Holly Daze

I am having a hard time with Christmas this year.  It’s being downright sneaky and creeping up on me without my knowing it.  How did it get this close without me getting the stuff done that should be done this time of year?  I did make Christmas cards and if I am lucky, they will get in the mail this week.  But, unless I have a marathon gift-wrapping session, the gifts are going to be strewn under the tree with the receipts attached and still in their “I’m hiding this” bags.  I still need to bake and take gifts to the neighbors, and somewhere in all that I had better find time for a nice big glass of WINE, or is that whine?  BUT never fear, there is always time for shopping, and sharing with our loyal readers.

We gather Christmas photos all year; still, seeing them again is always a revelation to us as well as our readers.  You know it is blog-worthy when we snort about it the second time around too.  Here is a good example:

Apparently, once they started tying knots (this is macrame), they didn’t know when to stop!  If I remember right, this did have a loop for hanging, so it is not some misguided attempt at a scarf.  We decided that maybe you were supposed to put holiday cards in the pockets, but these days hardly anyone sends cards, so how are you going to cover up all that body?  The face is actually rather cute, but they could have stopped there.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without an appearance by the magazine Clauses

We spot these on a regular basis at estate sales and thrift stores, but what caught our eye here, was Mrs Claus’s face.  I don’t know what Santa did to make himself so jolly, but she is pissed about it.  I am thinking he is bedding down with the reindeer tonight.  From his expression, it was probably worth it.

We actually liked this in a ’70s sort of way:

I think that I remember that this was a tablecloth in the ubiquitous ’70s burlap, and you gotta have that heart border, because there was a whole lot of love hanging around then.  It’s cute, but I might be tempted to cut a hole in the center and use it as a tree skirt.  It’s a little heavy for a tablecloth, for my taste.

We are always grateful that this sort of item is made of wax and infinitely inflammable:

We looked at this and wondered if the other 12 days of Christmas candles existed as well.  We are hoping NOT.  Not sure what Santa has to do with the pear tree, either.  I have never seen these two themes mixed before, but I guess they needed something to slap on the candle under the tree, as it weren’t gaudy enough.  If they had just settled for the tree alone, it might have been bearable, but where is the fun in that?  We also always wonder why you never see these half-burned.  They were saving it for “good”?  At this point, just burn it and be done.

We have some real doubts about this next figure as well:

First off, she looks really worried.  I guess if you had socks to knit for that many elves, you might be stressed too.  The more I looked at the picture, the more I am sure that her feet are off-center to the rest of her body.  What is up with that?  Maybe her feet are tucked up under her and those are just her slippers, but it doesn’t seem right.  The colors are just a bit off as well.  All in all, a subject for the skeet range.

We did think that whoever made this pot holder had a perfectly reasonable crafting gene:

I know it’s crocheted, but it is nicely done, and the colors work well.  I think it would look just fine on your holiday table getting ready for the green bean casserole.  Also, on the plus side, things like this are small and hardly take up any room in the decorations.  Seems like a keeper to me.  The poor thing was cast off, and we didn’t rescue it, as we were too cheap to fork over 99¢ for yet another pot holder to live in our kitchens.

We also think this Pinterest project was moving in the right direction:

It’s a little tattered at this point, but we thought the pine cone topiary thing worked here.  The cones were just carefully glued to each other, no ball in the middle and dusted with glitter.  I might have used a lighter hand on the glitter, and spruced up the bow and pot, but overall, this could work.  Feel free to steal the idea and say you saw it here first!

On the other hand:

This tree just doesn’t work.  The ball on the top is too big, the scattering of the others is not random enough, and the holly is just plain weird.  I’d take the small tree beside it in a hot minute, given the choice.  Not that I took home either one.  I think I have mostly managed not to buy any new decorations this year.  Just a couple of vintage things, so there is hope that it will all still fit back in the boxes at the end of the season.

If you enjoyed the Christmas craft post last week, be sure and check out our Facebook feed for the next couple of weeks, as we will be posting a few more wild and crazy craft items over there.

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2 Responses to Holly Daze

  1. OSS says:

    Hey! Was that a side shot at the art of crochet??? Ahem. I would totally make a tree skirt of the burlap thingy. I think it would be adorable in the right setting. Not MY home, but still… Merry Christmas, ladies! – Dawn

    • kathy & deb says:

      Personally I love crochet, but I know a few that make faces at it all the time, so not really a dig, just a justification!

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