Big and Little

Whew, it’s been a wild week.  We spent the end of last week prepping for our Vintage Sale, and then two days having the sale, then each of us spent at least a day respectively packing and putting things away neatly.  I do have to say that Deb got a clean garage out of the deal, and we found the snack set.

What snack set, you ask?  Well, a couple of years ago we found one of those cute little glass snack sets for 12!  We both had clubs, (Bunko and Book Club) that would mean it would get used, and we could share it.  It was missing one plate, but was a fairly common pattern, so we knew we could find it.  I carried a picture of it around for a couple of months, and was able to score a plate for a dollar.  When Deb went to put it with the set, it was no where to be found.  She tore apart her cupboards, and looked everywhere.  She finally set the plate aside.  While we were cleaning up all the boxes in her garage, low and behold there was the snack set!  It had been so long, she didn’t even recognize it, and was trying to say it belonged to another friend that sold some things with us.  And yes, she did remember where the plate was, so it is together at long last!

On to our finds.  Since we are going large, how about a bear skin rug:

He was pretty old and little moth eaten, but I thanked my lucky stars hubby was not with me, or Bruin would probably be living in my family room.  I actually find these rather amusing, and if you have the right kind of antiques, (we do) they look OK.  I just didn’t want to handle the trauma the cat would probably have over this.

I think I could deal with these tiny pink slippers better:

These were still tucked into their tiny original box.  Are they cute or what?  Of course we have long ago decided that tiny shoes are adorable.  We both wear tug boats, so our shoes are NEVER adorable.  Sigh …

The same sale that produced those first two items yielded this as well:

We liked it, but my heaven’s that thing was massive. It was solid oak, so you would get your weightlifting in too.   It would probably cause a divorce in most families when the man of the house showed up to carry it home. “You want me to do what? and put it where?  Sorry, honey, I’m leaving you”.  It might be worth the hassle just to gain that much storage.  Just think how many snack sets you could lose in there.

And now back to mini.  Croquet anyone?:

It is so cute.  I am not sure whether you were supposed to set it up on a table, or just a postage stamp size lawn.  Sadly, it was too small to be a whole lot of fun, and too big for our dolls, so we left it be.

Speaking of dolls, you may be a Superstar, but it doesn’t keep you from being humiliated:

You have to hand it to Babs, she is wearing enough ruffles to trim a human size vanity table, and she is still grinning.  Somehow, I think if you look closely enough you can see her gritting her teeth.  Deb and I are both of a “certain” age, so these dolls don’t even say Barbie to us, so we left her to languish.  Maybe a pink loving little girl came along and took her home.  We hope so.

We liked this tiny little wooden sled:

It looked like a pretty snug place to take a ride on a snowy day.  And hey, if someone else is doing all the work, any place is a good place on a snowy day, especially if there is hot cocoa at the end of the ride.  Deb found the pile of decoys in a bag amusing too.  She obviously does not come from a hunting family, as that is how they come.  We have a bag-o-ducks and a bag-o-geese at our house.  Not sure why, as I don’t think they have been used in years.  I have thought about putting out the geese, and seeing if I could get them to stop by and mow the lawn, but they would probably just pull it up by the roots.

There’s good art and bad art.  How come most of it is bad?

I guess they liked cowboy stuff, but… ouch.  I would hate to have to look at these everyday.  I have a good cowboy art story for you in a week or two, but I can’t take a photo yet, as it is at the framers.  Anyway, the sheep wagon picture ( lower right ) really bothers me, as it seems they employ dwarves.  I am pretty sure that figure in the lower right is a dwarf, because if it is anyone else, they are pretty weird looking.  The pic on the left could probably be improved by a monster, or maybe not.  You should be glad the others are covered up.

Now for a couple of Whatsits.  One we know what it is, and one is anyone’s guess.  First up, what we know:

We stood there perplexed for a minute till the guy at the sale explained it.  It’s a marble making machine!  You rough out the stone or glass, then place it in the center of the whole contraption to be polished.  Sure wish we could have seen the set up in action.  Probably pretty cool.  If my Grandfather had still been alive, I would have had to buy it for him, as he made spheres and marbles out of stone quite a bit.

And now for this:

The only clue we have is that it was with a bunch of kitchen stuff. Here is another view:

The only thing I could think of was to grab people by the nose, when they criticize your cooking, and drag them out of the kitchen, but I suppose that is probably incorrect.  If you have an answer, send it our way.  We always love finding out about things like this.  Just don’t make it too cool, as we didn’t buy it, and we don’t want to have to find another one!

Deb is visiting family for a couple of weeks, so things may be a little odd, but I promise to try and keep up with Facebook, and of course I THINK I can keep up with shopping!

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6 Responses to Big and Little

  1. Stephanie Gazell says:

    It might be an olive pitter? Not sure……

  2. The croquet set is for the house, giving the family the option to play croquet year round and avoiding rainy or blustery days. The set is miniature so the course can easily be set up in a room or two.I had one of these sets years ago, but just never got around to using it so I sold it.

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