One Sale Is All It Takes

We are simple folks.  All we ask is a decent sale here and there, time to share with friends, and a good lunch.  Well, last week gave us all that in spades.  We always have a good time on Friday, giggling and shopping.  Lunch has been at the same Indian place since the Summer Intern was a baby, so that was taken care of; now all we needed was a good sale.  The Re-Sale Gods provided!  Normally, we are not super fond of this estate sale company, as their prices are higher than most, and they are really particular about how many folks they let into a house, so we tend to wait till later in the day to head over there.  We got to the sale about 10:30 and they were still parked out to the main street, but we braved the crowds anyway.  It was one of those sales that was just full of super pretty things, and lots of it was our style.  We were in hog heaven and both of us spent more than we probably should have, but how often do the good ones come along?  We thought we would go in together and show you what we saw, and what we bought.

There were a lot of lovely vintage clothes at the sale.  We passed on all of those, but we like to look:

There were several doll-sized things including a couple of darling tea sets:

And check out the spout on this white set:

I have five or six toy china tea sets, and really how many do you need, so passed on these too.

On the other hand, little vintage stuffed animals do call to me:

These were cute, but not as cute as the bunny I did buy:

I don’t know how he ended up in my hands, as I really don’t need more of these, and he was not a Stieff or anything, but he just pushed off with those bunny hind legs and landed right in my pile.  That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

There was a whole room full of wonderful jewelry.  It was pretty crowded, so we didn’t get a pic of the whole room, but here is what I dragged home:

I purchased the blue butterfly and the two filigree pins the first day, and being a glutton for punishment, I came back the second day and snagged the tiny bar pin, the circle pin and the contemporary earrings.  I adore enameled pieces and they are so hard to find, so yep, these were mine.

To appease beloved hubby, I found a book, and not just any book:

This is another book that has been on our long-term want list for quite a while, and this is a lovely copy.  We have been collecting Maxfield Parrish works for many years, and this fits right in with the collection.  The illustrations are wonderful.  On a crazy side note, I found out several years ago that his grandson lives in our town.  Sure would love to see what he owns from old Granddad.

I figured if I brought the book home (and it did happen to be a pretty good price!) I was in the clear for whatever else I wanted.

I passed this up the first day:

But succumbed to it on half-price day.  I drag tiny hand-made doll furniture home on waaaaay too many occasions.  It is not the right size for any doll I own, but just look at it.  Actually, I wouldn’t mind it in my size, either.  Still can’t figure out why one chair has blue stripes on the seat, but oh so cute.

This did fit a doll I own:

I was going to pass this small jewel chest by, but it ended up being way older than I thought, ’20s or ’30s at the latest, and it is dolly size.  Can you tell that my dolls are just like me?

Deb here and I bought all my loot on the first day.  I wasn’t going back to look again because I spent PLENTY the first time.

Okay, we both have admitted on numerous occasions that we have it bad for jewelry—all kinds.  But, when it’s Victorian, and enamel, well, we’re pretty helpless:


Take all the above conditions and add bar-shaped pins with pearls and I was scooping them up as fast as I could find them.  Really, thank goodness the room was crowded with jewelry enthusiasts; I needed saving from myself.  I only ended up with two bar pins, but they are so pretty.  The blue one has the tiniest pearls I’ve ever seen!  I took a picture of the back so you can confirm that what stylistically looks like a Victorian era pin, isn’t a fake.  The pin part of the clasp is usually longer than the hook clasp.  The hinge is usually very simple, not like the hinges on modern pins.  The clasp is usually a simple hook, or it could have a safety, like the gold bottom pin.  This isn’t foolproof, but it starts you on the right path.

I also managed to snag two reasonably-priced flower pins, also enamel:

These are Victorian-era also.  Victorians loved the language of flowers and frequently incorporated forget-me-nots into jewelry (left pin).  I’m not sure what the flower on the right is, it could be an apple blossom, or just a generic flower.  I wear a lot of flower pins and this will be out on the town, often.

I also bought a book, just because it was filled with wonderful prints and I liked the Art Nouveau cover:

Why Holland, you ask.  Who knows, but there are quite a few prints (75) and I really like the style of them:


The book was printed in 1904, and I probably paid the going price for it.  It’s a good thing I can splurge now and then.  I guess this means that it’s time to visit the Netherlands!

The rest of my buys weren’t really amazing, but of course I liked them:

My mom still bakes lots of cookies for my dad, AND she loves birds.  This seemed like a no-brainer for $2.

I also bought some 1903 advertising needle books that are the oldest ones I own:

They are  advertising giveaways for an insurance company, and the fronts are not interesting in the least.  But, inside there were pieces of fabric, kind of like a flat pincushion, to keep your needles in!  I’ve never come across anything like these before.

Next week is our 500th post!  Can you believe it?  Have you been here since the beginning?  To celebrate, we are going to do a Grand Give-a-way!  The prize package will include THE Elusive Cranberry Server (see here, here, here, and here ) at least one hankie, one pamphlet cookbook, swizzle sticks, and a vintage recipe box.  Here are a couple of pictures to whet your appetite:


You can start entering this week: just post a comment here, on the boards, or on Facebook to be entered to win.  If you like, let us know how long you have been reading our blog.  You can sign up this week, and next. By next week, we should have a photo of all the loot.  Drawing will be held on Sept. 6th, and announced on the blog post of the 7th of September.

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14 Responses to One Sale Is All It Takes

  1. Stephanie Gazell says:

    I don’t remember when I started reading your blog, but it’s been a long time now! Boy, you found a lot of great stuff this week! I love the pins you got – I like a lot of the same stuff, and have my Gramma’s tiny bar pin, which I cherish. But I love pins in general and now have way too many of them. Time to weed! :>) 500th post is very exciting – what can we do for you gals, to thank you?! You’ve given us high entertainment for quite some time now. I for one am grateful – I look forward to your posting every week!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks for your comments–knowing that people are enjoying what we write is why we do it! It’s so much more fun when people let us know, here or on the boards, that they agreed, disagreed, or laughed with or at us. It doesn’t have to happen every week, but we get lots of love from our readers, and that keeps our tanks fueled to keep on keeping on.
      Kathy is on her SECOND jewelry amoire, and I have made black velvet covered foam core boards that I hang with ribbons in my bedroom to display pins. We do some herd thinning too, but it’s not enough to keep up with what comes in!
      Thanks again for reading–and letting us know what you think. That is a gift.

  2. Wonderful collection of goodies here. On the butterfly pin—I think it may be Scandinavian mid century or 40’s…Gold plated over silver. It should be marked with some sort of maker’s mark and an assayer’s mark. Anyway vintage ones are very pricey—so check that, in case you resell it.
    Love all the book prints…nummy!

    • kathy & deb says:

      That’s what Kathy thought about the butterfly. She couldn’t find a mark on it, but we think you’re correct about it’s origin. Thanks for reading and commenting; we love to hear from folks and you’re enrolled in the drawing!

  3. Robert Heckendorn says:

    Loved the prints in the books!!!

  4. Oh… you did find some goodies. I think I would have reached for some of the same pieces. And hooray for finding a cranberry server! Can’t wait to some of them in person.

    • kathy & deb says:

      I’ll have to have them out on Sunday so you can see the pins. There were so many, it was hard to see the trees for the forest!

  5. Nilsa says:

    Hello Kathy & Deb!
    I really don’t remember the first time I came to read your blog… one thing is for sure… I started reading since you posted the links on Doll Divas. I don’t read many blogs but yours is always funny and the pictures are the perfect compliment to the story. I also love to see what you find at those thrift shops/ sales.

    Happy anniversary!!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks Nilsa, you’ve been reading for a long time then, because we posted links pretty early on. Thanks for making us one of the few and proud blogs you read–we appreciate it so much!

  6. OSS says:

    I’m soooooooooooo far behind! Yikes! lol I subscribe to so many blogs, but pretty much, the only one I seem to actually READ is yours! 🙂 But, yeah…I’m at least one behind at the moment. Congrats on the good sale! I have to say that it’s a very good thing I live on the other side of the mountains. My wallet would be screaming if I hung out with you ladies! Love that bunny…adorable! Hugs!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Wow, that’s a wonderful compliment, Dawn! If you went shopping with us, it might lead you to spend some money, but just think how much fun we would have!

  7. Monica says:

    Hi Kathy & Deb, I’m also a long-time reader, I think I found my way from one of the Barbie boards originally. I have a collection of enamel pins, too. I haven’t bought one in many years, I don’t wear them much. Your blog is very entertaining!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thank you, Monica. It’s so great to hear that we are still entertaining from long-time readers! Enamel jewelry is something we are always looking for. It keeps looking good for a long time, even with a lot of gentle use. Good luck with the drawing!

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