S is for Spring, or is that Snow?

Most of the time, I adore living in Colorado.  Maybe not so much today:

This is my front flower garden in the process of getting flattened by a predicted five to eight inches of snow.  Mother Nature, did you LOOK at the calendar?  We are in for a rough couple of days, as most of the trees are fully leafed out, and this is heavy and wet.  There will probably be a lot of downed branches and broken trees.  I will be running out to shake my young ones often, but that is no help for the mature cottonwoods that this town is full of.  Sigh.

OK, enough grousing, on to something that is at least mildly amusing:

Who are we to laugh and point fingers at someone’s doll collection, but we did.  We are sure she thought they were all just the prettiest things ever, but as a group, they rather gave us a toothache.  I always feel bad for orphan dolls like this, as you know they are never going to find a new home.  Poor dears.  Of course, we didn’t feel bad enough to bring them home; we are not that crazy.

Here is another dolly find:

Actually, these were cute in a ’70s sort of way.  I am not sure why we felt the need to photograph them on that horrendous fabric.  It’s a used car salesman suit in the making, if ever I saw one.  If those little straw dollies weren’t confined to the plastic bag, they would have been running away shrieking in terror.  Now I feel sorry for them, too.

I can’t remember if we saw this at the same sale or not, but it sure fits:

Someone’s very own version of a big eyes painting.  Looking at it, it was fairly well done (if you can stand that sort of thing), but it would bother me hanging on the wall.  I would always be wondering if that pair of orphans had found their very own Daddy Warbucks, or if they were still out on their own somewhere.  At least, I am quite sure we didn’t leave a masterpiece hanging around waiting to make its debut on Antiques Roadshow!

We saw this at yet another garage sale (You can tell we found a whole bunch of sales last week; I think this week is out of the question!):

Is this about as cute as it comes?  We have seen these Shriners’ cars before and still have a mad desire to take one for a test drive.  This one wasn’t for sale, and I am sure that it still brings joy to a whole lot of kids!  It sure made us smile!  I admire the quality of the workmanship on these.  I am positive they are a labor of love for any Shriner who owns one.

Well, you can’t win them all, and we have a loser right here:

Deb pointed out that the purse in the upper right corner would be a fitting companion to last week’s doggy needlepoint (scroll to last week’s post to see it, if you really feel you must).  We are hoping that she didn’t own the perfect outfit for this bag, as that would have been pretty hard to swallow, too.  We like purses, and none of these were fit to drag home.  We didn’t buy much of anything at garage sales last week, but it was in the mid 70s and the sun was shining, the birds were singing … Oh, I digress.  Blasted snow.

This caught our eye:

We couldn’t decide if this was us HAVING a garage sale, or if this was our favorite type of garage sale to GO to.  Either way, it looked like fun.  Slap in a few more linens, and a vintage Barbie or two, and we would be in hog heaven.  We really were planning to have a garage sale this Friday and Saturday, so I guess we should take the blame for the snow, but it couldn’t be all us, could it?

I know this flower picture was at the same sale as Ol’ Big Eyes:

The flowers were all carefully cut out of paper and applied to the background.  Now this took a little talent, and the pic is cute.  We probably would have turned this into a card instead of something to hang on the wall, as there is less guilt involved in shoving it in a drawer, than getting rid of it at a garage sale.  After all, someone worked pretty hard.









Long pause.  I just had to go out and shake all the trees and loosen my brand-new canvas gazebo top before the snow broke it down like it just did my sun sail.  Just snapped the hook holding it to the house (Broke the weld, mind you!) so the shade is safe, but a quick look at the gazebo top showed some peril there, too.

For heaven’s sake, I was thinking we needed to save this for Christmas:

They may be more appropriate than we think!  These made us chortle, but all in all, could be worse.

This was worse:

Why didn’t you EAT the chocolate, or share it with someone?  Giving it to Goodwill and having it end up in the 99¢ bins is wrong on so many levels.  Waste of good chocolate, or any chocolate for that matter, and as far as Goodwill chocolate … ew!

If you are reading this Friday morning, there is still time to get in on last week’s bird card drawing, just hop over to last week’s post, and comment, or like it on Facebook.  The drawing will be at 8:30pm on May 19th.  Thanks for putting up with my snow rant!  Hope it is spring where you are.




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2 Responses to S is for Spring, or is that Snow?

  1. Linda Dreeszen says:

    It feels pretty much like summer here. Every day in the 80s. Just say in . ..

    • kathy & deb says:

      It seems like the new winter/spring norm in our neck of the woods is a lot of really warm dry weather followed by snow and freezes. Sigh, it makes gardening a challenge because the plants don’t cooperate.

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