Bin There, Done That

I’m ashamed to say that I missed the Goodwill bins while visiting family in Michigan.  We had gotten the Norovirus from a young relative, so shopping was right out the first week.  The misty weather made garage saling difficult after we recovered, so I’m in serious second-hand retail withdrawal.  I’ll be getting a fix tomorrow, so no worries, and we have lots of pictures stored up–lucky you.

I call this picture: Alas, poor Yorkie:

I’m sure you can see why.  That is a pretty clunky snout for this petite breed, and why would you want a bad resin copy when you probably own the adorable real deal?  My mom always watches for the elderly lady who brings her tiny Yorkie to church in her handbag.  The purse is so big, that the Yorkie probably has a fully furnished apartment inside.

I’m hoping this clock had spent some serious time in the sun:

Elvis is pretty washed out, which makes him a tiny bit effeminate, and it’s not that great of a photo to begin with.  I’m not sure why there is a clock on the picture; probably just an excuse to have Elvis staring from the bedside table.

We’re wondering if the person who had the Elvis clock, owned this suit?


The first picture doesn’t do justice to its redness as you can see in the right picture.  The lining was an emerald-green, so the whole thing was eye-wateringly bright!  I would call it a bold fashion statement, just to be tactful.  It was a tiny suit, thank goodness.  A well-nourished woman would be a sight to see in this outfit.  What color blouse would you wear with it?  Might as well go for broke and wear a bright green; in for a penny, in for a pound.

Oh goodness, these flowers were so bright that I needed sunglasses:

They would work in a dark corner that needed some brightening, or maybe in a state where the weather is grey and dreary.  Or, maybe, I’m just so out of it and old, that I don’t know what the kids are decorating with these days.

While I’m not going to condemn bright flowers, this wreath does NOT get a pass:

I think it’s a waste of ribbon, if such a thing is possible.  The flowers don’t bother me anywhere near as much as that blue ribbon—must cover every bit of the straw wreath was her mantra.  It sure looks like a Pinterest fail to me.

Speaking of Pinterest fails:

This fabric collage is so very confusing and out of scale.  You really need to click on the picture to get the full, hypnotizing effect.  The fabric leaves look bigger than the trees.  I guess that could be a perspective problem, but it seems more like an execution problem to me.  Pinterest has lots to answer for—making people think that they can do tricky crafts that require some real skill.

We just couldn’t help laughing—she kept the box:

My mom had the avocado green one for parties, bridge, and days she felt really, really tired.  I had to pull the coffeemaker out to look at the color—it was Harvest Gold, to my surprise.  If it had been that orange color I might have bought it for me.  There are days where I feel like drinking 32 cups of coffee to get through what’s before me.

Thanks for reading this week.  Kathy says that she is working on something different for a post, so stay tuned to see what she is up to.

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