Easily Amused

You have no idea!  We originally started this blog waaay back in March of 2010 (We sort of let our anniversary slip by this year; not sure how that happened!) because folks would follow us around at the thrift stores just because we seemed to be having so much fun.  What do you know, seven years and 435 posts later, we are still just as silly, and we still get folks thinking we are having way too much fun.  Nah, we are just easily amused!  Here is a sampling of this week’s funny finds.

Deb pulled this out of one of Goodwill’s bins:

We thought it was awfully pretty, and it seemed like silk, then Deb found the label:

Well, at least they were honest: it did feel like silk.  I guess that they can’t just mark it as silky or, “You just thought this was silk; ha, ha!”  I think they might have had more integrity just marking it polyester, but some marketing guru probably thought of this one.

We managed to dig this out of the bottom of one of the boxes, and then wondered why we bothered:

Deb labeled the photo “pervy banana”.  That about sums it up.  We are sure he has nefarious designs on something or someone.  There is a shifty sideways glint to his eyes that makes you wonder.  Rarely do things stay in the back room for more than a week, as they recycle the boxes out, but he was still there and making friends the next week:

I am not sure who is in more danger, the snake or the banana!  Hope that purple anaconda doesn’t down him whole, as that would not be a pretty picture.

Frequently, we are floored by the things that actually live through a trip in the bins:

How in the world did all those feathers survive a Gaylord’s worth of stuff on top of them?  We sometimes rescue stuff, but we just weren’t feeling the need to throw a Mardi Gras party, so someone else will have to do the good deed.

This poor fellow has seen better days:

He is missing a foot, and does he know he has a stick up his butt?  I pity the undeserving dad that was presented with this on Father’s Day.  To his credit, he hung on to it for a while, as it looked to have been tossed around a few years.  Maybe some feathers from the mask above would make a more comfortable tail for this avian?

We always look at dolls.  We try not to bring them home, but we always look.  I pulled this cute little lady out from underneath a bunch of stuff:

I was on my way to show her to Deb, who was head first in another bin, when I noticed she seemed to be smuggling something under her skirt:

I wonder how long she has been wearing the turquoise and coral inlaid silver bracelet as a belt?  I have to admit to snitching her belt and leaving her.  I have probably been cursed roundly for it in fluent dolly.  Hopefully, someone else came along and gave her a new home to make up for being robbed!

These always intrigue us:

Neither of us can imagine walking in them.  Even if only one of us had them on, and the other tottered alongside to hold her up, would we manage more than a few steps?  They are still interesting to look at.  Here is a shot showing how pretty the tops are:

I notice they didn’t sell at the garage sale, so they ended up dumped in the bins.  Oh well, another souvenir fail.  Probably couldn’t figure out how to walk in them, either.

Sometimes, you should just leave the lid on a basket:

These two “kids” were stuffed in tight.  Having had a three-year-old at one time in my life, I get the motivation to stuff them in a basket, but if they are already stuffed, you don’t need a warning, and really, they just aren’t that much trouble.  Take that shirt and put it on a real toddler where it can do some good as a public warning.  This could also have served as a sort of voodoo symbolic stuffing of said toddlers, in which case, we are hoping it helped out a harried mom in need.

I spotted this last item at a sale with my hubby on Sat.  Deb should get down on her hands and knees and thank me that I DIDN’T buy it for her, as I know how much she loves poodles:

I think this is the most terrifying poodle I have seen.  The cord coming off the collar had something to do with air that made it move, just to make it a little worse.  I know why it survived all these years in such good shape, as no self-respecting kid was going to get near the thing, let alone play with it.  This is the stuff of nightmares!  And yes, we will probably get emails claiming that someone had this and it was their favorite toy.  We are sorry.

The weather and the calendar are finally cooperating to make this coming weekend a bonanza for garage sales.  We are ready and willing to shop another seven years, and tell you all about it!


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