A Rummage of Friday Finds

Not much new in our neck of the woods.  It’s been warm, then really cold and snowy, and now it’s warming up again to get ready for snow this weekend.  You know, a typical January week.  It seems that the colds and flu that are hitting other parts of the country are making their way here with the students coming back for spring term.  Time to get religious about the hand sanitizer.

We went to the bins, after avoiding them for a month, and looked around for an hour and found enough to amuse us.

Take this costume, for instance:

Clown suit

They did the right thing sending this to the thrift store.  If you’ve paid even casual attention to our blog, you should know what we think about clowns.  Hint: we aren’t fans.  Looking at this clown suit is sort of like looking at the skin that a snake shed.  Interesting, but I’m always glad that the snake is long gone.

Well, one clown is bearable:

Eek it's a clown

but two are alarming.  According to the interweb, historically, a gaggle of clowns were called a shudder, an alley, or a pratfall.  Personally, a shudder works just fine.  The alley association comes from the circus where a backstage area where clowns got ready was known as clown alley.  Talk about your scary, dark alley that sensible people avoid!  I’m sure when Ma made these outfits for her and Pa to wear to the costume party, they were supposed to be adorable.  Goes to show that Stephen King was right, “Nobody likes a clown at midnight.”

We found this jacket in the bin with the clown duds:

This has to be a joke, right?  No one, besides Uncle Sam, or someone singing four-part harmony, would wear this non-ironically.  It was made of denim, duck cloth, or something heavy like that.  It seems like a lot of trouble to sew a jacket for a Halloween costume, so they must have found it somewhere.  It’s really something, as my mother would say.  By the way, the button says, “Cohere”.  Good advice for those of us ready to fly apart like a dried dandelion flower.

We thought that this was kind of cute:

It would be pretty in a bathroom, maybe more so than a kitchen.  There are lots of patterns on Pinterest for towels and this one ISN’T a fail.  I looked on Pinterest, where I’m perfectly willing to waste hours every day, and found something similar:

from someone’s Etsy shop.  One good thing about these towels is that they will not fall off the rack or kitchen appliance handle.  My family tends to crochet loops for kitchen towels, or use a hot pad to fasten them to their holder.  This almost looks too pretty to use.  Maybe I should use a towel for my next clothespin bag; it’s sure to be more durable.

You can tell that the maker’s heart was in the right place:

I’m just not sure that Kelly green fabric and bandanna material screams butterflies and young girls to anyone.  If they’re making this quilt for any other market, the maker is even more mistaken.  In for a penny; I would have made the butterflies out of pieced-together bandannas.  What do you have to lose at that point?

We saw this whole fleet of office chairs:

and figured that a local business had redecorated their conference room for the first time in a long while.  It’s not that the fabric is awful—I think it’s kind of fun for an office.  It’s just been a while since it was new.  I can’t believe that they got all new chairs instead of recovering them.  Anyone just starting out could get a screaming deal here, and then invest in a little fabric and work to get their office up and running.

A local thrift had all their Christmas things 75% off:

and I still couldn’t justify buying these vintage light replacement sets.  They were made in Japan, so you know that they have been stored for a while.  I showed them to B.H. and he said that they were made for different sockets than what our Christmas tree lights have.  Hope someone found them and had the right string of lights to use them.

Speaking of Christmas, I thought I would show you what lengths B.H. will go to when wrapping Christmas presents:

He constructed an octahedron as a box for one of my presents (a small bottle cut from stone) so that I couldn’t tell what it was.  When wrapped, it was a lovely shape, and very hard to open since he taped the bejesus out of it.  I had to take over wrapping presents after my sisters reported that our nieces and nephews cried from frustration when opening their birthday and Christmas presents.  I always have my handy-dandy Swiss army knife to hand on Christmas day, so I’m the one tortured.

Don’t forget our hanky drawing this evening.  We have three lovely hankies, and would love to send one your way.  Just leave a comment here or on Facebook if you would like one:


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6 Responses to A Rummage of Friday Finds

  1. Stephanie Gazell says:

    But why “Cohere”??? Why! Things like this make me crazy. I do like the word “Shudder” for a group of clowns – it’s perfect. And there isn’t an alley I’d go down with a Shudder there! Lol! Love the box that hubby made for your bottle (can we see it, pretty please?) – I’ll keep that in mind when I’m trying to torture my hubby! My Dad was like you – he’d pull out his pen knife and slit the tape, to avoid tearing the paper. Needless to say, present opening took a looooooooong time. ;>)

    • kathy & deb says:

      We are in perfect agreement today–we ask questions, but there aren’t any answers out there! Cohere is a weird word to wear on a button. Clowns–what can anyone say anymore? We aren’t the only people who find them creepy. I’ll stick a quick photo of the octahedron-bottle in the post the next time I write. Thank you for letting us know that you’re reading and enjoying our posts!

  2. Sandi Magle says:

    LOL< now I know more about clowns, then I ever wanted to….The towels are a bit disturbing too, little empty bodies hanging off your towel racks. Fun stuff!

    • kathy & deb says:

      As to the clowns–you and me both! I have NEVER liked clowns, not even as a baby. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Stephanie Gazell says:

    be united; form a whole.
    “our mixed physical and spiritual natures cohere and mature”
    synonyms: stick together, hold together, be united, bind, fuse
    “the stories cohere into a convincing whole”
    (of an argument or theory) be logically consistent.
    “this view does not cohere with their other beliefs”
    synonyms: be consistent, hang together
    “this view does not cohere with others”

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