Yes, I think vexed is a perfectly good word for it.  I am finding myself on Thursday afternoon trying to crank out a post, in a week where I thought I would have plenty of time to get one done.  How does that happen?  It MIGHT have something to do with a simple purchase, like a nice new freezer (after 32 years of service, our old one thinks it’s time to retire, and so do I!).  Who knew that freezers don’t come in standard sizes anymore?  We knew that it was taller, but we had plenty of space there.  We figured that is how it had more room inside.  Oops.  Now we have a 34″ wide freezer and a 32″ space to get it into.  Luckily, we are able to move the washer and dryer over a bit, but we also have to move a sink cabinet, back splash, upper cabinet, and fix the floor after doing all that.  Yes, where does the time go?  So, if I am a wee bit incoherent, it’s just because I am thinking about cracking out tile in a room that is supposed to be done already!

I would really rather be working on some fun landscaping projects like this:

Look closely on the tops of those stakes.  Yes, those are bowling balls!  I knew they were good for something other than taking out your frustrations on hapless bowling pins.  I sort of feel the need to go collect some fun color balls and have at this one.

I know we have featured these in myriad variations over the years, but here is another, just because he/she made us laugh:

Usually, these are not painted, and we haven’t seen too many with earrings, so we are going to give it an A for effort and some creativity.  We are a little worried that it is horrendously overpriced.  Unless that $1 is them paying you to take it away.  Most people prefer to purchase their own coconuts in a tropical setting where the warm breezes blow away their good taste.

Speaking of bad taste:

I am not even sure where to start, other than the obvious leaning tower quality of this lamp.  The bulbs were fairly far down in here, I suppose for mood lighting, but the only mood I would be in is crabby.  We can only hope a good stiff breeze came up before the end of the day and put the world out of its misery before this thing could pollute someone else’s home.  Knowing our luck, some clueless would-be dealer snapped it up and is going around calling it mid-century modern.  Saints preserve us!

Neither Deb, nor I, had ever seen a square angel food cake pan:

Finally, I know what you put on those lovely square cake stands that I see.  I always thought that a couple of your 8×8 pans would fill the bill, but this is better.  It was a really nice pan with the bottom that comes out and everything, but I have never been the kind of person with overflowing eggs who felt the need to make angel food cake.  Maybe someday when I get some chickens, I will look back on this pan with longing.

We also liked these shoes:

I mean, those are blingy enough, even for us, and you have to know how much we love rhinestones!  These must have been stunning with a sexy cocktail dress.  Heck, they are pretty good just on their own.  Put them up on a shelf and enjoy!  They weren’t even too tall, but sadly would not have fit either of us.  Oh well, saved from grocery shopping in heels, as that is the most exciting place I go.

Sometimes we just want an explanation:

I guess if you stretch it, there is an explanation, just not enough of one.  Yes, they were mini folded paper bow ties, but what does that mean for the doll house?  They were too big to stick in the maids or the children’s hair.  I can’t see them as wall decoration.  Maybe someone was just trying to help Grandma Claudie out, but you can see what she thought of them, as we found them floundering around in a 99¢ bin, and actually the recycle bin was a much better fit.

This one also came with a slight explanation:

This must be what guys like.  Punch someone with the brass knuckles, saw down a tree, cut up something and then dye it.  Poor fellas.  With a choice like this, I would be much more likely to go shop the ladies section.  Although it probably only had pots, pans, and knitting needles.  Of course when push come to shove, a lady can do some damage with all that, too!

This last item even made our favorite clerk at the 99¢ room come and take a look:

We really liked the sentiment, but we have grave reservations about that llama man thing.  We couldn’t decide if it was a true hybrid, or just a crazy guy in half a llama suit.  No matter what it was, we didn’t think that part of it was very awesome.  We also spent a few minutes discussing llamas’ propensity to spit, which is not very awesome either.

Well, I think I can cross blog post off my list, and head on back to my tile pounding.  Oh, I wish my laundry room were finished.  Oh wait, it USED to be!  Ack.

Don’t forget to check out what shows up on Facebook, and feel free to send us your photos. We haven’t had any good reader photos in ages.  We would love to make fun of your finds!  Heck, we would love to see a terrific find too, so send ’em along.



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8 Responses to Vexed

  1. Okay, I am borrowing the llama picture for a friend of mine, whose totem animal is a llama… 🙂

    And what do you mean, you’ve never seen a square angel food cake pan? I think I even own one (belonged to Keith’s grandmother), unless it got taken to the thrift store at some point… 😉

  2. Stephanie Gazell says:

    Gosh, I don’t know what to comment on first! This has to be one of my favorite posts that you’ve done. First off, NICE “bad taste” segue – I snorted my iced latte on that one. :>) The standing…lamp…thing – anyway, my first thought when seeing it was, “What the heck? Is it upside down? Is it a really tall small table? Does it have bulbs???” Yeah… Anyway, it’s dreadful, whatever it is and whatever they meant it to be! I don’t even know what to say about the coconut head, except a lot of rum must have been drunk,… LOVE the square angel food cake pan! LOVE the silver sandals – they’re wonderful and would look lovely on a shelf, with a spangled silvery scarf and a silver evening bag…. *sigh* Now if only hubby would allow for decorating like that. I have a couple 1950’s black velvet hats with sexy little veils – I could do the other side of the room with them. Oh well… The bow ties from Gandma Claudie’s dollhouse – I would have bought them and just left the bag around as a conversation piece. Maybe ask people to write a story for it… The GUYS STUFF. OMG!!!! That table speaks volumes. Finally, I SO love the llama-man sign – thank you for making my day!! I’ll be sharing this with friends on Monday morning. ;>) You have a nice weekend and give yourself a break from the laundry room. ❤ ❤ ❤ We appreciate your taking the time to entertain us so well!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thank you for your lovely comment–we really appreciate them! I really like your display idea for the silver shoe. It would be fab in a walk-in big closet.

  3. OSS says:

    Hey…we have a red bowling ball and a purple one (mine, of course). You can have them for FREE as long as you actually put them up in your yard. Just let me know. Always happy to help out. LOL

    Love, Dawn

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