Estate Sale Follies

Well, we finally seem to have had a break in the weather.  We are actually getting a bit of our typical monsoon, if you can call it that, for a state that gets an average of 16 inches of moisture for the entire year.  Whatever you call it, a nice afternoon thunderstorm is a welcome relief from the heat, as long as we can stay away from the hail.  We are already scheduled for a new roof.  Anyway, last week we were still fighting the heat, but we went to four, count ’em, four estate sales.  They ranged from the bizarre to the boring.  We will concentrate on the bizarre, of course, with a quick detour for some unfinished business from last week.

Deb showcased her print by Estes Park artist Lyman Byxby last week.  Thought I should take a moment to share my pair of prints by him.

At first I thought these were watercolors, but they turned out to be prints that he then hand painted.  I am a sucker for all things Colorado, so the columbine and wild roses spoke loudly to me.  Plus, how can you go wrong for a buck apiece?  Funny that we both should find works by him within a few weeks of each other, when neither of us had ever heard of him before.  It always amazes me when things work out that way.

This was probably one of the more boring estates, except for this fabulous umbrella:

I am not even enamored of the table, but that umbrella just begs for a martinis and pigs in a blanket hors d’oeuvres to be served under it.  The little chain details are especially nice.  I should have insisted that Deb buy it, as it is more her house than mine, but she is still reeling from me making her buy a new mid-century cabinet.  She got the last laugh though; I have to help her move it.

We were totally overwhelmed by this estate, and apparently so were the folks putting it on, as there was stuff everywhere, some priced some not.  By the next weekend they were selling stuff at fill a box for $5.00.  We did a buy a couple of things, but we almost had more fun looking at stuff.  I wished this had been something I wanted, because it was rather cool:

It was a lamp from somewhere in the Middle East a VERY long time ago. It had all the paper work and stuff for its authenticity.  I know they found these by the hundreds and you used to be able to buy them pretty inexpensively.  I couldn’t figure out what to do with it, so I left it for someone else, but as far as genuine antiques go, this might be the oldest we have ever seen.

We found these in the same room:

I would say this came from a time when folks had a whole lot more time to spend on a card, but I am guilty of spending hours making a simple birthday card, so who I am to judge.  Inside it looked more like your basic paint-by-number kit:

Still, it might have been fun, or maybe not, as no one seemed to have used it much.

There was no hope for the wall decor:

It wasn’t even worth the effort to hang it straight!  This was pretty much the quality of the entire houseful of stuff.  There was a lot of pretty glass, but it’s so sad that you can hardly give that stuff away these days.  We then went on to a sale put on by the family members of a genuine hoarder.

I realized that we didn’t even take any photos [Deb here: We do, but I didn’t download them because we had lots of pix already.  We’ll show them to you next week.]  I think it is because it was more than our little brains could process.  We gave kudos to the ladies putting it on, as almost everything was priced, and it would have been a monumental undertaking to get it that way.  Sadly, we barely lightened their load, and only purchased a couple of small things.  The sale had a lot of owls, so we will add in this photo which was taken at a thrift store:

I don’t know who pissed in their Wheaties, but have you ever seen such an angry crew?  Looks like they are just daring you to come into the kitchen, never mind actually touching their precious flour, sugar, coffee, or tea.  [Deb here: I think that they’re angry because everyone of them has a chipped beak!]

As far as birds go, this one at least is a little more jolly, if maybe a bit more melted?

This may be the flattest chicken I have ever seen.  I like chickens, I like baskets, still, NOPE.  It did open, so maybe for tortillas or something?  Like a broody hen keeping your flatbread warm?  Yeah, doesn’t do it for me either.

We spotted this next item at a regular old garage sale.  We have to say that it might have been the most interesting thing in the whole sale, and it wasn’t for sale:

When was the last time you saw an Edsel?  Seems a shame that they were using it as a table.  Probably hubby came home shortly and gave them a tongue lashing for scratching his fabulous car.  OK, maybe not so fabulous, it’s an Edsel, after all.

This last item came from a thrift store:

We were pretty sure it was someone’s absolute favorite chair, but I don’t think there is a darn thing you could do for it that would make it any more palatable.  It strongly reminded us of the episode of Big Bang Theory where Penny brings home a chair that something is living in.  God knows what has made their home in this one.  Maybe a trip to the dump is in order.

Luckily, our weather is still plenty warm for more estate sales and garage sales, so we will be hitting the streets again, ready to bring you the latest.  The sacrifices we make for our loyal readers!

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