We’re in Trouble Now

I have never understood the phenomenon at yard sales of seeing things in waves.  Some days you see enough cat carriers to stock a shelter, but the corollary of this is: just try looking for something.  Deb needed a new Knifty Knitter.  Simple enough, we see them all the time.  It took us eight months to finally find a set in the 99¢ bins.  Since we found one, I have seen at least three sets at garage sales in the space of a few weeks.  The same thing is holding true for the cranberry server.  We have been looking for over a year, but the only ones we have seen have been in sets.  Fear not, gentle reader, we are still on the lookout, and one of these days there WILL be a giveaway for one.

Along that same line, Barbie stuff seems to be creeping out of the woodwork (not that we are complaining!)  We purchased a huge lot about a month ago. Week before last, we hit up a sale and picked up a couple of things, then asked if there was anything else, but someone had beaten us to the dolls and clothes.  Oh well, they must not have been ours.  Just this past week, we spotted this table in an ad for one our local estate sale companies:

Needless to say, we felt the need to get there early.  Strolled up about an hour before the sale and still got numbers in the 30s.  But, we were able to get a few things, and felt like we were not overly abused.  We also found this table:

A sale with Barbies and jewelry?  Now that spells trouble for both of us.  I think if you told us we had to get rid of all of our myriad collections, the dolls and the jewelry would be the last to go.  I think we both managed to keep our purchases well under $100, and I went back the next day for a few things, but that is doing pretty well at this company’s sales, as they are one of the higher priced ones in the area.  Now that we have had so much Barbie luck, we will probably enter a long drought, but at least we have plenty to play with in the meantime.

This same sale had several boxes of these round cylinders:

If you have never seen these, they are records!!  Some of the first records were made in a tube shape.  The player was one of those large horned jobbies like this.  There was no player in sight, so I have no idea why they had so many of them.  It sure would be fun to hear how some of the music sounded.

We also spotted this grouping at the sale:

Giving the sale company bonus points for putting together this mid-century display.  We liked the tables, and at the risk of condemnation from arbiters of taste, I rather liked the crazy hula lamp.  It was made of pot metal with a real hula skirt.  The only question is what sort of shade could compete with that skirt?  This was pretty much the entire lot of mid-century stuff at the sale.  We have no idea how it hung around this long, as most of the rest of the stuff was newer late ’70s early ’80s  decorator junk.  We didn’t look at the prices, but they must have been rather high, as most of it was still there on the half price day.

After the estate sale it was on to the bins.  Apparently, we got there late.  Check out these carts:

I have no idea what sort of treasure they think they have in there, but it didn’t look like much fun to us.  The worst thing in the world is to get behind one of these mile high piles at checkout.  And woe to you, if you make behind two of ’em!

We just hope those carts weren’t loaded up with things like this:

The ’70s called and they want their skirt back.  We couldn’t think of even one kind thing to say about this.  If you were stuck with this monstrosity, about the only thing it could do for you is keep you from being buck naked, but your birthday suit might be preferable to being caught dead in it.

We also dragged this shirt out:

Whatever you do, please don’t pair it with the skirt from the last photo.  Montgomery Ward has a lot to answer for:

At least it was permanent press, but again, a stint in a nudist colony might be preferable.  The real problem with this double knit stuff is that it will NEVER wear out.  Years from now, when they excavate the vintage closets of yesteryear, it will still be there, pristine as ever.  It might give the cockroach a run for its money in the evolutionary survival department.

We thought this teapot was pretty silly and very vintage:

When we picked it up to look at the bottom, lo and behold, it was made in China!  It was still repulsive, but it really does look like a refugee from your grandmother’s back shelf in her pink kitchen.  This begs the question of why anyone would purchase this nowadays.  You can’t give away grandma’s pots, not even the pretty ones, so why buy a new one that is probably loaded with lead glaze, and looks clunky and ugly?

We have a few more weeks of garage sales before the weather turns and we are relegated to thrift store shopping only, so keep your fingers crossed for more Barbie stuff … and a cranberry server!

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2 Responses to We’re in Trouble Now

  1. Had a friend who was looking for fish-shaped aspic/jell-o molds for a project. We figured, no problem, we see them in thrift stores all the time. Yeah, right. From the time we started looking in March, clear through December, we didn’t find a single one! Once we no longer needed them, of course, they were all over the place.

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