To Thine Own Self Be True?

Any long-time reader knows that we love summertime garage saling.  It’s the best shopping time of the year in our book.  Well, the times they are a-changin’.  We garage saled for about an hour give or take fifteen minutes, and then gave up and went to the Goodwill bins!  I don’t even know who we are any more!  Maybe things will change again when Goodwill’s back room doesn’t have mountains of donations for us to sift through to find the gold, but, I’m not sure when that’s going to be.  Lately, there has been so much to go through that we are stymied trying to shift it all to the next box which is itself full to overflowing.  I guess Fort Collins is collectively going through its closets and deciding that it’s too much trouble to have a garage sale.  Time to haul it off to the local Goodwill.

We did visit a few garage sales.  It’s funny how we get distracted by people’s yards:

PoppiesOld-fashioned poppies and iris are blooming now and they look wonderful together.  Sadly, the picture doesn’t show the mauvey colored poppies at the curb.  They looked great next to the red poppies.

This garage sale had great stuff, lots of it priced about 50¢ when we asked.  We liked the glass covers, but weren’t sure what to do with them:

Giant Glass Covers

There was a glass cake stand, but these babies were way too big for it.  I guess if I had a treasure the right size, this glass dome would make it look more special.  I also considered using one of them for a gardening cloche, but as big as they were, they weren’t tall enough, at least for my plants.  I’m sure someone found these and were thrilled to buy them for $3.

I have several of these old wooden spools, but just use them as pedestals:

Finally, something to make out of old wooden spools

Now, here is another idea of what to do with them.  Do any of you buy these things and then use them creatively?  I just went over to Pinterest to take a look at craft ideas, that should tell you how distractable I am today, and saw someone use the taller spools to hold scissors, knitting needles, and crochet hooks.  I should have used mine to roll my foot when I had plantar fasciitis.  The ends of the orange juice can kept coming off and making a mess.

We were at an estate sale and went into the house.  One item on this shelf annoyed us right off the bat.  Can you tell what it was?

It's the dog

It’s the Dalmatian.  Poor thing is just not good enough to be worth $15.  I decided that too many of his spots are the same size and shape.  I’m not sure those spots at the corner of the eye work either.  Reminds me of those tear drop tattoos that gang members have, and that’s not a good look for a dog!

In the same room was another indication of the owners’ questionable taste:

Leopard fabric covered shelf

They must have liked spotty things; that’s the only explanation I could come up with for this display cabinet.  The ladies running the estate sale were pushing it hard, but we knew that if we tried to sneak this in either of our homes, we would probably end up living in it.  It would definitely be an “it’s going or you’re going” situation with our hubbies. (Kathy here: Not that we even WANTED to sneak it into our homes, but the sale ladies mistook our photo taking for interest.  Before they were done, they were offering to GIVE it to us!)

We headed over to Goodwill and started to dig around.  This is just the thing for that man on your list with a death wish:

Do not ring my bell

We have had several of this kind of contraption on the blog before.  It’s our consensus opinion that if one of our husbands tried to use this infernal thing, the other Rose would be right over to help dispose of the body.  Maybe a fraternity could safely use it with the new pledges.

We found both of these Ed Hardy shoes in one bin:

Ed Hardy shoes   Ed Hardy Shoes side

They are pretty fun, and you can see that she wore them even though they look like ankle breakers.  I looked up Ed Hardy, and his shoes sell for $15 to $40 on ebay, even used!  I would think that you could wear these all over Las Vegas and no one would even give them a second glance.

You know us and dolls.  Even though these aren’t our preferred size, we had to take a look:

Franklin Heirloom dolls

They are Franklin Heritage dolls that are made by The Franklin Mint, according to Google.  Looking at the top layer of dolls, you could do a diorama of the Salem Witch Trials, although that number in red would probably have an “A” on her chest.  If you liked bigger dolls, these would be a great deal at 99¢ each–especially for those talented folks who enjoy doing dolly makeovers.

Well, that seems like enough nattering.  Thanks for reading and keep tuning in because you just don’t ever know what we might dig up!



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4 Responses to To Thine Own Self Be True?

  1. Great-looking Shoes! LOVE the cork.

    • kathy & deb says:

      We really liked how they looked, but the height of those wedges would kill us! If they were flats, we would have pounced on them! Have a great weekend!

  2. Stephanie Gazell says:

    Oooooh, I would have bought ALL those Franklin Mint dolls! :>) Good thing I wasn’t there! Lol…

    • kathy & deb says:

      Well dang Stephanie! If we knew that, we would have bought them for you–only 99 cents each. Thankfully, we don’t have a thing for those kinds of dolls, whew!

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