A Peevish Post

Yet again, last week, the bins were not open when we got there.  We toured a couple of thrifts, and went to lunch.  Then we drove back to the other side of town to find the bins finally open.  At this point we find ourselves desultorily picking through the loads of clothes and grousing.  I think that, after lunch, we must just need a good nap to get us going again.  I don’t think I am up for napping, and then driving back, so I guess that we are just going to stay grumpy till they get better, or we adjust our attitude.  We wouldn’t do that, would we?  Luckily for you, our loyal reader, we found plenty of odd things at the thrift stores to keep you amused!

You should have seen Deb standing on a chair to get a good look at this wall hanging:

I don’t know if t it was worth the effort, but it sure is a classic piece from the ’70s.  I just hope the ’70s never return as a decorating style, because a half-hooked rug on the walls just doesn’t do it for me.  It’s ugly for a wall hanging, and useless as a rug.  Perhaps for a cat bed, if your cat has a whole lot less taste than mine.

In general, we try to refrain from commenting on homemade ceramic art, but these were just too bad to pass up:

I am strongly put in mind of the entire Kardashian clan judging by their “look at me” attitudes.  I became even more sure of their identities when I noticed the female dancer’s bra seems to either be see-through, or just plain nothing but a chain and some nude pasties.  As these are vintage, we will give the maker a pass on the personalities they put us in mind of, but we just can’t forgive the rest of it.  I hope the artist hung up their paint brushes after this.

Not far from the exotic dancers we found this tableau:

We were just going to take a photo of the fur-trimmed cat, but the poop-colored Scottie begged to be included.  The cat cutting board is mostly harmless, but he does look a little miffed that the only view he has are these two critters.  The cat not only has a real fur ruff but there was a hole on either side of his nose for whiskers.  No doubt going for that photo realism thing.  As much as we love Scotties, there was no way this one was coming home.  I am not sure if it would have been better in pink or turquoise (as I am sure it came in those nifty colors, too), so we think they whole thing should have been abandoned as a bad business.

We did like this darling maple doll bed:

I always feel like I should take these home and rescue them, but what would I do with a doll bed this size?  The cat can only sleep in one bed at a time, and he much prefers the full size bed I sleep in, ideally on my pillow.  I refuse to start dragging home older bigger dolls for these, so they stay there in hopes that someone has less will power than I do, and will bring them home.

Here we seem to have another Pinterest fail:

I think there were good intentions with the burlap ribbon, and it MIGHT have been OK if they had stopped there, but what is with the random mini silk flowers?  Not big enough to make a statement, and too scattered to be cute.  We think their wits might have been scattered, too, but we’re not sure.  I can see why they chucked the whole thing in the donation bin.  Hopefully they deleted that Pin, too.

We started out thinking this placemat was pretty cute:

We both liked all the goofy little mushrooms scattered about.  We didn’t even mind the green background.  We almost dove back into the bins looking for the rest of them, when we made the mistake of turning it over:

The color is not as bad in the photo as it was in person, so I really feel the full effect is lacking, but it really was a sickly green, and we have no idea why anyone thought those vaguely oriental flowers were a good match for the cutesy mushrooms on the front.  (I am going to insist that the mushrooms had to be the first choice of this seamstress.)  We never spotted the rest of these, so maybe they agreed with the Pinterest fail and tossed this into the donation box as fast as they could and put the cover back on the sewing machine.

I saved something fun for last.  We spotted this painting at a garage sale a week or two ago:

We were giggling at this pile of birds when I looked a little closer at the signature and realized I had picked up a painting by the same artist several years ago.  Here is mine:

As far as we can tell, he was a local artist that liked to paint goofy birds.  My painting came from his estate sale.  I only picked out one of them, but I probably should have bought more, just because this one makes me smile every time I walk by it.  I don’t think he ever showed his work or put it out there much except for friends and family.  It’s a shame, as he seemed to be fairly talented.

Hope these made you smile, too, and we promise to work on our general crankiness, and get back to our regular insulting selves!  Stop in next week (on Wednesday, due to the holiday!)  for our annual salute to the world’s worst turkeys, and we don’t mean Butterballs!

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8 Responses to A Peevish Post

  1. Char james says:

    Hi Kathy, so enjoy your adventures, you really should think of a hard copy publication. Cheers, char

  2. sandi magle says:

    Fun stuff, and that burlap thingy, with the flowers wth was that supposed to be?

    • kathy & deb says:

      Our best guess is that it was a wreath project from Pinterest, which ended up as a burlap mess! We think our pets could have done a better job. Thanks for reading.

  3. Teresa says:

    Would love to go thrifting with you!!! You have a great eye for the…well, let’s just say you have a great eye!!!

  4. Monica says:

    So did you buy the other bird painting?

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