Running on Empty

It’s getting to be that time of year.  Around our school we call it “March, April, Mayhem”.  The summer intern is graduating from high school this year, and the party is at my house.  Not sure why I volunteered for that, but it means that I am frantically doing yard work, and generally running around trying to get ready.  Between that and Deb going out to visit her family, there has not been a whole lot of time for shopping, so the photo pool is a bit low, but never fear, we always have a few things in reserve, so we will blog away.  Wouldn’t want our loyal readers to go without their fix.

First up, we are so happy it is spring.  We have had just the right spring for all the trees to do this:

Isn’t it glorious?  No snow or cold snaps, so the fruit should be plentiful this year.  (I am saying that while knocking on wood, as last year for our school’s graduation, we had eight inches of heavy wet snow.  Mother Nature doesn’t always play fair.)

Deb was visiting one of our local garden centers this past week, and got a kick out of these signs:


Good thing they clarified, it’s been a while since most folks have had botany!

Not everyone visits our Facebook page, so I though I would share this here, as it is such a cool story.  Found this gigantic pin at a sale a few weeks ago.  The horns are almost five inches across, so it is really a statement piece:

Not sure where to wear it, other than Cheyenne Frontier Days, the Greeley Stampede, or the Stock Show, none of which I attend on a regular basis, but I had to have it.  After doing some research, turns out the pin was made by a company called Elzac, and sells in the $150 to $200 range.  Even better, the founders of Elzac are none other than Ruth and Elliot Hander, Barbie’s “parents” and the founders of Mattel.  Not a bad $5.00 find.

Guess we will continue on with a few more dolly-related photos.  I probably need to apologize for this one in advance.  It might compete with some creepy clown dolls, here we have a creepy Grandma doll:

At 10¢, I feel she is still wildly overpriced.  Is is just me, or does her face look suspiciously like the one they use for Santa?  I don’t even think it is Mrs. Claus!

We were amused by this entire table of Trolls:

They were trying to pawn them off as vintage, and while I agree they are a bit older, there were much older ones yet.  Did you know they even made patterns for the Troll dolls in the ’60s?  At least these were bright-colored and sort of fun.  Deb had to buy one of the teeny tiny ones for her fashion dolls.  Mine had to go without, as I felt they would be happier that way.

I am having a hard time deciding if this is a fail, or just not to my taste:

While it is nicely made, it still falls on the scale of being sweet enough to give you cavities in ALL your teeth.  Perhaps in the right little girl’s room, but she had better like pink and lace.  I think I prefer just a plain old Sun Bonnet Sue quilt.

Still discussing things that could go either way, we have this owl, I think:

It just sort of made me nervous staring at me from the display rack.  Maybe it’s because it has a rather long beak.  It gives me the idea of some disfigured monster just waiting to peck at me.  Could also be because it is just the face removed from any bodily contact.  Of course, a body might have been even scarier.  What could they have done with the claws?  Glad it is not hanging around a corner somewhere just waiting to surprise me.

As we are craft failing at the moment—brace yourself:

Oh, good grief.  I am going to hope that they were color blind.  At least if you got buried in an avalanche of snow, they could spot you through the whiteness.  Actually, the kicker was the tag:

Not only is it a WestREN Sunrise hat, it is supposed to keep you warm and STYLISH.  Well, I am going to give it warm.  Personally, I think that washing it in bleach might be the best solution available.

At the same sale as the above nightmare Grandma, we found this shelf of “stuff”:

Actually, if you expanded this shelf to the entire garage, you would get a pretty good idea of what the whole sale looked like.  It was an estate sale, but I think the best solution would have been a huge bonfire.  At least that would have been useful.  You could roast marshmallows, assuming you could see through the smoke from the smoldering plastic that was the grandma doll and the phony pink roses.

At another sale, we saw this:

Why are Japanese Tooth Brushes any different than our toothbrushes, and who needs a picture to show them that?  What’s more, even if you have said picture, why would you put it on your wall?  This is someone who was so desperate for bathroom wall art that this was the solution?  Go find yourself a plaster fish and some bubbles, and at least be amused by what you hang in there.

Nearby we saw these:

The flower pot should give you the scale.  OK, if you had the entire chess set, I could see this being vastly amusing for your patio, but two random pawns really don’t help out anything.  The kings, queens, rooks or bishops are much more decorative, and in your flower beds these just beg the question “why” and not much else.  We need to really help this person out with their decorating.  Of course, they did put this stuff out to sell, so maybe they got a new copy of Better Homes and Gardens and are trying again.

We wanted to announce the winners of our cooking pamphlet contest:

Stephanie G.

If you could email us at: with your addresses, I will get the pamphlets in the mail.  Thanks to all those who entered!

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2 Responses to Running on Empty

  1. OSS says:

    Congrats on the pin! Fingers crossed for no cold snaps!

    • kathy & deb says:

      We’re hoping no more snow! It’s supposed to rain, which is the only kind of moisture we’re looking for. The Denver hail missed us, thank goodness! Hoping you get weather conducive to beautiful spring flowers.

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