Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful …

We’re finally getting some winter weather just in time for a white Christmas.  I don’t mind it at all; quite frankly, I’m sick of yard work and gardening.  Enough already; let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

We have found lots of frightful and wonderful Christmas things.  We look for and save them all year just so we can write Christmas posts.  We’re just strange that way.

For the Santa on your list:


This pair of old homemade Santa trousers are made from that nice vintage velvet.  The person wearing these would make a proper Santa too, with that waist.  It would most definitely shake like a bowl full of jelly.  We liked the old fasteners in the second picture.  If you couldn’t tell how old clothes are from the fabric, the snaps and hooks are helpful.  We also liked that, before donating, they had them dry cleaned—unless that’s the waist measurement …

This is also handmade, we think, and should land the maker on Santa’s naughty list:

I’m pretty sure that anyone visiting the house with this thing as a decoration would feel worried about their host.  Especially if said host admitted that they created this.  It would have me singing,”O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, Not much pleasure doth thou bring to me.”  There is so much going on and it’s 99% bad.  We have questions.  Why is nothing in proportion?  The snowman is humongous, the angels (?) are tiny, and the lights are just not right.  What’s the deal with the shape of that central tree?  What is the purpose of the tinsel and lights around the base—I’ve ruled out decorative.  Why did they put gold string all around like a cage?  Well, maybe I answered that question; wouldn’t you run if you were in that scene?  I do feel pretty confident in stating that the maker’s favorite color must be red.

This tree is fabulous!


We are suckers for sequins, especially red, and  a whole tree full of them is marvelous.  It’s always nice to see decorations that are in proportion to the tree, even if most of them are missing.  The difference between the previous tree and this one is night and day.  I’m surprised that Kathy didn’t buy this as a prop for dolly photography.  Although, those sequins might be a bit tricky to light.

We have a couple of odd ornaments that would look strange on most trees:

Someone needs to cut back on their coffee.  I’m not sure what about this maniacal expression said “Christmas” to the producers of the ornament.  B.H. thinks it could be an emoji (the cocaine emoji?).  It would either have to hang on the back of the tree, or suffer an accident.  I couldn’t look at it on a daily basis.

This next ornament is just weird:

Is this one saying, “Yay, we have running water” or is it just to make everyone feel like they need to go to the toilet?  Maybe it’s saying, “Let if flow, let it flow, let it flow”.  Now, if there were wine coming out of the spout, then heck yeah, that says party.  We know why this is at the thrift store.

Oh dear, where do I start?  Does she look drunk to you?

On the plus side, if it were snowy out, you might not even see this four-foot tall wicker angel.  Obviously someone loved it and kept it around, but we’re not usually angel people.  Plus, in order to make a decorating splash, you would need several of them and then some spot lights.  Subtle Christmas decorations kind of miss the point in our minds.

This is an Angry Birds meets Christmas mashup:

He’s probably angry because he was left out of The Twelve Days of Christmas song and there aren’t many other carols featuring birds.  For my money, he can take over for the four calling birds.  If you’ve ever heard cardinals calling back and forth you know they would be a great fit for this verse.

For Kathy and me, it doesn’t get much better than this:

Some crazy vintage craft project made from those colored foam egg cartons and glitter.  We aren’t sure what it’s supposed to be, but we had a great chuckle when it was extracted from the bin.  It’s amazing that it has held together all these years.

We didn’t set this up, but we did appreciate it:

We all need a guardian angel to look out for us, especially when doing something risky, like skiing, or driving around town right before Christmas.  If I worked at a thrift store sticking stuff up on a shelf, I could not resist having some fun with the goods.

That’s it for wacky Christmas finds this year.  Thank you for hanging with us for another whole holiday season, and tune in for a giveaway after New Years.

We wish you a Merry Christmas, Festivus, Yule, Winter Solstice, and Kwanzaa, and hope you had a Happy Hanukkah and Bodhi Day or whatever you observe at this time of the year.  There can never be too much celebration and love in our lives.

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4 Responses to Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful …

  1. Stephanie Gazell says:

    Oh, the angry cardinal is my favorite! But the faucet ornament is a hoot – what a perfect gift for a plumber! That is, if you don’t worry about retaliation. :>) Hope you girls have a wonderful, magical holiday! May 2018 bring good health and happiness!

    • kathy & deb says:

      So glad you came up with a better use of the faucet ornament-wish I had thought of that! 😉 Happy holidays to you and yours!

  2. sandi magle says:

    You crack me up—I think you open a bottle of wine before you start writing these. Merry Christmas, too much fun, shopping with you!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Deb here and I do have to admit to having an occasional gin and tonic while writing the posts. The trouble is that this is the way we talk all the time! We’ve had people attach themselves to us while we shop just because we’re having too much fun! Thanks for the love and holiday wishes; the people that read our blog are the best! Merry Christmas.

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