Chain Reaction

Do you ever buy something that triggers an avalanche of work?  Kathy found a cool mid-century modern cabinet in a local consignment shop, modestly priced at $140.  It’s light oak, made in Yugoslavia, and originally sold for $32.50!  Well, I live in a mid-century modern house, and don’t really have the furniture to go with such a pad.  This piece was a perfect fit of $$ to desire.  I bought it last week, and then moved the bookcase full of bric-a-brac (tchotchkies removed) to my husband’s office.  He has a huge collection of stuffed, ceramic, wooden, you-name-it beavers.  It’s really hard to buy him a beaver because he has so many.  Then I took the bookcase his beavers were in, and moved it to the library and filled all of the shelves with books that I want to read *someday*.  Then it was time to move the new cabinet in the house, clean it, and fill it up with said bric-a-brac.  I won’t bore you with all the cleaning the other two moves included, but my whole house now looks better, thanks to Kathy’s keen shopping eye.

Just to show what was involved, here is B.H.’s beaver collection:


I moved the upright shelf, and dusted all of those squishy beavers!

Here’s the bookcase and my neglected books from years and years:

If I live to be 125 I’ll get them all read, plus the hundreds of books on my Kindle app!

This is what all the moving drama was for:

 I absolutely love it!  Plus, with glass doors, fewer things to dust.  😎  Sorry about the catty wampus picture.  My dining room is kind of small, and I couldn’t get the whole thing AND a straight picture.

Sorry for the detour, but thought all of you book hoarders or weird collectors might take comfort in the fact that you aren’t alone.

This trash pickup leaves us with several questions:

Where is her top?  Why are they throwing the bottom half away?  Why did they have a full-sized mannequin in their house?  Hmm …  We didn’t have the nerve to knock on the door and take names or ask questions.  Trash haulers must have some pretty interesting stories.

Wow, is this how the NFL thinks they are going to engage women and kids in American football?

“Oh honey, I would watch football with you if only the football itself were little more gussied up!  That brown leather just doesn’t work for me!!”  You know, that just might drive your man to the local sports bar, and then you could watch what you wanted on Saturday or Sunday.

Well, this is a WTF picture if I’ve ever saw one:

Obviously this is the afterlife if Elvis is driving Marilyn around at sunset, looking for a place to park.  How can anyone believe that they will get pulled over by the cops?  I’m pretty sure Elvis did almost anything he wanted to while alive (just ask Richard Nixon) and I’m sure he does the same now.

We think that this snack set is cute:

Even the cup in the bowl is kind of fun.  I’m pretty sure that no one ever expected us to say something nice about some yellow, orange, and rust-colored decorations from the 1970s.  The key is that they didn’t overdo, and there is a lot of white to balance out the colors.

This lineup of ceramic and pottery critters cracked us up:

Right after I took the pictures, a number of things were scooped up and marched up to the cashier at the sale.  We liked the pottery cockatoo, and there are a couple of super cute kitties.

Here are the owl pictures from the hoarders intervention estate sale that Kathy mentioned last week:


Kathy was right when she said we didn’t get many pictures.  The house was pretty small, and it was stuffed full of an inordinate number of owls and people.  I sure hope you can see the shell owl in the rightmost corner of the picture on the right.  It’s pretty freaky and funny.

This little pile has an interesting story to go along with it:

We were at a sale put on by these women who like vintage things and overaccumulate. (Sound familiar?)  At least we all know when enough is enough, and purge the extra.  The tiles underneath are those asbestos vinyl floor tiles that were used quite a bit in the past, especially the 1950s.  I have always thought that they were pretty cool looking, and if they don’t break, they aren’t really dangerous.  I have a closet with shelves that needs a floor.  I was thinking of lightly, just a dab, gluing them down in there where only I can see them.  If we ever sell the house, I can just pop them up, and no harm, no foul.

The thing on top of the tiles is a make-your-own baseball kit.  I’ve never seen an unsewn baseball before.  We didn’t see any round rubber or cork centers, and no yarn to wind around the center, so the kit is incomplete, to say the least.

Well, I guess this is one thing you could do with broken watches:


Personally, I would set them all to the same time, just because that’s the type of person I am.  We’ve never ran across a project like this, and I don’t think it came from Pinterest.

What do you do with your paperweight collection:

This is an innovative solution.  I love the look of sunlight shining through glass objects.  This is must be really bright and pretty on a sunny day.

Thanks for giving us a read.  This is our 496th post, so we’ll have to think of something fun for 500!

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4 Responses to Chain Reaction

  1. Sandi M says:

    OMG…the ‘legs’ cracked me up—at first I thought it was a blow-up doll, that was in the trash until I blew up the pics..and saw they were walking legs (trying to escape the garbage?). Fun stuff guys and totally appreciated.

    • kathy & deb says:

      So glad you enjoyed this weeks offerings. Those legs were a hoot; we still would love to know the story behind them! Have a great weekend.

  2. contrarymj says:

    Love your new MCM! It’s to die for! That is my fav style.

    • kathy & deb says:

      I really like MCM, too. It has clean lines, but a little funkiness of its own. It’s always a good day when you run into a modestly priced piece.

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