Another Friday in the Thrift Mines

We came crashing back to earth last Saturday after an extended streak of vintage Barbie luck.  Kathy called me and invited me along to look at someone’s vintage Barbie collection that was “priced to sell”.  We’ve been so lucky that it seemed to be spitting in fate’s face not to go look.  Well, we looked and only bought one doll, a red-head swirl, and a small bag of tiny rollers for fixing dolly hair.  Most of the dolls were in rough shape, and they wanted eBay prices.  The ladies were nice, but defensive of their pricing.  I wish them good luck, but the days of vintage Barbies sending your kids to college are over, if they ever existed.  During the Beanie Baby craze, I had an acquaintance tell me that she was “investing” for her kid’s futures.  What ever happened to savings bonds?  Time for a sip of my medicinal gin and tonic!

The bins were our last stop Friday, but for some reason I’m starting the post there:

The minute we walked in the door, we saw this worthwhile book.  With all the impolite discourse going on these days, why would anyone get rid of this handy-dandy guide?  I actually think that this book ought to be used in a high school class teaching things that adults should know.  Way more valuable than some of the classes I took—golf, batik, bowling!  Of course we didn’t need to buy it because we disarm everyone with our charm and wit.  😉

I’m glad we ended up at the thrift store because almost all of our pictures come from that one visit:

 First off, why does this exist?  It’s a chicken figurine that doesn’t move, hooked up to a wagon with wheels.  The mental picture of a chicken going in the direction that you want it to go strains credulity.  I take care of a friend’s chickens from time to time.  They  will occasionally stage a great escape, which I call “Deb’s Chicken Olympics”.  The last time it took me over an hour to catch them all.  Thank goodness their wings were clipped, or I might have had to climb a tree as well as run as fast as I could while swearing.  The other thing that bugged us about this chicken is the plaid nest full of veggies.  I’ve heard of broody hens, but that takes the cake.

This is just mean:

I’m overrun with real mice most every fall.  They wander in through the dog door and make themselves to home.  Of course, the current dog is not helpful catching the mice.  I’ve caught him just watching them steal food out of his bowl!  So, this crochet mouse with its crochet cheese and real trap touched a nerve.

I haven’t seen one of these since I was 16 years old:

I’m pretty sure it was an antique even back then!  Where the heck has this been for lo these many years?  And, why is it at a thrift store?  Who would want it?  So many questions.  No matter how uncomfortable your doctor’s exam table is, it’s miles ahead of this one.  Those stirrups look like torture.  This seriously might be one of the strangest things we’ve seen in our travels.

Well, maybe not ’cause we see lots of strange things:

like this sweet potato for sale for $15 at a garage sale.  We didn’t have the nerve to ask the sellers what the story was, and why they called a sprouted sweet potato “Moose”.

We see lots of fun vintage things at thrift stores before Halloween:


There were several vintage hats in their boxes last week.  We love the straw sweetie with its funny little matching feather.  We might have bought either of these if they were being sold for $5, which seems to be the going rate for old hats at estate sales.  This thrift store doesn’t have a sense of humor about their pricing, so we usually only go for pictures.  The fur hat on the right still had a label on the box:

We love details like this.  We could tell that she loved her hats because they were immaculate.  The boxes had some wear, but better them than the hats.

I nearly succumbed to this drink set:

It was so 1960s and in great condition.  The wooden lid and tray gave the set a Scandinavian vibe which is so mid-century.  I wonder if the set had a cocktail shaker—if so, it must have been awesome!  There are a couple of elephants in this picture.  The amber decanter and the clunky glasses are also vintage ’60s, but from less desirable designers.

Okay, now we are being taunted:

For Pete’s sake, all we want is a vintage, silver-plated cranberry server that doesn’t cost the moon.  This stainless steel version has seen lots of wear and tear over the countless holidays it’s been used.  As desperate as we’re getting to find one, we couldn’t use this as a giveaway.  Sigh, it’s good for us to be thwarted; we don’t want to get too spoiled.

Thanks for reading.  Stay tuned, who knows what we might find!


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2 Responses to Another Friday in the Thrift Mines

  1. OSS says:

    It’s a good thing I don’t hang with you ladies as my house would be stuffed to the gills with all the cool stuff you leave behind…the drink set and hats. Why doesn’t the chicken cart have eggs in it? lol

    • kathy & deb says:

      You should see our houses–they are stuffed to the gills! I hate leaving some of the stuff behind, but it’s like OMG where do I put it? We tell ourselves that we don’t have a problem since we can leave things behind, but it’s hard. BTW, you are welcome to come shopping with us any time you’re on our side of the mountains. We would even go on a day besides Friday!

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