This Week Garage Sales Are Us!

After several failed attempts due to just not feeling up to it, snow, and several other excuses, this week we are finally having another Second Hand Roses Vintage Sale.  We have spent two whole days getting ready for it.  Plus, Deb spent a day beginning the work on her garage, and both of us have spent time cleaning, researching, and pricing all our junk … er, I mean treasures.

We just thought we would give you a quick taste of a couple of things we will have, so you can see just what sort of nuts we are.  Here is a view of the jewelry table:

The scary thing about this, is that both of us could probably double the amount here with no trouble at all, if we would just get our rear in gear and price a bunch more stuff.  Never mind the amount of jewelry that lives permanently with both of us.

We also have toys, dolls and games; anyone up for a Chatty Cathy, or Thumbelina?

More toys, and vintage Barbie stuff:

Heck, a pile of that would be a pretty good vintage collection on its own.  We might just have a teeny problem, if we get rid of this much, and it barely makes a dent!

I am sorry to see this go, but I do hope it sells.  This is a rather fabulous antique Victorian hanging light fixture.  It was originally gas, and has been converted to electric:

Unfortunately, it is very pink and my hubby just can not live with it.  I tried to make him keep it in the bedroom of the house when we purchased it, but he was having none of it.  Just a bit too much for the ol’ testosterone level.

We have a rack full of vintage clothes and aprons:

And glassware and kitchenware galore:

I did want to highlight one vintage item.  For those who pay attention, you might remember I mentioned pulling a wonderful formal and a fur out of the 99¢ bins.  I was able to clean and repair the dress, and wanted to share it because of the unusual construction.  Here is the front:

It’s a lovely pale pink satin with flocked velvet roses scattered about on it.  Here is the rear view:

And here I thought it was only Mattel that skimped out on the expensive fabric on the back of a dress!!  This gown would have been worn with a crinoline to make it stand out, and then you really notice that the back is plain pink satin.  It is still a rather fantastic creation, and I am sure she looked stunning in it!  Here is the charming mink that went with it:

I know there is not a market for furs, but I think folks should honor the animal that gave the pelts already and take care of these vintage furs.  They come from a different time, and are still lovely.  Don’t make any more, just enjoy these!

There is still more stuff here:

Gloves and hats and Schiapperelli stockings, a better view of the lamp and more.  Oh my!  We just hope to have a whole lot less after this weekend, so if you happen by, just bring cash … and a truck!

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