤

  4. OSS says:

    WOW. You two never cease to amaze. Okay…I really, REALLY need to come over to see your antique shops…er, I mean…homes. lol That pre-1860 needlework piece…wow, wow, wow. Gorgeous! All of your favorites are fabulous. Love that crazy cat tile. Reminds me a bit of my silly black cat wall clock. Wish I still had that. Although…I do recall it giving me the creeps when I was a kid. Didn’t like it staring down at me. Ha! Congrats on your 500th blog post! I think I might have 20. Maybe. heeheeeeeeeeee Love, Dawn

    • kathy & deb says:

      Dawn, come and play sometime–we MEAN it. You’ve been so wonderful when we have driven through; we would love to reciprocate. Anytime, just let us know!

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