We’re Failing at Garage Saling

We tried to go to garage sales last week, truly we did, but there just wasn’t that much that was even fun.  We were wandering around to various sales, thinking desperate thoughts about our lack of photos for this week, and what were we going to do about it.  We did have one estate sale marked, but it’s a waste to get there early with this company.  If we wanted to cool our heels in lines, instead of shopping, we would go sit in a cone zone here in town.  Oh wait, we did that anyway.  Well, we finally decided that there was just no hope for it—we would have to “force” ourselves to headlong into the bins at Goodwill yet again.  At least our blog was rewarded for our efforts with plenty of new things to make fun of.

Almost forgot, we did take one shot at a sale.  I really did feel guilty leaving this fellow to brave it on his own, as he was so cute, but I just don’t collect this type of doll:

We adored his little mostacho, and his funny embroidered shirt.  He probably used to play the maracas in a mariachi band on the side, but he secretly wants to be a bull fighter!  ¡Ole!

Shoot, now that I think of it, these were at the same sale.  All that trying to justify why we were bin diving was for nothing!  Anyway, these might have made the trip home, but there were only two of them:

We thought they were a bit unusual with the black embroidery with just touches of red.  Apparently the woman who owned these only worked Saturday through Wednesday and never needed towels on Thursday and Friday.

Then we really did head over to our addiction.  And no, we are NOT starting a 12-step program, so there.  One of the first things that came out were these goofy frogs:

They were attached to the log on springs, so they wobbled with the slightest touch.  The fly on the nose of the one on the far right was also attached with a spring.  So far they were funny, but then Deb decided that the holes in their heads could have been for candles, and from there we were sure that the person who donated them had the good sense not to use them and set the dining room on fire.  If anyone else has any idea what these were for, we would love to hear it.

Then came the bad art.  I think this might have been overpriced at 99¢:

It strongly reminded me of the scene in The Proposal where Sandra Bullock offers up the dog in place of her phone.  BTW, if you haven’t seen that movie, it is at least amusing!  Anyway, I don’t think anyone wants an old cow skull, and we have some serious reservations about the length of this fellow’s arms.  Good thing he doesn’t have to meet those modern school dress codes, or every time he tried to wear shorts, he would find himself sent home to change unless he were wearing trousers.  Oh drat, I am looking again, and this was the same sale as before.  Anyway, a dollar or ninety-nine cents is just too much.  [Editor’s note: What the heck is that symbol on the picture’s price tag?  I vote pricing fatigue!]

This camo bunny really did crawl out of the bins:

He was strangely misshapen, although Deb seems to have caught an angle that made him look better than he really was.  Pink camo eludes me, as unless you are hiding in Barbie’s closet, the hunters are going to spot you every time.

I give most brides a pass on just how crazy they can be, but this is just too much:

What did that poor pair of tennis shoes ever do to you?  Walking in these must have been an adventure in and of itself.  I  hope these were a gag gift for a bridal shower, or bachelorette party.  If it were the latter, there is probably enough alcohol out there to make someone tie these on.  If I wore them, my cat would follow me around pouncing on my feet, as he loves feathers, and things that move on your feet are impossible for him to resist.

We did find several older things hanging around in a few of the bins.  I pulled this Hawaiian shirt out:

My hubby loves these, and has dozens of them, but I spared him this one.  I have always wondered about the style of shirts that is sewn with the wrong side of the fabric facing out.  He has had a couple of them.  In the case of this shirt, it didn’t make it any less eye-popping, so why not go all the way, and just let the whole crazy-colored thing hang out?

I pulled a wonderful formal gown from a bin, and the fur to match (a mink stole for ninety-nine cents, I kid you not!), but I am still cleaning those.  I will try and get a photo for later, but in the same spot we came upon a whole stack of these:

How wonderful that there is a magazine devoted to this.  Even back then.  We didn’t take the time to delve into them, but someone obviously was a devotee of the sport.  Hope their hubby cooperated.  Mine would die before he would even take a peek into one of these, let alone be talked into ballroom dancing.  I took tap dancing for years, and I always told him it was just because I didn’t need a partner to do it!

We did, eventually, make it over to the estate sale.  This was our favorite item there:

It was an antique shoe shine chair.  I have never seen anything other than ice cream parlor chairs in this style, so it was fun to see.  I don’t think we even looked at the price, as neither of us could think of any compelling reason to ever own it, but it was cute.  We came away from there with only a couple of small prints that Deb picked up, (they were posted on our Facebook page, go check it out!) .  I did go back the next day and snag a couple of Halloween things, but I will save them for the season.

Well, I should wander out and see what else needs watering in my yard.  It is a never-ending chore trying to keep things watered with the temp in the 90s and the wind blowing, but I slog on, till Friday, when the sales and the bins beckon.

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2 Responses to We’re Failing at Garage Saling

  1. Karen says:

    Love the shoe shine chair. That ice cream chair look always looks flimsier than it is!

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