No More Kvetching

We have been told by our grammarian (our resident proofreader) that we must stop complaining about the opening hours of the Goodwill bins.  Doesn’t he know that whining is one of our main raison d’être?  What will we complain about now?  The weather has been unseasonably warm, so no whining there, although we could go on about a lack of moisture, but as said moisture shows up as snow this time of year, we will be silent.  Oh wait, maybe we could just go back to our usual grousing about weird stuff.  Luckily, we have a pile of it grumble about, so here we go!

Here is an item that really had us scratching our heads:

On the surface, it looks like an ordinary miniature oil lamp, but I must point out that the plate in back is attached!

In the second photo, you can see the brass wires holding the plate to the lamp.  I don’t know if there were trying to cover as many souvenir bases as possible, but in that case they should have figured out how to make a lamp out of teacup, or a salt and pepper shaker.  At least the plate functions as a postcard, because it sure isn’t much of a reflector for the lamp.  There won’t be scads of late night reading by this little light.

Deb put this masterpiece down as a lovely frame spoiled by an awful painting:

For those of you not familiar with the image (Did you not see Close Encounters?), it’s Devil’s Tower in WY.  We are not sure who died in front of it, at least we think those might be tombstones.  The rock formation itself looks a bit on the melty side;  sort of like a chocolate sculpture science fair project left in a hot car.  All in all, not a pretty picture.

We might have another souvenir here:

This poor ugly duckling has a bad case of something, not sure what.  I can’t decide if the figure was helped or hurt by the brilliant yellow bill, but it does give your eye a rest from the swirling clay;  just not a very peaceful rest.  We vaguely remember something else made from this same clay, but couldn’t locate it in our archives.  [Deb here—found it.  We thought it was a bear, but the picture is terrible.]  Anyway, here is the mark on the bottom, just to prove they have visited Montana:

Also note what Goodwill thinks a duck of this quality might be worth.

We did like this witch’s heart–shaped compact:

Looks like a nice Elgin American brand compact, but as usual the thrift was a little silly on the price, and we really don’t need another compact.  The shape was just unusual and caught our eye.  We only wish that we were the type of ladies who need compacts, but our noses pretty much always remain unpowdered.

This lamp was just too hideous to be believed:

It was HUGE and ugly, a double threat.  Maybe you could use it signal passing trains; those big pieces of glass don’t seem good for much else.  Of course, if you live that close to a railroad track, you can just hope and pray the vibration knocks this off the end table, so you have an excuse to go buy a new one.  Just don’t let whoever chose this one tag along.

Ain’t this the truth?

I can add to that, I will also think of the weird obscure word I was trying to come up with (or maybe a perfectly normal one, you never know with my brain) at the same time.  I would like to blame my constant brain farts on old age, but I was never that good at bringing things to the top of my head even when younger.  I would die on Jeopardy.

Deb and I have been scouring the thrifts, etc. for groovy ’60s fashions to wear to a doll convention next summer.  This is a late ’60s or early ’70s item that we were able to leave right where we found it:

For some reason an image of Sonny Bono popped into my head when I looked at it again.  After looking around, I know why, he seemed to wear a whole lot of vests!  I guess you have to be known for something, but I think we will pass on this becoming our signature statement.

While we are on the subject of clothing:

It was a cute little poodle skirt, even had an extra poodle in case your little doggie ran away!  I have looked for years and NEVER come up with an original poodle skirt.  I really don’t think there were as many as we think, as they just don’t seem to show up.  I know a few years ago our local university’s costume collection had put out a list of things they were looking for and an original skirt was on their list too.  I don’t know if they ever found one, but I certainly never have.  Of course, I think I may be getting beyond the age to pull off a poodle skirt, so would have to just admire it on a hanger.

I know we are getting punchy when we come across things like this an estate sale and start giggling:

I gotta say there is NO WAY I would bring home that bottle on the left.  I have one summer intern and that is enough.  Of course I didn’t know that sort of thing could be accomplished with a bottle of ?????, but if it says it’s a pro, I guess so.  Makes you wonder at the plethora of fertility clinics around the country, doesn’t it?  OK, sorry, we just couldn’t resist.  We didn’t try very hard, but we really couldn’t!

At the same sale, we were delighted by this lovely fall view:

You can see how long that photo has been hanging around, but it was too pretty not to share.  We had a lovely fall this year, and it was hard to see it go.

We are starting the landslide into Christmas, so will be featuring Christmas things for the next few weeks.  If you have a funny ornament or Christmas item, be sure and send it our way, we love to share.

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