Another Day in the Trenches

Well, we managed to get in a bit of shopping before Deb hopped off to New York; betting there will be a story or two there, so stay tuned.  I took my stuffy head along and we bravely had at it.  I am happy to say that as of this writing the antibiotics have done their job and I am as human as I usually am this time of year.  Around here I don’t know what is worse, the pollen, the cotton, or the 95 degree days that snuck up on us this past week.  Someone pointed out that they sure enjoyed those three days of Spring stuck between the Winter and the Summer.  Well, that’s weather in Colorado.  At least the weather is bringing out the garage sales, you know what that means: more bad stuff!

How about a giant bench for your abode?

We couldn’t tell if it was a bed, a bench or a fainting couch.  We know we wanted to faint at the site of that upholstery.  Not that the rest of it was anything to write home about, but in comparison, it seemed sort of tame.  Maybe if they leave it out in the sun long enough it will fade to just barely bilious yellow.

Why is it that the Last Supper is fair game for every amateur “artist” in the entire world?

Deb’s camera couldn’t even manage to focus on this, it was so bad.  I would like to think it was someone’s poor attempt at a ceramics project, but I am probably wrong, and it was supposed to be something awe-inspiring, and moving.  I think that is why the real one is fading.  Every time someone makes a bad copy, it loses a little more paint.  Save the da Vinci, stop copying it!  And while you are at it, if everyone would just take a hammer to at least one of these, think how much better the world would be.

While we are attempting “art”:

For heaven’s sake, just go buy a Hummel, if you must be over-sweetened.  I do remember when they made these.  You took several cards that were the same, and cut out details to make the whole thing 3-D.  I mean they did an OK job, but it is time to head to the recycling bin with the results.

Well, here it comes, something we like:

I didn’t say it made, sense, just that we liked it.  I give full credit to who ever came up with the idea of making monster feet from insulating foam.  Here is another view so you can see how clever it is:

The makers of Great Stuff are missing the boat not using this as a marketing ploy.  Martha Stewart should jump right on it.  There may be other monster parts just waiting to be drawn from those little red and yellow cans.  They should hold a contest!

And then we come down to earth with a thud:

Plastic flowers, cherubs, and gilding—what more could you ask for?  It could all be yours for the princely sum of 10¢.  We think it was over-priced.  I would like to think that at the end of the day, there was no one crazy enough to drag this home, but I am most likely wrong.

Head vases are usually a good thing in a kitschy sort of way.  This one is not:

Oh yes, it really is a vase, or a planter:

Nothing says get well soon, like a creepy dolly filled with a creeping vine.  You have to get better just so you can get up enough steam to make a fast trip to the trash can with your least favorite gift.

While we are being creeped out, how ’bout some zombie kittens:

I don’t know who got to them, but they look rather possessed to me.  The only way it could be worse is with glow-in-the-dark paint.  Of course then it is just like tripping over your real live kitty in the dark with those glowing eyes.  Oh wait, does that mean my cat is possessed at night, too?  Arghhhh.  That must be why he bites my toes when they come out from under the covers.  We could not figure out why the eyes were this odd color.  Maybe the eye painter had too many beers the night before and was too hung over to come in and do his job.  Still don’t know how they made it past quality control.

We go into Tuesday Morning pretty regularly just to check for dolls and craft stuff, and we can’t resist looking at garden stuff too.  Not sure why yoga animals are in but it was either that or wonder why they were hanging out on the street corner under the lamp.

Either way it looks like trouble.  You will either have to bail them out of jail, or get them to a chiropractor.  It’s going to cost you no matter what, so I guess just say no to goofy bunnies, or wait for the real ones to invade your garden.  [Deb here, and I wanted to point out the bunnies on the bottom shelf with BUTTERFLY wings!  WTH??  Although, I have to admit that angel wings wouldn’t be any better!]

We did find an example of what NOT to give dad for Father’s Day:

Seriously, as dull as a tie is, a picture of a bunch of ties is even more boring.  This is not in the least decorative, executive, or curative, so give it a miss.  Take your dad a hug and some cookies; he will like it much more.

Wishing a Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads out in the world!


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4 Responses to Another Day in the Trenches

  1. Sandi Magle says:

    Ha, I think the glow in the dark kitties are just that, someone painted over the eyes with glow in the dark paint which is translucent and shows a bit of yellow greenish when dry. Yes, poor Da Vinci….sad really. Bad Ceramics are arriving in our thrift stores in amazing numbers right now, too.

    • kathy & deb says:

      It could be that someone vandalized those poor kittens. I just don’t know what we’re going to do with all of those ceramic projects except for skeet shooting! Thanks for reading and laughing along.

  2. OSS says:

    As with most of your blog posts, all I have to say is, “Bahahahahahaaaaaaa!!” Oh, my goodness gracious. So much questionable “art” out there. Hilarious! It was 100 or more yesterday here. And we’ve been inundated with elm seed beetles. Apparently, it’s now a thing. They first appeared in Idaho a couple of years ago, and they are moving east. Gird your loins. :::shudder:::


    • kathy & deb says:

      Wow, you guys are really getting the heat! It’s supposed to cool off a little here thank goodness! That’s all we need, more bugs! It’s been a pretty good year for everything so far. I’m watching the Miller moths fluttering against the windows right now, thinking, “You shouldn’t have snuck into my house you creepy things.” Do the Elm seed beetles at least eat the elm seeds? That might be a bonus! Stay cool, if you can!

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