We Count the Days Until Friday

So who said it could be the middle of August already?  This has to be one of the most peculiar summers that I can remember—slow to come on, super hot in the middle, and only now does it seem like a typical summer, when it is winding down.  The only thing we know for sure is that Friday keeps rolling around every week, and we’re ready to hit the sales.

There have been some interesting garage and estate sales lately.  This is an unusual garage sale item:

I don’t know if you can read the tag, but it’s an old, locking wine holder, although you could probably lock other spirits in there, also.  It was about three feet tall, and at least two feet across, with six rings to put bottles in.  I guess you would put your expensive alcohol in it and keep the servants from drinking the fancy stuff that you were saving for that important dinner party.  They sure were distrustful in the good old days, locking up their tea, sugar, silverware, and as I just discovered, wine.

We ran into these chairs at a previous estate sale:

My original picture of them was so blurry that you couldn’t see the cute skunk decal.  Imagine our surprise when we saw them again at the next estate sale this group ran.  They have $10 on them, but no one wanted them on half-off day, either.  They are pretty cute, but unless you had wee ones, ran a day care, or had a number of large dolls or teddy bears, what could you do with them?

We both drooled over this beaded purse:

The beadwork was glorious, but damaged, and they wanted a pretty penny for it, so we knew it wasn’t for us.  I have a particularly soft spot for this shape of purse, even with the rigid frame at the top and not a drawstring.  They remind me of the reticules that Jane Austen heroines were always decorating, fetching, and fussing with.

This child’s wicker chair was sooo cute:

It was at the same sale as the wooden folding child’s chairs, and if anything, even cuter.  I think it had rockers, so the original owner could have read and rocked away the hours.  It also has the same problem as the other kids’ chairs—what to do with it?  This is probably a little more fragile than the wooden chairs, so I don’t think you could let your little ones use it unsupervised nowadays.

I’m not sure, but I think we saw these vintage horrors at a garage sale:

I do remember these being popular in the 1960s or ’70s and thought they were ugly then.  Didn’t we make the native Central Americans suffer enough?  Do we need to ineptly reproduce their art for wall decor?  I think not!  The best solution would be for this pair to remain in hiding for another 50 years, and then they could be admired as antiques. /s

On to the thrift stores, where wonders were beheld:

We wondered who loved Lucy enough to buy this thing?  It was in the locked glass case so we couldn’t really examine it, but the horror was apparent, even through the glass brightly.

We were laughing at this:

and then noticed the label at the bottom.  It was filled in with a name, date of birth, AND a social security number.  Just in case this person is still alive, with a valid identity, I covered up the pertinent number.  Why wouldn’t you erase this info when dropping it off?  I guess I’m just not that trusting.  Plus, we had a chuckle about being able to save enough to retire in this size of bank!  It must be filled with gold doubloons!

Okay, this made us laugh:

This peacock almost filled an entire couch!  So huge and it lights up.  What more could you want?  Having had a friend who lived with real peacocks and all their noise, I much prefer this version, even if it isn’t as pretty.

I’m not sure this bumblebee-colored purse is our cup of tea:


I think it could have been cool in different colors.  What was interesting was that all of those silver-colored accents are pop tops from aluminum cans.  What a lot of patience some folks have; doing this might have driven me mad!

We’re closing in on our 500th post and are a little stumped for what to do.  If you have an idea for a post, or a giveaway, drop us a line.  Otherwise, we need to put on our thinking caps.

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