Yee Haw Antiquing

My dear Hubby and I are just about as avid garage salers as Deb and I together are, so he has been delighted that the weather has cooperated with sales for the last few weeks.  Unfortunately, that came to a screeching halt this past weekend, as we woke up Saturday morning to snow.  Sigh.  What is a person to do?  Why, hit up a local estate sale, and then head up to Cheyenne, WY  for another one.  Both the estate sales were just so-so, but we spotted a small antique mall on the way to lunch, and decided to check it out.  Oh, we had such a good time.  We ended up buying one small postcard for 50 cents, but it was blog fodder heaven, so I have some fun photos for you.  Some good, some bad, but all amusing.

I found these charming plastic canisters in the basement area:

How can you not have a smile on your face when you stumble into the kitchen in the morning and are greeted by this great red and white color scheme?  They were in terrific shape for their age.  There was a nifty redone Coke cooler nearby that would complement them very well.

In the same spot, I was drawn to this apron:

Holy moly, I have seen polished chintz before, but this one looks like they applied Turtle Wax to get that sheen.  I am sure it came straight from the factory looking like this, and I know it was never washed, because with enough cleanings that shiny finish disappears.  I resisted buying this for Deb, as she was complaining the other day that she had enough aprons to cover a huge flock of maids for days on end.  Plus it was $10.00, and I am cheap.

I’m still thinking about Deb, and this piece reminds of a couple that she has at home, but a little more daring:

Her clothes are all actual bits of lace and ribbon applied to what is essentially a paper doll.  Then the whole thing is placed on a background and framed.  We see these now and then, but most of them look like these:

Paper Doll Pix2

So this was a little unusual.  It would be the perfect boudoir item, or great for that pink bathroom!

Now, we start to get a little weirder.  Couldn’t resist taking a shot of this, as I already have one of these tie kits:

I really am not sure why this is authentic tie fabric.  Do they make knock-off tie fabric?  Or maybe fake tie fabric?  These kits included a pattern, the lining, and the fabric.  Everything you needed to wow your man on Father’s Day.  I am sure there is a guy somewhere who was so thankful that she couldn’t be bothered to follow through on the project.  If you want to see my kit, it made the blog quite a while ago.  Click here.

This looked like a medieval torture device:

We assumed it was an exercise bike, but now that I look closer, I am wondering what the motor was for?  Maybe it was a generator and you had to pedal hard to get your TV to work.  “Ma, pedal faster, it’s the bottom of the ninth, 2 two out and bases loaded, don’t stop now!”  At least it had a nice generous seat, so if all else failed you could push it up to the dining table and be comfy.

I really don’t know what to make of this next thing:

I am sure it was made as a gag gift, but they really had to stretch with a 38 FEET yacht.  I think they still could have gotten away with foot, but all in all, it was probably not the hit of the Over the Hill Birthday Party.  Then again, someone kept it long enough for it to show up here, so maybe it was.  Of course, it was obviously kept safe in that box, so it could go either way.

I had no idea they made this game:

It seems like it would be a pretty big flop, unless someone really DID have some ESP.  Otherwise it would have been one long day of: “Is this your card?” “No”, “Is this your card?”, “No” …  I am pretty sure the kids would have tired of that one really quickly and been under your feet in the kitchen in a flash asking for cookies.  Bet you saw that one coming!

There is nothing inherently wrong with this, I just got a kick out of the title of it:

I will give them that the paper was sort of plastic coated (not very from what I could see, but a little) but there was no chrome about it.  I am thinking they wanted it to sound as modern as possible, so what could be better than plastic and chrome?  This would be really funny wrapping around one of those plaid thermos sets from the same time period.  You would be hard pressed to tell where the paper left off and the gift started.

This was not at the Antique Mall, but it was so bad that it needed to be shamed:

This is definitely a “No, no, BAD dog!”  There are no redeeming qualities to this.  Nothing, zip, nada.  Bad use of yarn, colors and time.  And yet someone felt the need to actually sit down and stitch this.  I am going to hope for someone who was hopelessly color-blind and bored beyond all belief.  The time could have been spent so much more wisely cleaning the bathroom or staring at the ceiling.

OK, sorry about that; now I need to end up on a high note!  I spotted this next item in someone’s photo stream on Flickr.  This has us written all over it.  We would have been smitten beyond belief, and it would have been terrible:

Me, because this is completely NOT my style, and my hubby would hate it, and Deb, because she has no room in her house.  Although she might have been tempted to throw out her hubby’s favorite chair to make room for this.  [Deb here: I would throw out a chair for this piece, although, BH isn’t so sure!].  To top it all off, the person who took the photo was making a doll-size version of this.  Check out their blog!  I am glad they don’t live closer to me, as I might feel the need to go over there and rob them blind of their cool dolly stuff.

Hope you enjoyed my little trip to the Cowboy State.  Tune in next week for more craziness, and don’t forget to check out Facebook for more fun stuff.






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5 Responses to Yee Haw Antiquing

  1. dondeg says:

    Hehe. I think that’s the nicest compliment i ever got??? LOL! Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Anny says:

    I think my sister and I asked our parents for the Kreskin’s ESP but never got it. I wonder why. lol

    • kathy & deb says:

      If there was anything to Kreskin’s ESP, we probably would know why you never got the game, and why it wasn’t popular. 😉

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