Wild and Weird

It’s been such a strange week.  We had company, my lovely S-I-L and nephew, for a week and spent the whole seven days taking turns being sick with a miserable cold.  Now I’m a nurse and a little “earthy” in my physical descriptions, but truly I felt like a snot factory.  We went through I don’t know how many boxes of Kleenexes between the four of us.  I did drag myself out for shopping last Friday as sister Dorothy is a keen follower of our blog and really wanted to shop with the Roses.  It was a poopy day of garage sales, but we had lots more fun at the bins.  We would love to go shopping with you, too.  Just contact us if you’re going to be in Fort Collins on a Friday, and you can be part of our merry crew.

First, I want to show you an old, old weird picture:

Humpty Dumpty times 22

I know why we haven’t published Humpty Dumpties—they give us the willies.  There are two separate egg men here.  The bottom one is missing its top, or, its brain box is a bowl.  The jointed creature is pretty big, maybe about two feet long.  Somehow the size makes it worse.  The lobotomized-looking top Humpty is about a foot tall.  A man pulled them out of his box and, with a shudder, threw them into the box next to us.  We totally agree that they are a creepy couple.  We hope that they didn’t decorate some poor child’s room.  Why didn’t Mom use scary clowns, too, just to complete the trauma.

On to a more amusing couple:

These two look like a parody picture of a romance novel cover featuring a bloodthirsty pirate and a modest young innocent.  What were they doing in a big box together?  Probably something that will lessen her innocence, but we know that they will end up together after 300+ pages of lusty adventures.

Have you heard the saying, “everything but the kitchen sink”?

Well, here’s proof that the bins have everything AND a kitchen sink.  This mess was so heavy that we couldn’t shift it.  The sink was one of those deep ones and was probably snatched up with great happiness.

I think this would qualify for the Faces in Things Twitter feed:

Pareidolia is what psychologists call the pattern-finding phenomenon where we see faces in everyday things.  I’m not sure this R.C. (??) controller qualifies as an everyday item, but it sure looks like a face to me.  Kathy snagged this because you can take a 99¢ flier on something that the Summer Intern might like.

We had a laugh at Prince Ken:

He survived his trip through the bins fairly well.  Poor Ken looks a little doofusy in this incarnation.  I think the current Ken is much cuter.  Of course, the prince costume out of context isn’t helping poor 1990s Ken.

We were so excited about a family-run estate sale.  It sounded so awesome from the advertisement:

It also had amenities—a Porta Potty!  Sometimes the morning coffee makes garage saling dicey.  We had a laugh at that great long couch, so mid-century modern!  It was the best thing there.  The hanging lamp shade with the gold trim was grim, and the pictures nothing special.  And, oy vey, the prices!  They were retail prices at a garage sale and that never goes well.  Dorothy bought a cute clutch for $1, but that was all that left while we were there.

Okay, we sort of giggled about these hats, too:

Obviously the previous owners liked to golf and had a sense of humor about it.  I’ve never seen hats decorated with a china figurine.  Hope that little golfing angel doesn’t use any bad words!  I’m with Mark Twain; Golf is a good walk spoiled.

We haven’t been taking many pictures lately, so this post is short and sweet.  Thought I would end with a picture of my $1 purchase from a garage sale:

The ladies having the garage sale had lots of interesting vintage things.  It sounded like they had been trying to sell these things in a vintage booth without much success.  We were thrilled to see that they were wheeling and dealing.  The hanky is painted chiffon, and is maybe from the 1920s or ’30s.  The little mirror with the painted china back is a 1950s item and supposedly the handle is jade, according to Etsy experts.  The box is just a funny little thing and we adore paper ephemera in any form.  Kathy got a screaming deal on a cool wooden picture frame.  This could be the best garage sale that we’ve been to in a number of weeks.

Well, we hope all our friends in the SW part of the US are keeping cool.  We’ve had some pretty hot weather here, but it’s peaked and should start cooling down for several days and we’re grateful.  All the better to go garage saling!

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2 Responses to Wild and Weird

  1. Love those vintage items. The hankie and mirror are fantastic and the box is pretty cool too.

    • kathy & deb says:

      All for $1. This is why I go to garage sales. I tell people it’s to recycle and reuse, but it’s really for the treasures.

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